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Self-Love is Your Inner Strength, Relationship Confidence and Encompassing Personal Beauty

It is what you believe you have a difficult time manifesting that causes attachment in you.

Changing yourself to assume the lightness of character, endless self-confidence and unwavering belief is achieved with self-love. Those who doubt this notion haven’t tried engaging in self-love just yet.

Self-love is in your best interest.

Thought of the Day

When someone wonders how you could have possibly forgotten an event they’d rehashed at some point in the past and all you want to say is, “Want me to remember? Then start telling better stories!”

If your stories amuse you, they will amuse others.

Live, love, laugh, listen and wonder.

Make your life interesting.

Serial Boredom in Relationships

Various concerns may appear when manifesting relationships. Some might doubt their ability to use the Law of Attraction successfully; others might hold feelings of anger or annoyance towards specific people they are manifesting while others could face the challenge of trying too hard to manifest without feeling that their desire is already a part of their life.

My concern has always been – what if I get bored?

Whenever I want to create anything, I never doubt my ability to do so. Occasionally, I need to take a few days to get used to the feeling of having it in my life – I need to allow it to feel natural to me. However, I used to absolutely dread manifesting a specific person and feeling stuck as a result.

Boredom is a feeling that used to mean absolute fear to me. Whereas I’ve seen many individuals focus on having a relationship with someone they love and be happy, I had mistakenly focused on the fear of getting stuck in an ordinary, grey relationship. Unmistakably, this I ended up manifesting more than once – a relationship would start the way I wished but turn grey fast. Not just uneventful but as severe as grey, leaving me feeling stuck, kicking and screaming to break free.

Occasionally, I wondered if I had suffered from uniqueness. Did I truly think I was so much more interesting than the men I was manifesting? Or had I simply manifested the exact same set of circumstances every time to ensure that a relationship would be short-lasting? Was I chasing a high or true, permanent happiness?

Ultimately, I realized that it didn’t matter. Whatever I was doing, my fear of boredom in relationships with anyone was preventing me from experiencing happiness. That boredom was the problem. Another problem I had faced was realizing that love can disappear but not everyone around me agreed.

Without trying to demean any heartfelt advice I have ever gotten, I found that some of my friends who tend to be in long-term relationships sometimes lessened the feeling of love I had felt for my exes with their words. Those whose love relationships lasted for years would tell me I didn’t know what love was simply because I felt it for short periods of time. I have no resentment towards them – they were simply trying to help but were telling me their story because it was all they knew.

Years of research have showed me that love can and does disappear from one day to another whenever it does, be that day two months or two years into the relationship.

The length of our love relationships depends on us; our energy can make or break any relationship we enter. Our thoughts are energy and they create our lives; one is able to dismantle their love relationship just as easily as they had once created it.

All my love relationships which had ended only months in were manifested that way; every one of those times, I had consciously manifested a love relationship for a specific period of time. Knowing that someone wasn’t “the one” didn’t stop me from living a relationship experience with them. In the end, why not? We were happy for as long as it lasted and who in the world would say no to happiness?

In retrospect, my fear of boredom might have encouraged me to enter relationships mainly with those I saw myself being happy with for short periods of time. I figured, “If we were together for just a short time, we can never get terminally bored.” Today, I see things differently. I see the upsides of long-term relationships instead of their downsides. I feel that I can make a long-term relationship exciting because I have the desire to do so.

I know that our relationships can be whatever we choose for them to be instead of having to be a certain way and while researching my personal relationship resistance, I knew that I had to observe my past behaviors in a loving way. Emotions such as embarrassment, fear of losing your partner or constantly dissecting the negative sides of the relationship will result in resistance only strengthening and never fading.

The idea of having to change our own feelings for our external world to change is completely true. The time and the focus placed towards achieving this goal will be worth anyone’s effort.

Boredom had created more boredom for me while love always creates more love… For anyone.