Hello, my dearest community! I would like new professional challenges in my life and I want us to track these manifestations together!

I want to do different and/or new things, professionally. I want to follow and report on my manifestation path under the new blog category called My Career.

Let me inspire you by manifesting my professional life!


Today, I feel like telling you about my desires of different professions in life changing.

I used to study acting and met with directors trying to cast their movies. My drama school represented me. I also performed on stage and did plenty of screen tests. I was in my teens and even though I was good at it, I eventually moved onto other things. I was restless and too hungry for variety.

I had been writing my entire life but I spoke about my poems and essays being published on this blog in the past. I also took a photography and video course over the years.

In my early twenties, I dedicated time to singing and later became a DJ. Yes. I don’t look like one but I was damn good at it. I loved singing, felt that it moved others and I worked hard at it. I still remember the moment I met a seasoned Swedish producer who told me, “I rarely see a person who just feels the music the way you do. Keep singing – you’re going places!”

Then, I started writing books.

Writing and books touch people in a special way. Books change lives. Books can be revisited. Books are timeless. So is music. Working as a communications assistant in between also entailed meeting people in the film industry once again, as the IT company I collaborated with made software for studios and media companies. Everything sort of revolved around the same things, making others happy and inspiring through my own artistic expression.

I also wrote about teaching university seminars plenty in the past.

And then, I began life coaching and my personal life took a different turn. I was in a serious relationship nine years ago and have been in another for the past year. Being with a person I see myself marrying made me want to slow down a bit, at least for a few months, and just enjoy life. However, I was never looking to quit working. I just wanted enough alone time with a man I had been looking for. It feels amazing to have that balance, the balance that makes us the happiest. It’s amazing to be in love. Now that I’ve been reminded of how wonderful it is, I’m surprised I wanted to be single for years before we met.

I still crave knowledge. I recently took a make-up artistry course and did great. I almost never used make-up and the instructor, a professional beautician, told me I was doing great. I have to pick up my diploma this week. One of my closest friends told me she admired my craving for knowledge and it was one of the best compliments I ever got. Novelty makes me happy and I had even considered becoming certified in make-up artistry. Last week, I registered and started writing a new blog on vegan lifestyle and have been working on my third book.


When manifesting professional engagements, it’s important to see yourself as an asset and never an underdog. Don’t think that some sort of injustice has been bestowed upon you if you don’t have a job yet. I was unemployed after finishing my Master’s and it’s not a big deal. I once quit a job without a backup and found a new one two weeks later. Any life circumstance can change instantly, as soon as we get our thoughts right.

All you have to do is believe and be ready to do what it takes.

Now, I’m thinking about what I want next. I want to keep coaching and inspiring but what else? I want to keep moving and inspiring regardless.

So, let’s begin!

My Personal Manifestation Techniques in Review

My Personal Manifestation Techniques in Review

When discussing manifestation techniques, props, vision boards, lists and other helpful tools, I assign some of them to specific desires without carrying them over into others; in other words, I often use different channels for different manifestations. This happens because having a relationship feels different to having a job, having money feels different to being the person I desire to be and taking a holiday feels different to career success yet they all take part in allowing me to feel like myself. (They’re all an expression of me, holding many similarities by default – story for another time.)

Now, allow me to share specific manifestation techniques for specific types of desires I find myself using.

1. Love/relationship manifestation channels

My love and/or relationship manifestations tend to be boosted by lists and the choosing of a specific person. Only twice in life can I think of a time I created a list without a specific person in mind; I simply get a rush from manifesting a specific person and being happy with them. However, choosing a specific person, especially when I wanted short-term relationships in life, always ensured instant knowing of how long the relationship would last according to my ability to develop feelings for them as well as their ability to make me happy. I always know how long they’re going to hold my interest.

After choosing a specific person, I create a list of our relationship. I write out details about our couple style, our involvement and the feelings I experience being in a relationship with them. I talk about how my chosen man makes me feel and what our life together is consisted of. I write out how I make him feel. I write about how happy we are together and everything both he and I contribute to the relationship. I also include other aspects of our lives on the list – my friends asking me about my relationship, meeting each other’s families, coworkers etc., simply spreading positive energy everywhere we go together and everything else I wish to experience. The writing makes it real, evoking the feelings of already living my relationship – one of the practices causing instant manifestation.

My relationship list makes me happy. Every time I look at it, I feel that I already have it. I feel immense gratitude for it. Another important aspect of my relationship list is that it feels natural to me and since anything I desire feels absolutely natural, I can add whatever I want to the list and I know it’s coming to me. If you choose to create a relationship list, start by adding the positive things you are used to experiencing whenever you’re in a relationship with anyone. In life, my friends and I always ask each other about our relationships therefore adding this practice to the list automatically gives me the feeling of having it now.

There are two other channels I use when it comes to manifesting a relationship – a vision board, usually on my phone, and a playlist of songs (or, one song) I associate with our relationship. My phone allows a live photo mosaic wallpaper, in which I place a picture of the man I’ve chosen, a photo of myself, a picture of a couple which reminds me of us and usually two or three LoA or love quotes reminding me of our relationship. When I listen to the song(s) reminding me of the relationship, I feel that we are a couple now. All these utilities ensure effortless visualizations which then occur all the time, showing just how natural the relationship feels to me. In turn, these feelings ensure automatic detachment from the process and with that, fast manifestation.

The final channel I use is sending heart energy to my chosen man as well as our relationship. By sending loving energy to someone, you can attract them into your life instantly. This technique also ensures effortless detachment from the process. After sending heart energy to and then speaking to the person in question, they share many positive thoughts and feelings they have for me. Heart energy evokes loving feelings but unless you truly love whatever or whoever you send heart energy to, your goal will be difficult to achieve. Love goes both ways.

You have to be ready to be happy with your specific person and know that you are the one who was meant to make them the happiest they’ve ever been.

2. Career manifestation channels

I am an independent Communications professional and writer, teaching and advising mostly at universities and collaborating with individuals and institutions, internationally. My primary desire when it came to building my career was finding my niche, as I wanted to hone my expertise. I wanted my expertise to be something I loved doing and would constantly wish to improve upon in order to provide quality to the world.

First order of business was achieving the feeling of wish fulfilled and being that respected, recognized Communications expert and writer. I had to decide on my presentation, my ideal duties and why I was important as well as what exactly I contributed.

When manifesting your professional self, I strongly suggest assuming the awareness of being irreplaceable in your job. Since I was already an expert in my mind, I never needed to seek out work, as it would be demanded of me by those wishing for my contribution to their institutions. This tactic worked once I got used to the idea that it was possible. Manifesting jobs out of nowhere isn’t always the most natural thing for one to achieve but as I was getting used to the feeling of being accomplished and recognized, my belief in the idea grew. Soon, I was able to let it go – I just decided to believe and it worked. As I was thinking about the types of people and institutions I wanted to work with, believing that my contribution was valuable, they began to appear in my life. Relevant assignments kept coming up, one after another, and I enjoyed and was challenged by each and every one. I was grateful for others knowing me already and wanting to work with me as I provided them quality.

Once I started doing this consciously, I became a communications representative for foreign clients to a company located in another country. After becoming unsatisfied on the job, as it was not what I wanted after all, I walked away. Then, I was referred to the dean of a university and began doing what I had always wished to do – teaching and advising both students and the staff, with my work improving theirs as well as their personal lives. This took great courage, as bringing entirely new content to a university required my thoughts about it to be in order.

In this case, I didn’t use vision boards – I simply went by feeling. I could feel myself contributing positively to the lives of others while showing them how to keep a positive mindset which would allow them to make all their dreams come true. As I was achieving success, my heart became open to even more success, loving everything about the work I do. I also became open to receiving adequate financial compensation, manifesting the exact amount I had envisioned for my work.

Working on one’s awareness is crucial in any case but here, I couldn’t achieve anything with vision boards. They simply didn’t feel right. Instead, I focused on my office wardrobe choices and started thinking about how exactly they represented me. I started adding looks to my professional self which made this particular desire feel real – that was the channel I used in this case.

When it comes to manifesting, listen to yourself. Only choose the manifestation tools you love. They can vary from one desire to another and that’s allowed – you simply have to love them and use them to make your desire feel real.

Which specific props or manifestation tools feel real when it comes to your desires?