Manifestation Epidemic – Wanting to “Do” When You Should Be Letting Go

Knowing your desire is yours but not seeing it in your current reality just yet can be frustrating. At this stage of manifestation, you might be wondering what you're supposed to be doing or simply how to distract yourself when the thought of having your desire makes you so excited that it is all you … Continue reading Manifestation Epidemic – Wanting to “Do” When You Should Be Letting Go

Thought of the Day

Whenever I am about to meet my closest childhood friend, I end up running late. Every time and only with her. I usually pride myself on punctuality but no matter what, I always end up arriving late to meet her, specifically and without fail. However, every time I start getting ready to see her, something … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

For some, it is easier to remain in the present circumstances rather than change. When their minds attempt to draw them back into the negative, it is easier to listen than choose something better. If this has happened to you, it is important that you start to see yourself as someone who deserves happiness. Seeing yourself as the person living … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Have You Been Trying and Failing?

"It's mine already."

Youth, Men, Women, Appearance and Awareness

I have been thinking about every limiting idea I continue to hear about people, their age, the perception of them and their own attitudes about society. I was interested in this group of related topics as with many, it plays a part in what they are willing to manifest or allow themselves to imagine in … Continue reading Youth, Men, Women, Appearance and Awareness

What To Do With Fear…

When consciously manifesting, many start to fear the negative. They fear losing their desire instead of bringing it to life. Some continuously battle their negative thoughts which can be deeply upsetting. These thoughts lower one’s vibration by saddening and exhausting them, creating massive fear. Fear tends to be the most draining negative emotion of all. … Continue reading What To Do With Fear…

If You Love You, Do So Unconditionally!

This is one of the most important posts I have ever written. I often stress the importance of directing feelings of love and appreciation towards oneself regardless of one's current life circumstances, physical appearance, social or financial status. Some may think they need specific external validation in order to achieve their desired self-confidence, a notion entirely … Continue reading If You Love You, Do So Unconditionally!

The Raise in Vibration Extras

A raise in vibration causes us to pick up extra money, desirable circumstances, opportunities and people on the road to our desires. Once arrived (to the feeling of the wish fulfilled), the sheer enjoyment of having your desire in your life can attract even more of the same or other very favorable perks. Have you ever … Continue reading The Raise in Vibration Extras