New Coaching Program – Effortless Manifestation

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Big Announcement!

Hello everyone! I am so happy to tell you that my coaching services are now ready to resume! With my move last year and the pandemic of COVID-19 closing government offices and delaying administrative necessities, it has been eleven months since I was able to work so I am excited to announce and commence my … Continue reading Big Announcement!

Life Coaching, Professional and Personal

I love sharing personal examples in my coaching. I think that a good life coach should be an authentically positive person who is good at living life because someone like that will have stories, understand them in terms of the Law of Attraction and never suggest unrealistic visualization or other methods they can't even connect … Continue reading Life Coaching, Professional and Personal

Thought of the Day

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One of the best things about coaching is seeing my clients attract miracles. And I’ve seen many of those days. I never forget them and they never cease to fill my heart with happiness when I am reminded of them. I feel blessed. I’m grateful.

A Wonderful Client Review – Video

Hello everyone! Below, you can watch a video of your fellow reader and my lovely beauty blogger client Jiya who talked about several LoA coaching lessons on her own YouTube channel! Enjoy! Love, Nina

New Service – Personal Coaching

Hello everyone! Due to great interest, I have decided to officially offer coaching sessions. I have dedicated enough time and seen enough success stories through my free email consulting over the past three years to broaden my service to coaching through calls or video chat. (I also have experience in career and life coaching, including … Continue reading New Service – Personal Coaching

Reminder of the Day

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When you're faced with negative thoughts, do the following. Remember they only have power if you allow them to. If you decide they are false and powerless, you can face them, even feel them, without being afraid of them messing up your life. You have to finally put yourself before your own negative thoughts.  Remind … Continue reading Reminder of the Day