We Want to Feel Special, Not Famous… So, Why is Fame Appealing?

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  Have you ever wondered why the concept of fame is attractive? It is not because one wants to be worshipped by the entire world. It is because one wants to feel special and accomplished while celebrated for their unique talents.  It is because fame implies one's possession of a special gift that makes them … Continue reading We Want to Feel Special, Not Famous… So, Why is Fame Appealing?

Thought of the Day 

If you express yourself calmly and eloquently, you will be able to believe that everyone can understand you simply because your thoughts are so clear and in order. And they will.

What Happens When You Start to Feel Good?

A significant outcome of one's self-perception improving and self confidence growing together with one's happiness is that moments of anger and annoyance pass rapidly, proving their insignificance and futility. Those moments are a waste of time and suddenly, you are aware of it. You come to understand that feeling good about yourself (and others) is … Continue reading What Happens When You Start to Feel Good?

Have You Earned a Great Relationship?

This post first appeared on my (first) blog, https://improvingconfidence.wordpress.com/ I continuously encounter individuals who believe a great relationship is something they are entitled to. A great relationship is something everyone deserves, just like any other blessing in life. Everyone deserves to experience happiness but those that receive it have in fact earned it with their … Continue reading Have You Earned a Great Relationship?

Manifestation Epidemic – Attractiveness and Stability Lost

Anyone can be just as attractive as someone else. Like anything, this type of awareness comes from your inner world instead of your physical attributes. When impatient to manifest a desire as soon as possible, many forget that feeling good about themselves is essential to their success. Whether it's self confidence, self comfort, self love … Continue reading Manifestation Epidemic – Attractiveness and Stability Lost

When Energy Rearranges Fast…

Just like every time I manifest a life change, my current reality seemingly starts to fall apart; there's beauty in that because that makes it easier to leave. In order to manifest a new reality, you must be prepared to give up the current, even in a single aspect. If you want a relationship, you must … Continue reading When Energy Rearranges Fast…

Are You Comfortable With Relationships and Your Specific Person?

If you feel uneasy at the thought of receiving and living your desire now, a part of you is preventing manifestation.

Love Your Manifestation!

When you love the manifestation period preceding your desire, you receive it fast; you're probably aware of this already. Let me explain. Every single time you manifested something without the need to rush it, it came to you fast. Sometimes, this desire appeared in your life instantly. This can happen with desires one perceives as "small" or "likely … Continue reading Love Your Manifestation!