Expect Magic, Release Love and Connect with Your Goal

I expect the Universe to manifest my desires in a magical way. If you adopt it, that very belief can take your focus off thinking about the "how." You can remove your own resistance with this simple expectation. This expectation is your resistance relieving technique. After adopting this expectation, you will have let go to … Continue reading Expect Magic, Release Love and Connect with Your Goal

If You Love You, Do So Unconditionally!

This is one of the most important posts I have ever written. I often stress the importance of directing feelings of love and appreciation towards oneself regardless of one's current life circumstances, physical appearance, social or financial status. Some may think they need specific external validation in order to achieve their desired self-confidence, a notion entirely … Continue reading If You Love You, Do So Unconditionally!


Next time your negative thoughts attack you, making you feel inadequate, insecure or discouraged, ask yourself: "Is this me? Is this truly me?" Or are you a wonderful, deserving and grateful individual, developing confidence, heading for accomplishment?

The Meaning of Expectation and Receiving

“We receive exactly what we expect to receive.” (John Holland) Always start from this thought. Be willing to know your desire is yours simply because you have decided so. Settle for nothing else, less or other; only what you love and want. When you know your desire belongs to you already and is on its … Continue reading The Meaning of Expectation and Receiving

Happiness Is in the Conviction

The Law of Attraction states that a change in paradigm, awareness or one's deepest convictions is necessary to change one's physical reality. We attract that which we are therefore self-perception is key and beyond that, necessary to change in order for one's life to change accordingly. Some struggle with self-perception, as their minds insist on keeping focus on their … Continue reading Happiness Is in the Conviction