The Next Chapter

In my books, blogging and personal coaching, I have always emphasized two options for using affirmations to attract the desired - being grateful for your desire being yours already or expressing gratitude for your desire being on its way. Either way works but your choice depends on what makes you comfortable, allowing you to either … Continue reading The Next Chapter

Do You Still Remember This Little Manifestation Method?

Stepping into an entirely new life can be scary if you don't look forward to it. This is why positive thinking, positive attitude and positive awareness help you and why LoA responds quickly when you feel happiness and love for your desired life. If you look forward to manifesting your desires instead of being afraid, … Continue reading Do You Still Remember This Little Manifestation Method?

Thought of the Day

Embracing change instead of fearing it makes you comfortable with manifesting. If you truly love your desire, you are ready for the change it will bring; if you are ready to make a change in your life, loving the idea of it without responding to resistance, you are ready to manifest.


I recently wrote about one of my closest friends meeting one of her personal heroes. While reflecting on her manifestation just yesterday, she said: "When you feel exhausted, you are clinging to your desire. You feel worn out trying to attract it but are suffocating the flow instead. This is when you have to let go … Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY