The Expression of You

Even when it involves others, everything one creates in life is an expression of themselves. Two people can harbor a friendship while seeing it with completely different (pairs of) eyes. One of these friends may feel they have a friend who will always be there while the other might feel they sacrifice much of their … Continue reading The Expression of You

Manifesting the Person You Are!

Can you see a clear manifestation path, an obvious course of events from now until your desire comes true? If you can't, create one! Today, I want to talk about knowing and loving who you are. A change of priorities can be stressful to a conscious manifestation practitioner. And if you have ever felt that … Continue reading Manifesting the Person You Are!

Life Coaching, Professional and Personal

I love sharing personal examples in my coaching. I think that a good life coach should be an authentically positive person who is good at living life because someone like that will have stories, understand them in terms of the Law of Attraction and never suggest unrealistic visualization or other methods they can't even connect … Continue reading Life Coaching, Professional and Personal

Thought of the Day

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You receive what you feel deserving of. You attract what you believe to be possible for you. Since you can attract anything you choose, use self love to eventually feel that anything you want is possible for you.

Have You Earned a Great Relationship?

This post first appeared on my (first) blog, I continuously encounter individuals who believe a great relationship is something they are entitled to. A great relationship is something everyone deserves, just like any other blessing in life. Everyone deserves to experience happiness but those that receive it have in fact earned it with their … Continue reading Have You Earned a Great Relationship?

The Awareness You Carry (and, Project)

It's not what you do, it's how you do it - this phrase is LoA. Two people could do the same thing, one with confidence and one without. One could feel good and the other could feel poorly. Which do you think would succeed? One could do more than the other but their actions would … Continue reading The Awareness You Carry (and, Project)

Thought of the Day

For some, it is easier to remain in the present circumstances rather than change. When their minds attempt to draw them back into the negative, it is easier to listen than choose something better. If this has happened to you, it is important that you start to see yourself as someone who deserves happiness. Seeing yourself as the person living … Continue reading Thought of the Day

The Phases of Loving Your Life

Loving my life has always been a rich source of self-confidence and motivation; a passion for living and effortless feelings of value are produced easily in a life filled with love for itself. Feeling deserving, riches of the world yours to choose from, being happy for everything you have while knowing that even more is coming... … Continue reading The Phases of Loving Your Life