Thought of the Day

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If instead of your true heart's desire you accept one deemed easier to manifest, it isn't fair to anyone involved. If you should accept any goal you consider easier to manifest than your true heart's desire, this isn't fair to you or anyone else. What we want wants us back. The Universe wants to give … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

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If you want something because you believe it will solve all your problems, that is not heartfelt motivation for the manifestation of your desire. Same goes for needing to manifest what you decided - you manifest when you love and trust instead of need because you can't be happy without it. You must be happy without … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Love Your Manifestation!

When you love the manifestation period preceding your desire, you receive it fast; you're probably aware of this already. Let me explain. Every single time you manifested something without the need to rush it, it came to you fast. Sometimes, this desire appeared in your life instantly. This can happen with desires one perceives as "small" or "likely … Continue reading Love Your Manifestation!

When the Mind Wanders…

You may think you have to improve before becoming worthy of your desires. The truth is you can attract anything you want to live in your present circumstances. However, it is certainly less than amusing to experience one’s mind wandering, coming up with ridiculous scenarios of the undesirable. Once, I was accused of seeing someone … Continue reading When the Mind Wanders…