If You Think Law of Attraction is Fiction…

If You Think Law of Attraction is Fiction…

I used to write poetry and fiction, became a published author in my preteens and eventually, decided that I preferred writing about real life. Fiction can never be as powerful as real life, no matter how much it is based on it.

Some people have asked me whether Law of Attraction was fiction or not. Some perceive visualization and the concept of living as if to be fiction for as long as it is different from “real life.” However, current reality and visualization of an ideal one are equally real, as one’s ideal reality must be seen as real in order to manifest into the current.

If you perceive visualization and living as if as fiction, how can you ever allow it to become your current reality?

You can’t. You have to believe in the possibility of your ideal reality becoming your life in order to allow it to happen.

Believing in living your ideal reality is not as scary as you think. I know it’s easy to hesitate to imagine living your ideal life for several reasons – fear of loss, fear of success, breaking out of your comfort zone… Yes, these things sound scary but as soon as you try, fear begins to fade. If you did it just a few times, it would go away completely.

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Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

If instead of your true heart’s desire you accept one deemed easier to manifest, it isn’t fair to anyone involved.

If you should accept any goal you consider easier to manifest than your true heart’s desire, this isn’t fair to you or anyone else.

What we want wants us back.

The Universe wants to give you what you want.

Your true heart’s desire wants you just as much as you want it.

Manifestation Epidemic – How Can I Ignore the Current Reality?

Manifestation Epidemic – How Can I Ignore the Current Reality?

Fully ignoring your current reality and just thinking about your desired one is a technique in itself, if you ask me. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I fully advocate ignoring the current reality (or if you seem to be unable to, turning every negative in it into a positive, i.e. “It’s good that I’m single now because I get to do all the things I enjoy but will have less time for once in a relationship” etc.) and if you can just ignore everything in front of you, your visualizations of the ideal will trickle down to your current reality in order to turn it into your ideal one.

Many have wondered how exactly to ignore their current realities, and the answer is…

Ignoring the current reality comes easy when one makes a habit of practicing self-love. Being unable to ignore the current reality happens when that reality strongly bothers you but self-love leads to “fixing” yourself and your current reality by extension.

See how that goes?

If you ever wondered why self-love is key, you just got the answers you were looking for.

Crazy as it sounds, the easiest way to ignore the current reality is to fill it with fun activities. That way, you just happily live and have fun while imagining your ideal reality but not missing it. You don’t even think about it – you just are.

Another way is to love your ideal reality so much that it even transforms your current reality. Even if you never did it, it can be done. I’ve done it. When you love your ideal reality that much, you begin to act as if you’re living it in your current. You start to transfer moods, mindsets and external factors. You begin to look and dress the part.

Now that you know how it works, use these exercises to create your new life.

Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

If you want something because you believe it will solve all your problems, that is not heartfelt motivation for the manifestation of your desire.

Same goes for needing to manifest what you decided – you manifest when you love and trust instead of need because you can’t be happy without it.

You must be happy without it first!

When you love what you want, you manifest. When you know that you bring happiness into the life of another, you attract them.


My Creation Boost

My Creation Boost

Today, I thought about my personal boosts of positive creation energy.

In order to boost positive creation and the  manifestation of our desires, we are advised to find the manifestation helpers we enjoy. These methods can be visualization, sending out heart energy, repeating affirmations, perceiving our desires as if they have manifested already or anything similar.

One of my closest friends characterized a particular manifestation method in my case by saying,

“You’re like an excited school girl!”

And she was right.

In the company of closest friends, I love to talk about my planned manifestations as if they were a done deal, simply because they are. When I make decisions to manifest a certain desire, I love to gush about it. This doesn’t happen with every single planned manifestation but only the ones that feel good, so to speak – forgetting about some of my desires makes me happy but when it comes to some others, I love to share them with my closest friends.

This is how the process works.

When I talk about any desire that evokes a wish to gush, I am completely present in that moment. I don’t think about how exactly this specific desire might manifest and am just certain that it will, planning it while talking to a friend. When planning specific details around that desire, I adjust them to the present circumstances I see while being unattached to any details altogether, entertaining them as nothing but options and staying open to any possible manifestation path. If any negative thoughts come up during or after the planning, I already know they’re false – my post manifestation world is real, palpable, my (already) current reality and my new life.

After sharing my stories, I receive many signs of my desire manifesting.

If you were to talk about your desire today, how would you feel? Explore this as an option. If you were to discuss it, would you feel like it’s a done deal or think about your desire potentially not even manifesting?

Do you know that your desire belongs to you already but choose not to share it with anyone?

You might have a desire you wish to manifest one day but are consciously not ready for just yet. Or, you may have finally become ready to manifest a desire you’ve been wanting for a while.

You know that you’re ready to manifest your desire if you naturally dismiss any distractions and focus on the essence of attraction. Talking about your desire can provide the right focus, as long as you enjoy talking and sharing.

Are You Enough?

Are You Enough?

Do you find the person you desire brilliant, fascinating, inordinately interesting or exceptionally intelligent and therefore consider yourself unworthy of being in a relationship with them? Do you believe they could effortlessly love you just as you are or do you feel that you have to improve yourself in order to be with them?

If you were to find or do something that makes you feel brilliant therefore becoming perceived as such, would you feel worthy of being with the person you desire?

This particular issue occasionally appears with those who feel almost as much admiration as they do love for the person they desire.

Some resist manifesting the person they desire due to feeling unworthy of being in a relationship with them. Their specific person may be successful, self-confident, intelligent, fascinating or attractive to them on the level they deem themselves below, having possibly grown up differently, nurturing different personality traits or currently living a different lifestyle.

If you feel good about yourself, the one you desire will feel the same about you. Every problem you perceive as an obstacle to the relationship of your dreams is a reflection of you and you alone; the person you desire may not even agree with your limiting beliefs, hold those same beliefs or want what you think they want in another. Your limiting thoughts might be completely unrelated to the thoughts or desires of the one you want, only showing that you two are not aligned just yet and therefore, still apart instead of being together.

This is exactly why your negative thoughts are false – they come out of fear instead of a loving, relaxed place. When relaxed, we see things clearly.

In order to resolve the issue of self-degradation, one must feel worthy of their loved one already – you already know this. If you feel confused about specific steps to take, let’s go over a few ideas.

1. Every single individual on the planet is unique, irreplaceable and worthy of respect. 

You may feel that some are more special than others but it is their self-perception that makes them stand out. Those who believe they are simply not enough to be considered special fall into the background, thinking that others were just born lucky.

Until you make yourself believe you are special and worthy of all the happiness you deserve, your dream life will continue to wait for you but will not make its way to you. Loving and appreciating yourself for everything you are, knowing you can add anything you desire to your life, is going to lead you to your dream life effortlessly.

You must feel worthy in order to believe that you can provide something irreplaceable to the person of your dreams… And the good news is, you already are. Own that feeling!

2. Nobody’s perfect. 

Truth be told, I don’t exactly know what this phrase means – I either want someone or I don’t. If the one I have my eyes on happens to be lacking important qualities I look for in a man, I move on.

Does perfection consist of possessing all the qualities one wants in a partner or just the most important ones? Does it consist of possessing the character traits one needs as a man or a woman, whether they’re aware of it or not?

Does it mean possessing all of the qualities one is looking for, both important and less so? What happens if one’s taste changes?

As you can see, perfection is a relative term.

However, one can use the phrase of “Nobody’s perfect” to their advantage when it comes to clearing their energy.

If you feel that nobody’s perfect, not even the person you might be idealizing, you will be able to relax and stop looking at yourself as if you were below them. Everyone possesses likeable as well as unlikable traits, the impressive and the annoying.

It is the way one carries themselves in every context that is truly attractive. It is their energy, what they project and how they perceive themselves that makes them the one you desire.

Once you start feeling good about yourself (and your relationship with them), they will see you the same way.

Are you enough?

Yes. You are. Own that feeling! And, be grateful.