The Big Deal Factor

I had been entertaining thoughts of a specific manifestation recently which failed to feel like a true decision until I discussed it with one of my closest friends (the same one who met one of her personal heroes last week).

At some point this year, I realized that I held negative views about something I wanted to bring into my life due to past experiences. I strongly disliked feeling this way but was grateful for being able to recognize it and therefore, solve the issue.

Have you ever felt this way?

Sometimes, feeling this way is a bridge between one’s current circumstances and the new ones filled with all kinds of improvements.

Sometimes, one has to deal with all their negative thoughts picked up along the way in order to remind themselves of what it is they truly want, appreciate, value and who they are deep down.

Yesterday, I changed my hair color. On the way to the salon, I thought about how much I loved my current hair color. I wondered if I was starting to change my mind but then just seized the opportunity to explore my feelings and possibly learn something new about creation.

I occasionally wonder how I could possibly be in the mood for this all the time! 

Soon, I concluded that my wandering/wondering mind was just an indicator of being stuck in the process. Thinking “what if” means being stuck in the process as opposed to feeling one’s desire is their reality already. I hadn’t even felt fear but simply thought about what it was I wanted.

In order to bring it into their life, one has to believe their desire is theirs already. However, this goes the opposite way than most might think. The energy moves in the direction of believing before seeing.

I used to try to make my desires a bigger deal they were at times, thinking this would make them feel like the right decision to make. Then, I realized what I was doing.

Just like I used to do, I was now making my hair color, which I already couldn’t wait to have, a bigger deal than it was.

Making one’s desire, any desire, a big deal is a negative action. A big deal creates a mismatch with your desire – we don’t think as anything we see as a permanent fixture in our lives to be “a big deal.” We think this reality is normal and was always meant for us.

We think that a big deal is connected to changing our entire lives, living a perfect reality or creating a vibration for our manifestation that doesn’t even exist yet, so to speak.

Creating a mismatch with one’s desire can easily happen when viewing it as something impossible, out of the ordinary, huge… This perception only creates the feeling of not having it yet and invites negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts are a whole other category; these thoughts evoke the feeling of one’s desire being far away, being something that requires much work or being so perfect that it’s practically unattainable.

Sometimes, energy clearing isn’t only about which negative thoughts come up. Sometimes, it’s about figuring out why they come at all. Why is nurturing the feeling of your desire being a big deal making you feel like you “have to achieve it” instead of “having it already?”

Once you start to see your desire as something normal, something you were always meant to live, you will stop postponing it. You will be able to bring it into your reality. You will see the good in your life, the Universe being on your side and suddenly, you will realize that everything is meant to be easy. You will stop making up false, negative scenarios that will never manifest. Your fear will leave you forever.

You will understand that, if you love something, you should have it.