Thought of the Day – Attract Love by Being Yourself

I suggest you celebrate yourself and your life. Wondering how? You have to play the lead role in your own reality instead of putting the person you want to manifest a relationship with first. You can prioritize them but imagine the relationship and your love as you want it and as it makes you happy! … Continue reading Thought of the Day – Attract Love by Being Yourself

Thought of the Day

Cliché it is due to its truthfulness - keeping busy makes you lighten up and stop feeling like you should be thinking about your desire all the time (especially when you notice it hasn't manifested yet). When I feel like thinking too much, I start writing, cleaning up or go outside and walk around the … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

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We respond to those that respond to us. If you want someone to like you, make sure you genuinely like them (by focusing on their qualities and accepting their imperfections), and show it! You can do this - simply feel confident about posessing plenty of qualities, all of which are enough to attract the person … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Negative Thoughts the Teacher and You Awareness the Student – Choice of the Lessons Learned

I woke up the other day and decided that I was going to go back to being an entirely positive person. Even if this is who you are most of the time, some things cause temporary stress which makes it hard but I put my all into pulling myself out of it. I suppose in … Continue reading Negative Thoughts the Teacher and You Awareness the Student – Choice of the Lessons Learned

Is Worrying a Way of Keeping Yourself Busy?

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Often, when you want to attract something you desire more than anything else in life, you don’t feel like doing anything in your current reality anymore until it comes. However, when you only think about one thing, that one thing, you are bound to run out of positive thoughts at some point and switch to … Continue reading Is Worrying a Way of Keeping Yourself Busy?

Thought of the Day

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Wanna talk about signs? Just as I had begun browsing new laptops over the weekend, my current one suddenly became the only device I own refusing to connect to Wi-Fi. What do you think that means?

The Next Chapter

In my books, blogging and personal coaching, I have always emphasized two options for using affirmations to attract the desired - being grateful for your desire being yours already or expressing gratitude for your desire being on its way. Either way works but your choice depends on what makes you comfortable, allowing you to either … Continue reading The Next Chapter

Comfort Zones and Negative Thoughts

Refusing to give meaning to your negative thoughts might seem impossible but once you try it, it will be the best decision you ever made. Many are used to giving excessive meaning to their negative thoughts on a daily basis, even when all the evidence in their lives points to the opposite - all the … Continue reading Comfort Zones and Negative Thoughts

Thought of the Day

With conscious repetition of the desired, you can change your core beliefs to match your desired reality. Choose what you change them into. Choose love and abundance.