Positivity Equals Maturity, Maturity Equals Confidence and Confidence Equals Appeal – Why?

Positivity Equals Maturity, Maturity Equals Confidence and Confidence Equals Appeal – Why?

When we stop expecting drama, does that mean we have actually grown up?

Does expecting abundance and peace around us instead of life’s curveballs void of personal growth potential but dramatic to the core mean we have finally figured out what it’s all about?

Does expecting the best instead of expecting the road to get bumpy mean we are ready to live at peace with ourselves, our minds and other individuals, and feel love for life while knowing that our dreams belong to us?

Does a desire to happily coexist with others mean that we are ready to love ourselves and everyone else?


Because to me, positivity is maturity. Inner peace is maturity. Maturity is emotional stability which is both happy and attractive. When you’re at peace with yourself, don’t you just see the light and realize how much you have to offer, focusing on what you have instead of what you are lacking?

All these questions have a lot to do with your inner peace, your natural happiness and your appeal to other people, including those you have set your sights on.  Continue reading “Positivity Equals Maturity, Maturity Equals Confidence and Confidence Equals Appeal – Why?”

Expect Magic, Release Love and Connect with Your Goal

Expect Magic, Release Love and Connect with Your Goal

I expect the Universe to manifest my desires in a magical way.

If you adopt it, that very belief can take your focus off thinking about the “how.”

You can remove your own resistance with this simple expectation. This expectation is your resistance relieving technique. After adopting this expectation, you will have let go to manifest.

There are times when I don’t even express my expectation for this magical way of manifesting but only focus on the end result. There are few rules when it comes to conscious feelings and at the same time, focusing on achieving your end result is enough.

This is what I imagine heart energy to look like – a heart shaped slinky, connecting two ends, captivating the attention of everyone around. 

Feeling this way provides an unfettered access to your heart energy. Connecting to your heart energy as a result of these simple convictions will happen without you even noticing. Heart energy can be released both intentionally and without realizing as long as you feel good.

Letting go while expecting the best will make you feel good.

There is so little to be said about a successful manifestation process yet so much about resistance and negative feelings – I know that a successful manifestation can also generate endless happiness and the motivation to share the story but sometimes, it feels like there is much less to explain. Many look for the reasons why something good is happening to them until they dive into all the reasons for their negative feelings. At those times, it feels like the process of “keeping busy” trying to manifest is more important to some than the actual manifestation. A part of them that seeks out drama wants to feed off those ups and downs.

The part that feeds off drama exists in everyone; however, by nurturing the part that revels in happiness, the need for drama slowly vanishes. One step at a time, one has changed their habits and life.

Manifestation Epidemic – The “How”

Manifestation Epidemic – The “How”

One of the manifestation epidemics I see is a simple way in which many end up feeling negatively about their desire and with that, sometimes give up on it.

That way is having expectations of how your desire should manifest, partially or entirely. 

Let’s say you’re manifesting a relationship with a specific person. You think the fastest way would be for them to call you or follow you on social media. Or, you might think the fastest way would be for them to just ask you on a date immediately. Say yes if you asked them today? Answer your message to them with immediate willingness to be with you?

Now, let’s say those things don’t happen. You ask them to meet and they can’t or are unwilling to. They don’t respond to texts. They don’t say what you think you should hear after their earlier behavior. You don’t say what you wanted or meant to say for whatever reason. Your friends and family weigh in with ideas of how they think things should go, all contradictory to LoA but typical of the usual limiting beliefs of the world. (I am not belittling your friends and family but these things happen with individuals who analyze what they see without feeling what you feel and knowing what you know.) You start to question yourself and your faith is withering.

You are attached and in order to manifest, you have to let go (=believe your desire is a done deal and manifesting right now even if you can’t see any proof of it).

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The Nuances of Intention

The Nuances of Intention

This is how I explain intention.

If you mean to do it, you do it. If you mean to manifest it, you manifest it.

If you don’t mean to manifest it, you dive into negative thoughts and doubts, worrying if your desire will ever belong to you.

On the other hand, if you intend it to be yours, it is and will manifest.

When I mean to manifest something, I do it; I want to explain how the idea of intention and the entire process feels. I believe this will help anyone who wondered why they can’t decide on their specific desire, stay positive or believe.

When I intend to manifest something, I intend to do it no matter what the present situation looks like and what kind of negative thoughts come along. Everything else follows one’s awareness so when negative thoughts appear, your awareness decides whether or not they’re valid and you are the one that controls your own awareness.

Your current intention reflects the place in which you are for the moment; even if you didn’t intend this to start with, your feelings and chosen reactions paint a picture of your intention in the following ways:

  • If your negative thoughts cause you fear and lower your vibration, your intention to manifest your desire is not strong enough just yet. Instead, you fear that you might not and consider this as a valid option. If you fear negative thoughts or react to them strongly, you might as well intend to have them; in this case, fear is your deepest conviction and your intention, even if you don’t mean for it to be, because you expect it.
  • Your intention is reflected not in what you see but in the way you react to it. You could encounter negative thoughts and ignore them because you intend to manifest your desire. You could encounter negative feelings and decide to resolve them because you intend to feel good from now on.
  • If I intend to go swimming, if swimming is my priority, I will go even if clouds appear (this actually happened today). Then, the sun will come out again (that, too).
  • If I intend to make contact with someone, I will decide which one of us should make the first move and be grateful for receiving my desire already.
  • You see yourself where you want to be because you intend to get there.

Intention is a powerful manifestation tool, motivator, focus provider and confidence builder. Intention can be everything and is connected to knowing that your desire belongs to you already – it can lead to it or the two can simply go hand in hand.

Positive Expectations = Being an Adult

Positive Expectations = Being an Adult

Happy New Year everyone! And to kick off this year in a positive way, let’s discuss one of the essential topics of manifestation – your expectations.

By now, you know that we receive what we expect to receive…but what if you expect yourself to think negative thoughts if one aspect of your manifestation should take longer than you’d like? What if you dread something specific happening (or, not) because you know it’ll set you off into a negative state of mind? To some, this can be a day of no communication with the person they desire to be in a relationship with. What if you fear that, since many things take longer than you’d like, same will happen with your current desire?

What if you just expect your negative thoughts to spice up your manifestation process, adding a little drama to make the situation interesting? Are you looking to manifest something new and fascinating without knowing how?

Do you expect or simply fear that something undesirable will happen in your manifestation?

Isn’t it time we let all that stuff go?

Expecting to receive exactly what you want to receive is part of being an adult, if you ask me. Knowing the ways in which energy creates, there’s no reason one should expect anything to go wrong. Why exhaust yourself in the first place? What’s the point?

Why let your negative thoughts eat away at your sanity for no reason? This is nothing but a very effective way to move your vibration far away from your desire.

If by now, you know that you should trust the Universe to bring you what you desire by knowing it belongs to you already, feeling grateful for it and allowing it to come to you, you should expect to receive what you desire to live.

If one is unable to see their desire clearly in their mind and feel love for it in their heart, the question of the said desire being what they truly want arises. If they do, the level of attachment to one’s desire clearly shows they are not ready to live it – if they were, they would know it belongs to them already. How can a desire manifest if constantly being rejected by negative thoughts? That is not a welcoming environment for one’s desire to appear.

I don’t want anyone to think that I’m criticising. I’m just saying that being an adult feels good. One can be an adult and be youthful, welcoming every positive feeling while deciding the excessively negative ones are simply beneath them. Self-confidence can come with age so why shouldn’t it?

I believe that a solid reason for letting go of all negative thoughts makes it easier to give them up. Besides hurting your manifestation, adulthood is an excellent reason for giving up all your negative thoughts. They’re simply beneath you. You deserve to live a happy life you have designed.

“I expect to receive what I desire to live; I expect to live a life I love.” This is your new mantra.

The Meaning of Expectation and Receiving

The Meaning of Expectation and Receiving

“We receive exactly what we expect to receive.” (John Holland)

Always start from this thought. Be willing to know your desire is yours simply because you have decided so. Settle for nothing else, less or other; only what you love and want.

When you know your desire belongs to you already and is on its way to manifesting, you naturally expect to receive it and prepare your world for its arrival. This is the place your actions should flow from.

Sometimes, it seems to me that this conviction is the only aspect of the Law of Attraction one should essentially work on.

You’ve heard this advice before: “Make room in your closet for his/her clothes.” I say, when you know your desire of a relationship with your perfect person belongs to you and feel nothing but love and gratitude for it, you will naturally come to taking this particular or similar action – it will be an idea coming from your heart because you’ll be thrilled about being in this amazing relationship already. You will want to do everything for this person. You will want to make room in your world for him/her.

When desiring a specific job, you will want to interview for it, apply for it and the process will make you happy because you will know the job is yours already. You will go through the process happily because you will see every stage as an opportunity to prepare for this job, showing what a perfect fit you are and feeling grateful. You will be excited about your daily commute. Any kind of pressure or anxiety about having this job will be absent from your mind, as well as the unnecessary thoughts about today’s economy or how difficult it is to obtain work.

This kind of action flows effortlessly when we are truly happy and excited about our desires. When we love our desires that much, having them in our lives is the only option. You know it’s coming, making it the only scenario you expect to receive.

Do you love your desire so much that if you could have anything or anyone else in your life today, you would still choose the said desire? If you could live any other reality today, would you still choose your current desire?

My heart is my compass in life while my sense of self-value, self-confidence and self-respect decide who deserves to have it. At the same time, I am able to respect and accept anyone as well as their choices, whether or not I want them in my life. I highly recommend this approach to anyone willing to try.