Girl Talk: How Positive Feelings Lead to Specific Positive Experiences in Dating and Relationships

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Spring awakening.

The other night, I was in a deep discussion with a friend as we were driving around the city at 2 a.m.. Sharing experiences of recent and not-so-recent encounters with men, her accurate grasp of relationships absolutely amazed me.

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A Cruelty Free Lifestyle That Fills Me With Love

A Cruelty Free Lifestyle That Fills Me With Love

For the past few days, I have been increasingly dedicated to sharing my passions and sources of happiness on Instagram. One of the ways I give love to the world is through nurturing a cruelty free lifestyle, diet and beauty standards.

I love animals and many things in my life reflect that very love. I haven’t eaten meat in twelve years. I donate to animal charities and am dedicated to using only cruelty free cosmetics and spending money on cruelty free fashion. It makes me feel good and the thought of freedom and safety for all animals fills me with love.


Just like anything else in life, giving love ensures both love and many happy benefits in return. My nutritional practices and organic, vegan beauty products I choose keep me fit, healthy and looking young. I have received various gifts from my favorite organic cosmetics brands. The thought of eating fish, which many consider a loophole of vegetarianism or use for health reasons, doesn’t make me happy. Soy milk, which I don’t want to live without, benefits me more than I can describe. My comfort food of choice is rice and breaded vegetable sticks. I’m crazy for quinoa, fruits, raw vegetables and I like tofu very much, not to mention that I feel full but light after each meal.

Except for the direct benefits, love for all animals that fills me with love reflects on other things in my life. Caring for animals reminds me that love is the most important thing in life. Love must be self-directed, expressed to others and when acting as our beacon in life, it guides us through the great moments and saves us through the difficult ones.

Caring for animals makes me feel love on a daily basis, without any effort. To me, there is nothing easier than loving animals as they give unconditional love to those who care about them. This is an amazing LoA lesson, among other things.

What To Do With Fear…

What To Do With Fear…

When consciously manifesting, many start to fear the negative. They fear losing their desire instead of bringing it to life.

Some continuously battle their negative thoughts which can be deeply upsetting. These thoughts lower one’s vibration by saddening and exhausting them, creating massive fear.

Fear tends to be the most draining negative emotion of all. Sadness goes away when we focus on the generators of happiness in our lives; I truly believe that sadness can pass faster than one realizes, as one of the great human tendencies is to seek out happiness.

Fear is an empty, false emotion which enables us to scare ourselves to the point of mental paralysis based on the thoughts we’ve produced ourselves.

Fear tends to go away when one feels that external proof of their desire manifesting is present… But only short-term. Unless resolved, disabled and eliminated, fear will continue to return until removed.

The trick is to give your negative thoughts a positive meaning. Do you feel capable of doing this? That part has to do with your self-confidence.

When thinking about your relationship, you may be consumed by many fears connected to it instead of enjoying the happiness it brings. These fears did not appear to prevent your relationship from coming to you but for the purpose of resolving them. Don’t feel guilty for having these fears either – everyone has experienced them.

Often, there is a specific set of circumstances one tends to dread, causing the fear to keep coming back. The phrase of “nothing to fear but fear itself” applies perfectly, as being terrified of a “what if” scenario prevents the manifestation of your desires.

Not to mention that negative thoughts mean one doesn’t believe of having their desire yet; negative thoughts are just another way of expressing one’s disbelief in living their dream.

Let’s be clear – a literal scenario one may fear rarely manifests, if ever. However, one might become so paralyzed by the idea of this fear, lowering their vibration horribly and manifesting unrelated but also undesirable circumstances in life.

What is there to do when a scenario such as this one occurs?

Feel gratitude for your negative thoughts and consider why they appeared. The truth is, they are here to give you the chance for a permanent freedom from their prison.

When negative thoughts appear, say, “Thank you for these negative thoughts, as they point out my limiting beliefs. What do I believe about myself? Let’s resolve it. Why do I fear this-and-that? Because of my past? Because of how I feel about myself? Do I feel inadequate in this-or-that area of my life, my personality or because of my looks?”

The answers will keep coming to you. Face them without resentment or resistance. Be honest with yourself; don’t be embarrassed of your self-perception, as it can be changed to better. Nobody has to know you are thinking about these things; you can do it quietly.

Once you are capable of feeling gratitude for the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, the empowering and the weakening thoughts, you will be transforming all of them into positive thoughts. The negative will disappear after you’ve learned your lesson from them – you will realize why you attracted some positive and some negative things in the past. Once you start to focus on the positive sides of yourself and your life, you will be attracting positive things.

Most importantly, you must start seeing happiness as a natural thing!

It is natural that the person you want to be with should want to be with you. It is natural that the money you want to manifest should come to you. It is natural that you should live where you want to, wear the clothes that make you happy and work where you would love to. Fear is not real, therefore it should never stop you. However, facing it should set you free.

Law of Attraction and Free Individuals

Law of Attraction and Free Individuals

Do you know anyone who simply doesn’t care about opinions of others yet they are widely adored?

The energy movement of this phenomenon is fascinating – these individuals have all the approval they desire from themselves and don’t need it from anyone else. At the same time, this very approval makes them feel great about themselves, as they are not slaves to anyone else’s opinion which would be an exhausting way to live.

These individuals do as they wish while respecting others. They dare to live from their hearts alone and are rewarded for it. How amazing is that – you can be rewarded just for being yourself?

As we all get what we give, these individuals always receive even more love than they give out to the world just by sharing their happiness. These individuals are increasingly motivated to share and spread love, as their naturally happy state ensures wanting to make others feel the same in their own lives. Their happiness is almost instinctual, as they seem organically unable to stay in an unhappy state, situation or circumstance – when finding themselves there, they need to get out.

These individuals are driven by happiness, which puts them in line with their true heart’s desires – this is why the Law of Attraction is all about you in your life and me in mine.

Do you truly desire what you say you desire? Does it clash with anything else you desire or value? If it does, you can work on putting the two together by manifesting a reality that makes them work together. You must be brave enough to create new circumstances and unconditionally believe in your new reality.

Those who are naturally driven by their opinions alone are so because that is what makes them feel good. They feel good about their choices and decisions and do not respond negatively to those who try to undermine them. These people know that critics are just unhappy people who look for imperfections and they feel compassion for those critics deep down. They are able to look their critic in the eye and say, “You deserve to be happy. I respect you and your choices but you deserve happiness. Be as happy as I am – make it happen for yourself. You can do this!”

They give love and receive it in return.

For these reasons, those who genuinely go by nothing but their inner compass and are able to say “This is what I want” without needing approval from anyone else. In turn, many (if not most) others approve of their choices – this is because we continue to receive what we are used to having. They’re used to approval from themselves alone therefore never need it from anyone else. They love self-approval and that’s all they need – everyone else is eager to give them the same as a result.

The Law of Attraction principle visible when it comes to those individuals is very clear. Without the need for love and approval and due to generating it themselves, these individuals never need it and therefore receive even more of it.

The same principle can be applied to anything you are manifesting while you must feel happy about your desire. If you don’t, nobody else will nor will they approve.

Unless you feel happy about having your desire, you will feel the need for it to appear, aware of its absence in your reality; then, that absence will continue until you change your thoughts.