Surprise Manifestation of a Free Phone Plan

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit blog, because I don't need a reason to offer some wonderful, free content. Here's a little manifestation story. This was completely unexpected but wonderfully uplifting. After I moved several months ago, I needed to get a new phone. My European smart phone doesn't accept SIM cards from any other continent … Continue reading Surprise Manifestation of a Free Phone Plan

If You Think Law of Attraction is Fiction…

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I used to write poetry and fiction, became a published author in my preteens and eventually, decided that I preferred writing about real life. Fiction can never be as powerful as real life, no matter how much it is based on it. Some people have asked me whether Law of Attraction was fiction or not. … Continue reading If You Think Law of Attraction is Fiction…

Work with the Universe!

This is something you simply must do. Working with the Universe means allowing yourself to feel good so that your desires manifest. Believing that what you want is yours already, a done deal or about to happen is all that it takes once you get out of your own way. Getting out of your way is all about … Continue reading Work with the Universe!

Are You On A Higher Frequency Than Your Ex?

Today, I want to talk about the (usually short) time period when two people in a relationship are on different energetic levels. What happens when the person you're manifesting love with has to get on your energetic level and not the other way around? Imagine that you are manifesting love with an ex (or someone new) … Continue reading Are You On A Higher Frequency Than Your Ex?

The Highest State of Energy

This particular sensation is one I constantly describe to others as it enables me to manifest instantly and with results even more magnificent than anticipated. I call it the Highest Energy State; it is the state of nothing but love and happiness so intense that it almost takes me to another world. It can practically … Continue reading The Highest State of Energy