When You Give Yourself the Help You Need…

When You Give Yourself the Help You Need…

When something in life upsets me, no matter how briefly, I am usually grateful for having someone supportive show up at the exact moment I have calmed myself down and reaffirm my belief that the situation will be resolved.

How does a situation such as this one usually go in your life?

The person to tell you that everything will be alright will either show up as soon as you have calmed yourself down or come sooner than that, bringing their calming and loving energy to help you.

In truth, we attract these situations and individuals, just like everything else. We either invite even more upsetting or loving and calming energy with our vibration and needs. If the same person keeps coming around to help, we are grateful for them. We are also grateful for those who offer to help.

We are particularly grateful for the moments in which worry fades away even when we fear the opposite happening.

Today, I attracted help from someone after I have decided that the situation in question was not a big deal after all. In fact, I expected to be much more irritated than I was. The annoyance that ran deep lasted only minutes which shows that consistent practice can turn anyone into a positive thinker.

It also shows that our thoughts don’t have to be perfect – they can be human. Like us.

When faced with upsetting moments, don’t beat yourself up. It happens. Don’t worry about how you might have attracted this circumstance but only look ahead with faith and trust instead.


Warning of the Day

Warning of the Day

When the Universe gives you a sign that your desire is manifesting, take it!!

Without debate, worry or engaging in negativity, take it. It means your desire is yours already.

Don’t miss a single opportunity to be grateful for your desire manifesting. At the same time, know that just a single sign is beyond enough.

Gratitude for All Things – How to Start Appreciating Everything You Have

Gratitude for All Things – How to Start Appreciating Everything You Have

Gratitude for everything you have in your life will allow you to manifest everything you want because loving where you are removes the need to “better” your life by looking for external solutions for increasing your happiness (instead of simply looking within).

I have a very simple technique you can use to increase your manifesting power, self-confidence and your overall happiness:

Look for the fun part of everything you do.

If you have to be somewhere you don’t want to go, think of a single reason why you would be interested in being there. Any reason! I used this in college and grad school in order to ease my studying – having to take certain classes I didn’t care for much, I devised an easy way of taking notes allowing me to put in very little time in order to receive satisfactory grades. Knowing I could get through the classes I found boring made me feel good. I also manifested open book exams in those classes several times. Not only was I getting the grades I was fine with but my fellow students borrowed my notes.

Some people hate early mornings. Unless they are willing to manifest a change because they believe that early mornings simply must continue to happen, these people could focus on the benefits of early mornings instead of thinking about the drawbacks. Alternatively, they could add a morning routine to their schedule which would make them excited to wake up.

Suggestions? Expressing gratitude as soon as they wake up which would automatically put them in a great mood. Of course, the routine itself can be anything at all, as long as it makes them happy.

You might want to manifest a home, wealth, friendships or a relationship you are unhappy to be missing right now. In this case, focus on the things you are happy to have time for now, before you manifest and your life changes. These might be the things you usually enjoy on your own, things you can enjoy now but won’t in the future or the things your current lifestyle allows and you love but might be a little difficult to make happen after your life changes and you manifest. Not only will your enjoyment for what you have remove the need to manifest a change (the exact energy that will allow you to manifest) but your positive energy will also attract every desire you may have into your life.

Whenever on my way to manifesting a new desire, enjoying the present circumstances always tells me my current reality is changing rapidly; one simply goes hand in hand with the other.

The Asking/Manifesting Sensations

The Asking/Manifesting Sensations

After deciding to manifest any specific desire you may have, do you feel a rush of excitement? Do you feel happiness, tingles and thrill all at the same time?

I do. Alternatively, I experience an outbreak of loving feelings, ease and calm. This particular sensation makes letting go in order to manifest easier than any other; when it happens, having to tell myself to let go in order to manifest is unnecessary.

Last week, I manifested one of my closest friends booking her tickets to visit me less than an hour after I expressed gratitude for her coming to visit and just believed. In this case, I felt the excitement. I didn’t know how or when she was going to tell me that she was coming to see me but I was excited while expressing gratitude and then, I just relaxed. Having repeated my gratitude affirmation three or four times, I told myself to let it go because I had asked and therefore had to receive. While repeating the affirmations, I quickly visualized picking her up from the airport and having her stay at my apartment. Before I knew it, she was informing me about booking her flights.

When manifesting love or other relationships, I often felt that very love combined with ease and calm. When wanting a specific person in your life, you probably want them because they make you happy and you wish to make them happier than they have ever been. This honest sensation can make you visualize strongly enough to experience how it feels to be with that person before you manifest. The loving feelings you feel for another allow you to see the two of you together for every good reason connecting back to the only relevant one – you love them and you want them.

No matter how you feel, be grateful for having manifested, as if you have already. Be grateful for your exciting life, reaching your goals, your dream career, your amazing love.

The Ultimate Manifesting Style

The Ultimate Manifesting Style

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about my personal manifesting styles.

There were times when I visualized my desired reality and let it go automatically; without even thinking about it, I just knew I would manifest and felt good about it. Some other days, I told myself to let go because I knew it would allow me to manifest immediately.

“It’s happening right now.” But, why?

Everything starts from the right attitude – knowing you posses the capability to manifest everything you want. What many don’t realize is that thinking about their dreams prompts them to move in the direction of their dreams. Nothing comes together without the right attitude and a relaxed state of mind, both of which trigger the Law of Attraction to work.

Believing that something is coming together for you is going to get you to the place you want to be. Regardless of what might be happening at this moment, your personal belief will allow the world around you to change. Miracles happen in mere moments and your belief can seem to not be working until the moment it does; however, this is completely normal and another reason why you should simply ignore the way things are and focus on the way you want them to be.

It all comes down to a single manifesting method, believing and letting go, the meta of LoA. Whether or not we tell ourselves to, putting positive feelings into the thoughts of living our desires will allow us to let them go in order to manifest. Love your desire and allow the two of you to cross paths. You can have what you want but simply must allow yourself to be happy now in order to attract your desire to you. You must be grateful for everything you already have in order to gain even more.

Why I Love to Manifest

Why I Love to Manifest

When it comes to LoA, I know that some fear it, don’t believe in it, find it too difficult or simply don’t believe in themselves. I am positive that most individuals realize that there are ways of making their dreams a reality but don’t believe the process can be easy; I am sure that some of those individuals believe LoA to be real but resist using it for various reasons.

Every time I attract things many don’t believe to be possible within hours, days or weeks, I realize how much I love to manifest all over again. I love it when I receive the exact work gigs I wanted. I love it when I manifest living somewhere I wanted to live. I love being offered even greater professional fees than I had imagined. I love manifesting contact from anyone I wanted to talk to. And, I love the feeling of immense excitement and gratitude every time I manifest intentionally.

Today, I loved manifesting one of my closest friends coming to visit me just weeks after I had taken a trip to see her. We’ve been close for twelve years and never failed to visit each other wherever we lived after college, the first day of which we had met. We spent a week together in June and wanted that to continue; we’d been talking about another week together since parting and today, an hour after I expressed gratitude for her coming to visit me, she informed me that she had booked her tickets.

In moments like these, my love for intentional manifestation seems to be the greatest whenever I do something to make both myself and others happy. When it comes to friendships and loves, we manifest mutual love and adoration. When it comes to manifesting the happiness, prosperity and well-being of others, we also manifest mutual love that is both ours for directing happy feelings at another and theirs for receiving the abundance of all sorts. If you wish someone well, their life will get even better.

Always wish others well – it will come back to you tenfold. Always manifest loving friendships and relationships, and cherish all those amazing individuals in your life. Always be convinced of your personal power and your ability to make others happy, and you will have the most amazing friendships and relationships in your life; your friends will support your relationships and your friendships will be even richer in love and value.

LoA and Life Goals

LoA and Life Goals

I want to share with you the story of a friend of mine who used LoA in her life simply by immersing herself into positive feelings and believing she would get everything she wanted, when she wanted it.

Before I started bouncing around Europe and USA, we went to school together. We met at the age of nine when I changed schools. As it turned out, we also lived in the same building. Soon, we were good friends.

We kept in touch throughout our lives and at the age of twenty-five, I attended her wedding. This was a major life event she had manifested at the exact time she intended it.

Years earlier, she had decided she wanted to be married by the age of twenty-five. Having made the decision, she was sure her desire would manifest. She moved on with her life, enjoying work, friends and family, having fun and feeling grateful for everything she had.

When we were twenty-four, she informed me she was getting married. Informing me of the time period to give me a chance to plan my trip from abroad, I was absolutely thrilled. The wedding took place two months after her 25th birthday.

Another goal she had was to be a mother by the time she turned thirty. However, after the wedding, she was putting a great deal of importance on this goal and its manifestation. She then realized she had developed attachment to her goal and was worrying about its manifestation, preventing her from enjoying any thought she had about it. This was out of character for her.

She was a person who had used LoA effortlessly in life but had now realized she was using it incorrectly.

Attachment to one’s desire which means noticing it missing and allowing that to lower one’s vibration prevents the said desire from manifesting. In order to manifest, one must let go.

Then, she said to herself,

“I have to relax. This is going to happen but I have to relax. If it happens now, great; if not, it’ll happen when it happens.”

After that, her pregnancy happened almost immediately.

This magnificently simple story describes the essence of LoA. This is all we need to do in order to manifest. She has since used LoA to improve circumstances at work and manifest many positive circumstances for her family. She doesn’t believe anything to be impossible but knows that everything in life is a matter of choice.

This is simply all we need to do.

Keeping Focus on Your Ultimate Goal

Keeping Focus on Your Ultimate Goal

Since I mentioned this in my last few blog comments, I will elaborate on it now.

Some find themselves to be capable of keeping a limited amount of focus on their end goal while overthinking its potential development or painful past experiences in the meantime.

Several times, I’ve manifested using the following set of personally devised steps.

  1. Capture the feeling of having/living your desire now. See yourself in it. Dare to feel overwhelmed with love, having received your desire. Feel it! Then, say “Thank you.”
  2. Ask the Universe to give your desire to you and then, thank the Universe for having received it. You will end up using almost the exact same words for both. I think both of those because I know that as soon as I ask, my desired reality is created. Then, the only thing left is to receive it.
  3. Every time you feel tempted to entertain your negative thoughts (if you do at all), remember that since you asked for your desire, you must receive it.
  4. Whenever you want to (if you do), remember the feeling of having/living your desire from step one. If you would rather let go completely and forget about your desire until it manifests, you can.

This exceptionally brief series of steps often allows me to manifest within six, twelve or twenty-four hours. Other times, immediately, depending on the desire in question or how quickly I let go/am ready to receive what I had asked for.


For one, focusing on the path your desire takes to manifest into your life will only lower your vibration. You will most likely want it to manifest faster, losing grasp on the gratitude you should feel for it.

Instead, be grateful that your desire is coming to you. Be grateful for your reality of living it, which will manifest soon.

Another reason why you should stop thinking about the path of your manifestation is your awareness of not having it yet. You can playfully imagine how it might happen but not cling to any of those ways.

Focusing on the “how” part can induce a sense of fear almost effortlessly. In my case, I don’t want to know how my desire will manifest – that part holds amazing surprises so why spoil it?

Be open to the most amazing surprises of your life! Be confident in yourself because you are unique and beautiful. Admire the person you are!

All of this sounds so simple only because it is.

Where’s Your Confidence?

Where’s Your Confidence?

Feeling confident, happy and knowing you are worthy of living your desires – do you struggle with any of those things?

Feeling grateful and deserving work together without effort when applied with confidence as well as happiness. Knowing you are going to manifest your desire, deeply determined and believing profoundly, is enough to allow you detachment from your desire which in turn ensures manifestation.

Attachment to your desire and believing you could never be happy until you are living the life you want hurts both your mood and your manifestation! 

Happiness comes from loving your life now as well as the love for your desired manifestation. Accordingly, happiness is connected to gratitude, confidence in your manifestation abilities and perceiving life as an abundant one.

To some, confidence is tied to a specific set of events. Some think they would only be worthy if things finally came together in a certain way (forgetting that awareness precedes and causes the actual events).

Do you recognize your way of thinking among any of these?

Are you missing any of these important factors?

It can be confusing for me to discuss all the reasons why you should love everything you are. A much better question would be, “Why not?” There are those who do and those who don’t, a clear distinction present.

Those who appreciate themselves as well as their life find it easy to appreciate others. They are beloved as their positive behaviors stem from their personal happiness.

Those who refuse to find lovable parts of themselves also focus on everything that bothers them in others. They are constantly exhausted. Their negative thoughts prevent them from living the life they want. They see fear everywhere they look.

Switching sides is a question of choice. Anyone can choose to feel good about themselves and allow it to happen. Why? Because as feelings change, so does your reality. You will soon look better, feel great and welcome opportunities.

Right now, you cannot imagine feeling better because you think you need a confirmation in the external reality (such as your desire manifested). However, if you’re skipping taking care of your inner world, you’re trying to work the opposite way.

Unless you start to believe, how could your desire ever manifest?

Even if you know all this, you might be wondering how exactly you could start to feel better. Here are my suggestions.

  1. Accept that you are good enough to manifest your desire now! You are good enough just the way you are and once you accept it, others will see it, too. After that, you will not be seeing any kind of adjustment you want to make as anything major. Your appearance, age or any other external factor mean nothing compared to who you are on the inside – that is the energy which produces results in your life. Once you realize you are good enough, you will start to actually feel worthy.
  2. Be decisive! Your voice of decisiveness has to be louder and stronger than all the voices of your negative thoughts. Put all your energy into believing that your desire is a done deal already! You are not to “try” and manifest but simply feel as if.
  3. Listen to your heart. Even if you don’t know how to feel good, your heart always knows what you truly want – thinking about what you want will make you feel good. Listening to your heart can also make you believe that having your desire is possible. It can make you feel worthy and start to feel love for everything you’ve been given.
  4. Be grateful! There is so much you already have in your life. Gratitude will also increase your motivation to manifest your desire and to love it!
  5. Accept that others mirror your own attitude. Critics can be a negative distraction yet they show what exactly you struggle with.

From now on, your inner critic is to be ignored as if it could never be changed. If you accept that negative thoughts come up and that’s it, you are going to start to ignore them effortlessly while focusing on the positive ones.

This is the way to put your inner critic on mute.

Those who tell you they don’t believe in the possibility of living your desire mirror your own fears. Once you start to believe, external reactions will change. Until then, you can change your attitude. Is it really worth it to let negative thoughts bring you down?

If you’re failing to produce mainly positive thoughts about your desire, you have to ask yourself if you truly want it, or are just struggling to see yourself having it.

I firmly believe that indecision hurts more than temporarily not living one’s desired reality. Noticing something missing from your reality is often followed by uncertainty around a specific desire.

Giving both positive and negative reactions to the thoughts related to your desire causes great struggle. In this case, you will have noticed your desire missing from your life.

Knowing exactly what you want affects your self-confidence more than you might realize. Knowing means you can imagine living your desire which results in a flow of happiness and ultimately, manifestation.

You have to know what you want before you can imagine yourself living it.

For some, knowing is not the main issue – it is believing that they could have it.

In truth, there is no reason why one should ever fail to manifest anything they wish to live. Some still feel the pain from their past, others fear the future and others fear not being good enough. Just like there is simply no reason for manifestation failure, there is also no real reason why one should refuse to feel great.

If perception and beliefs decide everything, why refuse to perceive yourself beautiful and believe that you are? Why do you feel that you have to have the perfect physique? Many who do are still not considered beautiful by everyone – it is their own belief that decides.

You are as beautiful as you feel.

In order to become the person you love, you have to appreciate who you are now! Your current likes and dislikes, physical shape, income and relationship status are an excellent place to start if you can bring yourself to be grateful for them.

Some tend to be confused by the notion of the Law of Attraction only dealing with them and their feelings towards any desire. However, those feelings are an indicator of one’s awareness.

If you continuously search for your desired manifestation, you will continue to search. You are aware of not having your desire and are searching for it instead.

Negative thoughts might be coming up even after you know your desire belongs to you already. However, ignoring them and knowing they are false is an indicator of your positive awareness. It is not which thoughts come along; it only matters which ones you accept as true for yourself.

The way to change your life is by not trying to change it. Feeling “as if” implies an assumption of already having your desire and if you have it, why would you be trying to change that?

At all times, be aware of having your desire. If you’re decisive enough, you can bring yourself to feel this way.