Thought of the Day

You may never feel guilty about manifesting anything you enjoy. I won't allow it. Because, why would you? If you know that it's meant for you, it's the right thing to do.

Manifesting the Person You Are!

Can you see a clear manifestation path, an obvious course of events from now until your desire comes true? If you can't, create one! Today, I want to talk about knowing and loving who you are. A change of priorities can be stressful to a conscious manifestation practitioner. And if you have ever felt that … Continue reading Manifesting the Person You Are!

When You “Fail” to Manifest – A Guide to Starting Over!

What happens when you think your manifestation might arrive at a specific moment yet it doesn't? You might have gotten signs or feedback that lead you to believe it was happening only to discover that it wasn't what you hoped for, at least not just yet.  We have all been there and if you look … Continue reading When You “Fail” to Manifest – A Guide to Starting Over!

Resolving Emotional Guilt – Can You Focus on Abundance Instead?

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The more I look, the more I notice the amount of emotional guilt many have grown up with and feel to this day, effectively preventing themselves from manifesting the life they want to live. Has anyone ever tried to make you feel that you should make them happy instead of yourself? Do you agree to … Continue reading Resolving Emotional Guilt – Can You Focus on Abundance Instead?

The Awareness You Carry (and, Project)

It's not what you do, it's how you do it - this phrase is LoA. Two people could do the same thing, one with confidence and one without. One could feel good and the other could feel poorly. Which do you think would succeed? One could do more than the other but their actions would … Continue reading The Awareness You Carry (and, Project)

A “Big Deal” Manifestation – Has it Ever Happened to You?

This often happens with relationships but can also be experienced with any desire one considers to be a gigantic life change or the answer to all their problems, the ultimate escape from their current reality. Some simply see their desire as a big deal that would make them happy beyond their wildest dreams and change their life forever. Even … Continue reading A “Big Deal” Manifestation – Has it Ever Happened to You?

Thought of the Day

Do you feel guilty about wanting what you want? Do you feel that you're asking for too much? If you don't want to manifest your desire for the reasons you deem noble yet you are unhappy and would only be happy living your desire, remove the guilt and only accept what you truly desire. If you … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Do You Feel Guilty?

Do you ever feel guilty about living in a beautiful home, being born into wealth, owning beautiful clothes, driving the car of your choice, the admiration you receive, working very little for great money, ending a relationship to great protest from your (former) partner, being in a relationship with someone who was desired by others but … Continue reading Do You Feel Guilty?

What To Do With Fear…

When consciously manifesting, many start to fear the negative. They fear losing their desire instead of bringing it to life. Some continuously battle their negative thoughts which can be deeply upsetting. These thoughts lower one’s vibration by saddening and exhausting them, creating massive fear. Fear tends to be the most draining negative emotion of all. … Continue reading What To Do With Fear…