Dealing With Another Person’s Criticism of Your Appearance

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I recently changed my hair color. Many of my close ones liked it, loved it or commented of how striking it was…except one person.

One of the closest people to me told me my new hair color was “too dark” for me several times. Their opinion didn’t change my perception but I didn’t like hearing it either.

Then, I realized that it wasn’t the words I heard that lowered my vibration – every time this person commented on my hair, I was already on a moderately lower vibration than usual. I’d been tired or momentarily annoyed about something and right then, this person commented on my hair without me having asked.

So I got back on a high vibration. I pampered myself, chose positive thoughts, had nothing but positive expectations and nurtured my appearance. I started manifesting many things every day again and soon enough, I began receiving compliments for my hair from most individuals I would come across.


I already loved my hair when looking in the mirror and then, everyone else told me how much they loved it, too. And the best thing was that I had partially raised my own vibration by looking in the mirror and loving what I saw, regardless of the disapproval from a person close to me.

I hadn’t questioned my love for my dark hair but this person commented on it being “too dark” in the moments my vibration was low due to other, unrelated momentary irritations.

It only matters what you truly like – not anybody else.

I wish I could tell you I had come to some new revelations as a result of this but I am simply going to continue to preach what I always do. It only matters that you always keep yourself on a high vibration for yourself, do what you like and expect to receive what you like/expect that everything you want is yours already. No one else’s opinion matters and it won’t make you happy unless you like yourself. You have to think about who you want to be and what will make you happy to have.

Criticism from others doesn’t come from them even when you feel like it does – it comes from you already feeling not so great about yourself. It comes from perceiving your own lack of value while being on a low vibration. When you engage in annoying thoughts about anything, you don’t believe the best of yourself and then, others don’t either.

When you’re annoyed about anything, you acknowledge that life isn’t what you want and your vibration continues to lower; however, when negative thoughts come and you pick yourself up by remembering how valuable you are and that what you want is yours already, you remember that you deserve and already possess everything you’ve set your heart on.

Confidence and self-love are even more important than you think, even when you perceive them as the most important aspects of life. There is no limit to their importance to our happiness.

You must put in the necessary work and discover what you truly desire. If someone’s words or behavior upsets you, this is a sign of being unhappy with yourself and until this part of you is resolved – not by receiving approval from others but by you – you will be preventing yourself from manifesting your dreams.

Switch to being a positive person from now on and watch everything you want come together soon.

My Recent Visualization Methods – Specific Examples

I’ve been manifesting thicker, richer, healthier hair. Three days ago, I went to my hairdresser’s for a cut and color – no matter where I stay, work or travel to, I always return to my hairdresser of five years. She’s an artist who loves her job and runs her business impeccably. One of her associates saw me in February and informed me in amazement that my hair had become thicker and stronger. She was stumped at the palpable difference while I was grateful for her observation.

While manifesting stronger and richer head of hair, I never visualized it while standing in front of the mirror.

I visualized myself observing my thick head of hair in the mirror. In my mind, I felt my new, thicker hair in my fingers while tying it in a bun, its silky texture evoking gratitude in me. I loved my new hair.

At first, I didn’t attempt to see my new hair while actually standing in front of the mirror – I wasn’t sure if I could easily visualize it while looking at my hair as it was. I said to myself that I would wait until I was motivated to visualize my new hair beyond the current; had I been ready sooner, it probably would have taken less than three months for my hair to start filling out. However, this entire experience reminded me of the following.

“I love my hair, but it’s just hair,” I figured. “I love my hair as it is and I know that it’s becoming increasingly gorgeous in this process so whenever it happens, it’s OK. I got this. Thank You.”

Then, I let it go. Whenever my new hair came to mind, I expressed gratitude to the Universe for having it and let it go. Whenever I became aware that my hair was still not everything I wanted, I changed my feelings by refocusing on its ideal state, expressed gratitude to the Universe for having it and let it go once again.

I loved what was and knew that even more was coming.

The part of letting go came easily when I decided my new hair was a done deal and I had plenty to do as well as be grateful for until then. I loved my hair just as it was and I knew that my new hair was on its way (funny as that sounds). Appreciating what you have while knowing that what you want is on its way is an essential factor of successful manifestation. Visualizing your desire without feeling the need to have it is another factor – attaching negative energy to your visualization will keep you where you are instead of allowing you to move forward. Attaching palpable feeling to your visualizations creates the awareness of having them already.

One day last week, I hadn’t made any plans. Out of inspiration to write, I felt what it would be like to have an unplanned adventure. Less than an hour later, my mother showed up and said she was taking me to lunch. Completely unplanned, we ended up lunching and shopping; that entire afternoon made me feel happy, light, motivated and inspired.

In this case, there was no visualization present in terms of a specific event. I simply knew what I wanted while my energy attached to it was free-flowing. That particular time, it had more to do with the feeling rather than the visualization itself. Since I had no specific event or idea in mind, I was able to let it go with even less effort. I only knew how I wanted to feel, which was enough. I was grateful for a fun and easy afternoon.

Even though this story might sound like an entirely likely manifestation for anyone, it is important to know that any manifestation can be just as easily obtainable to anyone, as the Law of Attraction works on the exact same principle in every single case.

From personal examination, I have learned that the more specific I am about what I wish to manifest, the happier I am. I don’t find much happiness in manifesting a generic person with the traits I like – I prefer to have a specific person in mind. Others prefer to “create” an ideal person first and then manifest a relationship with them. Either way, we get what we think about.