How to Practice Law of Attraction in the Coronavirus Reality

How to Practice Law of Attraction in the Coronavirus Reality

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Your Belief and Organic Happiness

Your Belief and Organic Happiness

“You are in touch with everything that is natural to a human being – your mindset, mood, energy, feeding regimen, health, style and chosen methods of exercise prove it,” one of my closest friends said to me about a week ago. We talked about exercise because I had gone swimming the day before – being an avid swimmer, got an intense workout out of it. We talked about my love for the water and it being a natural element as well as one of my favorite surroundings; as the discussion progressed into my veganism, my friend said that he found my choices very natural and very easy to enjoy for that very reason.

“You can’t reprogram people’s minds for them – the best you can do is to teach them to focus on what they want instead of their fears and negative feelings, teach them to believe in themselves and let them do the work because we all create our own lives,” he said in addition.

What I do is tell them that they must be happily persistent in focusing on their desired realities instead of the current or their fears. Continue reading “Your Belief and Organic Happiness”

The Right Food Combinations

The Right Food Combinations

When I was a teenager, I read an interview with a doctor in which she explain the “correct food combinations” for a healthy body, a fit figure and as I discovered, a happy and healthy state of mind.

These are the combinations:

  • Nothing but fruit before noon;
  • Yogurt with whole wheat bread;
  • Cereal with fresh fruit instead of dairy (I add pieces of fresh grapefruit to mine);
  • Cheese with vegetables (never with bread, any type of wheat or grains);
  • Fish with vegetables, potatoes with vegetables, pasta with vegetables;
  • Bread with butter;
  • Rice mainly with vegetables but can also be eaten with fish;
  • If you overdo it with sweets or junk food one day, eat only fruits and vegetables the next;
  • Spices, nuts and oils are important in a variety of ways;
  • Drink as much water as possible.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of anything but just combine it correctly!
  • Solve random moments of hunger with fruit or vegetables prepared to your liking.
  • In addition, choose any type of workout that makes you happy!

In my experience, this is the food for a healthy awareness.

You may also follow this regimen if you wish to lose weight.

We all know that an imbalanced food regimen can cause turmoil inside one’s mind. I notice that whenever I follow this particular regiment (which is most of the time), my mind is clear, I remain calm and my intentions are even clearer. I am naturally focused on happiness.

I believe that many health professionals have come to the same conclusions on their own, as it takes just a little observation to see what exactly makes the mind and the body work. When it comes to LoA, a healthy mind and body each serve as an invaluable aid to your positive attitude and successful manifestations.

Suddenly, you feel good and expect to keep on feeling good so you naturally assume that life is working out to your favor. This is only a natural next step from feeling good – when you feel good, positive expectations follow.

This regimen is simple and effective.

Natural Meditation and Emotional Abundance

Natural Meditation and Emotional Abundance

When discussing the Law of Attraction and one’s health, it is often said that our bodies already contain all the healing resources we could possibly need. Just as using meditation to clear one’s energy is highly beneficial, I started to wonder about our natural abilities to allow for an effortless energy flow.

A blocked energy flow causes frustration, stress, doubt, fear, negativity and disbelief.


Social media, our friends’ and acquaintances’ stories, the reactions of those around us when it comes to our deepest desires… All these factors could hinder our focus but we must choose not to react to them. Clinging onto the things we hear without verifying them is easy and allows for our beliefs to be influenced.


Once we truly start to feel good about our desires, nothing can derail us. Every negative idea will be forced to surrender.

This is where persistence becomes useful.

Throughout our lives, we are taught that persistence is necessary for achieving our goals. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, I believe persistence to be useful, especially when it comes to convincing oneself in the reality of their desired manifestation.

Persistence means sticking to our goals until we arrive, throughout every negative feeling, until arriving to the desired state of mind (and heart). Once this is accomplished, having one’s desire and nothing less is inevitable.

When experiencing negative thoughts/resistance these days, I find them to be ridiculous. I know the extent of the false and ridiculous ideas our minds are capable of producing and proposing but with a little practice, these thoughts can become easy to ignore.

Everyone experiences resistance but by redirecting from it, we will remove it, allowing our minds to get used to our new realities. Stop fearing your negative thoughts – there is no one in this world who doesn’t experience resistance when manifesting something new. Those who listen to their conscious decisions and their hearts succeed in changing their realities. Natural meditation comes from within, from one’s conscious decision to be happy instead of settling for less than that. A sufficient level of self love allows us to refuse to settle for less.

Oftentimes, one must be persistently confident. This is where manifesting power and a positive attitude stem from – knowing one can manifest anything they desire makes  any negative idea obsolete. Our minds know this and attempt to make themselves useful by protecting us. Stop worrying about your mind and start following your decisions as well as your heart.


Law of Attraction tells us to be grateful for what we have while feeling abundantly loved and happy so that even more love as well as everything we want could come to us.

I believe that emotional abundance equals directing clear and positive energy at one’s desires. Making a decision and sticking to it, knowing there is only room for love and light because one has decided so, deciding that life is now different and this is the new you… That is the core of emotional abundance.