How to Practice Law of Attraction in the Coronavirus Reality

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Disclaimer: This is a non-profit blog - that's it. You might be wondering how the world collectively attracted the Coronavirus. If you've been practicing Law of Attraction, you know we manifest what we can picture and believe, and I know that many people have lost many aspects of their faith in the world long before … Continue reading How to Practice Law of Attraction in the Coronavirus Reality

Your Belief and Organic Happiness

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"You are in touch with everything that is natural to a human being - your mindset, mood, energy, feeding regimen, health, style and chosen methods of exercise prove it," one of my closest friends said to me about a week ago. We talked about exercise because I had gone swimming the day before - being an … Continue reading Your Belief and Organic Happiness

The Right Food Combinations

When I was a teenager, I read an interview with a doctor in which she explain the "correct food combinations" for a healthy body, a fit figure and as I discovered, a happy and healthy state of mind. These are the combinations: Nothing but fruit before noon; Yogurt with whole wheat bread; Cereal with fresh fruit instead of … Continue reading The Right Food Combinations

Natural Meditation and Emotional Abundance

Once we truly start to feel good about our desires, nothing can derail us. Every negative idea attempting to infiltrate will be forced to surrender.