Do You Wake Up Worried About Your Desire? Here’s How to Stop.

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Law of Attraction works best when we believe in the inevitability of our desire; once we convince ourselves to believe, miracles happen. The fear of allowing belief can prevent positive thinking, and it happens because believing in the unseen sometimes feels uneasy, depending on every individual’s unique belief system and the desire in question.

It’s the idea of this belief in the unseen which tends to cause anxiety and an urge to look for the desires one feels a strong emotional attachment to. And, this anxiety happens when you spend more time observing the current reality than engaging in your ideal!

The current anxiety, as I call it, happens when we don’t engage with our ideal reality enough.

This is exactly what prevents you from believing that you can have what you want but can’t see any proof of just yet.

So, what should you do about it? How should you encourage your own belief?


When you wake up, thank the Universe for having what you want, as if you have it already – it’s going to give you an energetic shift into the ideal reality and allow you to look forward to it.


You should start telling yourself that your dreams are possible. Maybe they’re not as hard to reach as you believe them to be now. Practicing this mindset will take a huge weight off your heavy-feeling awareness.


You need to reframe your approach to negative thoughts and take away their meaning, the power they have over you, and the power that you tend to give them. Any thought that makes you feel bad about yourself should be laughed at and dismissed as untrue, including fears, doubts and any other emotional interferences – the more we give them any kind of meaning, the worse we feel. This is a technique I designed a long time ago and it has produced great success every time!


Never. Because often, we can’t see our desires manifesting yet they are. When the current reality doesn’t look like your dreams are coming true, you never want to fall into the trap of doubting because even if it doesn’t look like it, your manifestation might be just around the corner. You simply have to say goodbye to the habit of judging the current reality – if you do, it will always set you back.

Do this and you will see a difference immediately. These techniques will be at one with your awareness immediately.

Expect Magic, Release Love and Connect with Your Goal

I expect the Universe to manifest my desires in a magical way.

If you adopt it, that very belief can take your focus off thinking about the “how.”

You can remove your own resistance with this simple expectation. This expectation is your resistance relieving technique. After adopting this expectation, you will have let go to manifest.

There are times when I don’t even express my expectation for this magical way of manifesting but only focus on the end result. There are few rules when it comes to conscious feelings and at the same time, focusing on achieving your end result is enough.

This is what I imagine heart energy to look like – a heart shaped slinky, connecting two ends, captivating the attention of everyone around. 

Feeling this way provides an unfettered access to your heart energy. Connecting to your heart energy as a result of these simple convictions will happen without you even noticing. Heart energy can be released both intentionally and without realizing as long as you feel good.

Letting go while expecting the best will make you feel good.

There is so little to be said about a successful manifestation process yet so much about resistance and negative feelings – I know that a successful manifestation can also generate endless happiness and the motivation to share the story but sometimes, it feels like there is much less to explain. Many look for the reasons why something good is happening to them until they dive into all the reasons for their negative feelings. At those times, it feels like the process of “keeping busy” trying to manifest is more important to some than the actual manifestation. A part of them that seeks out drama wants to feed off those ups and downs.

The part that feeds off drama exists in everyone; however, by nurturing the part that revels in happiness, the need for drama slowly vanishes. One step at a time, one has changed their habits and life.

Do You Think About Living Your Greatest Desires?

Knowing your desire is manifesting is the key to your success. When you know, you are guided by it or at least I am which means you can be, too.

To those of you who like to think about your desire a lot, remember that I told you you could as long as those thoughts are happy and reflect living the life of your dreams? Well, I’ve manifested that way, too. This is a perfectly valid manifestation method but only if you are happy and you nurture the thoughts of living your desire.

If you love to drown in the thoughts of your desire, you want those thoughts to be happy, positive, fulfilling, filled with love and as confident as your energy.

When manifesting love, I imagine it as the most magical thing. I dare to get excited about it and I imagine finding all the magic I want in real life while I am living my relationship. I imagine needing nothing but happiness about being together and loving each other while nothing else matters. If you accept someone, accepting their entire life is the best choice you can make and all I care about is having an amazing time just being together.

When manifesting professional opportunities, I love being the person others love to work with because she delivers even greater results than imagined. I don’t necessarily focus on easily getting along with everyone I work with, as I accept a difference in opinions and admittedly, workplace relationships have had only limited importance to me. It isn’t that I want to be difficult but I live in the awareness of having immense patience for the people I want to work with but wanting to walk away from those I don’t; that type of awareness serves as a reminder to level the bumps in collaboration and be patient when knowing that a particular collaboration is ultimately beneficial. For all these reasons, I focus on the end result when manifesting professional accomplishments.

I have additional examples but I chose these two to compare and contrast.

If you reread the passages written above, you will see that the nature of all these thoughts is one of having my desire in my life. You can do the same.

If you practice seeing yourself living your desire, you will soon begin to gravitate towards those thoughts.

We cannot skip letting go. Remember that letting go is knowing your desire will manifest and living your life happily in the present moment. You don’t have to forget about your desire in order to let go but if you continue to nurture the thoughts of having it in your life, letting go will be easier because you will fill your heart with knowing and remove the need. Sometimes, visualizing once is enough to let go but if you like to think about having your desire, think about it. You will have gotten used to the idea of having it, remove the need for it to manifest in your life and then, it will appear.

The Effects of Travel on Awareness and Manifesting

I have manifested three separate “vacations” recently – one visiting a close friend in her place of residence, another of her coming to visit me in the city I’m currently staying and a trip to the coast. Not only was I reminded of the value of travel to one’s well being but I was also reminded of how much I enjoy change.

I had stayed put for months, working. It was worth it mainly because I yearned to know what it would be like. I am used to moving around but am proud to say I had made the best of those steady circumstances and now, I am back to enjoying the life I have always loved. (That in mind, I have been thinking about my second book – Law of Attraction for women, breaking down all of the issues faced in the world and relationships and building self love as a woman based on her true qualities instead of age, appearance and social status).

All these instances provided LoA lessons and reminders.

Travel is irreplaceable to one’s growth, social intelligence, an open-minded attitude and mental well being. 

You don’t have to go far – chances are a trip to a different part of the country you reside in will already offer you new insights. You will encounter different customs, perspectives and open your mind to ways of thinking different than your own. You will understand people even better as a result.

In addition, you will focus on what matters – your heart, self-worth and giving love to the world. Especially after encountering different customs and frames of mind!

Let’s also remember that travel offers many opportunities for excitement and fun! These simply put ideas can mean everything when it comes to changing your awareness, even if you don’t realize it. Happiness is all you need in order to feel better and with that, change yourself to better. You can easily become an even happier you.

When focusing on fun, entertainment and fascination travel can offer, you forget your negative thoughts.

Keeping busy and happy allows for manifestation while boredom calls for negative thoughts. Happiness changes your awareness faster than anything else because the energy of positive feelings coming from the heart is much stronger than energy of the mind alone and travel allows you to feel.

Whether you feel love for the place you’ve traveled to, your hometown or both, travel allows you to feel love. Look back on your life and think about how many times you’ve encountered something that moved you deeply after finding yourself in a place other than that of your residence.

And remember…

Traveling allows you to open your heart when encountering all kinds of novelty.

Positive energy translates across cultures, customs and individuals – it is a language everyone speaks. Positive energy makes you attractive, spreads love across the world and our collective awareness and draws people to you. If you feel good, you let go of and manifest your desires; if you feel poorly, you hold onto your desires hoping their manifestation would make you feel good which only translates into feeling even worse and not manifesting since you are missing what you want.

Open your heart! If you live with an open heart, you will be the person you have always dreamed of being.

Traveling allows you to open your heart without effort. Full of exciting stimuli, spending time somewhere new will contribute to your well being.

My Creation Boost

Today, I thought about my personal boosts of positive creation energy.

In order to boost positive creation and the  manifestation of our desires, we are advised to find the manifestation helpers we enjoy. These methods can be visualization, sending out heart energy, repeating affirmations, perceiving our desires as if they have manifested already or anything similar.

One of my closest friends characterized a particular manifestation method in my case by saying,

“You’re like an excited school girl!”

And she was right.

In the company of closest friends, I love to talk about my planned manifestations as if they were a done deal, simply because they are. When I make decisions to manifest a certain desire, I love to gush about it. This doesn’t happen with every single planned manifestation but only the ones that feel good, so to speak – forgetting about some of my desires makes me happy but when it comes to some others, I love to share them with my closest friends.

This is how the process works.

When I talk about any desire that evokes a wish to gush, I am completely present in that moment. I don’t think about how exactly this specific desire might manifest and am just certain that it will, planning it while talking to a friend. When planning specific details around that desire, I adjust them to the present circumstances I see while being unattached to any details altogether, entertaining them as nothing but options and staying open to any possible manifestation path. If any negative thoughts come up during or after the planning, I already know they’re false – my post manifestation world is real, palpable, my (already) current reality and my new life.

After sharing my stories, I receive many signs of my desire manifesting.

If you were to talk about your desire today, how would you feel? Explore this as an option. If you were to discuss it, would you feel like it’s a done deal or think about your desire potentially not even manifesting?

Do you know that your desire belongs to you already but choose not to share it with anyone?

You might have a desire you wish to manifest one day but are consciously not ready for just yet. Or, you may have finally become ready to manifest a desire you’ve been wanting for a while.

You know that you’re ready to manifest your desire if you naturally dismiss any distractions and focus on the essence of attraction. Talking about your desire can provide the right focus, as long as you enjoy talking and sharing.


You don’t have to put your desire out of your mind completely in order to manifest. However, if you do, you will manifest effortlessly. At the same time, this is not the only way to let go.

I have manifested in various momentary moods – during the sending of heart energy to my desire, after forgetting all about it, after letting it go only for a few minutes or hours, while expecting it to arrive any second or while simply feeling happy about it.

Don’t think about the process too much to avoid an attempt of controlling it.

Don’t think about “the right way of thinking” at all – just love your desire, live your life and enjoy various manifestation moods connected to it. As long as you believe, you will manifest.

Motivation, Determination and Knowing

When it comes to manifesting, your focus and confidence have to override all of the current circumstances, “reality” as you perceive it and all your negative thoughts. In other words, your determination and belief that you can create what you want, that your desire is yours already, have to be stronger than anything else. You just have to believe you can create your dreams simply because you have decided so and it is going to happen.

This state is naturally achieved once you deeply know you want to live or just experience your desire.

Weeks ago, I wrote about my resolve in creating ( That’s how I do it!

I manifested a move from Europe to USA at age fourteen. My parents’ friends thought my conviction that I was going to live in the States was “cute.” My school friends held less disbelief but didn’t hold too much belief in the idea either. However, nothing was going to rattle my belief – when it comes to LoA, it is you and only you, the only person whose feelings count when creating your reality. Other people can influence your feelings if you let them but they can never decide for you. I knew it was all happening without needing anyone’s approval.

Then, my father was sent to the States for work. My whole family moved, to the shock of many. However, it wasn’t shocking to me at all – this was exactly what I’d manifested. I had only focused on being there, living there, loving it.

When your focus on your decision to live your desire fails to be rattled by anything or anyone, you will have walked a very short path to your dream-come-true reality.

Over the past three weeks, I have received several gifts of organic and luxurious cosmetics. I received a Givenchy gift box of perfume, shower gel and body lotion. I was gifted a beauty treatment at Lush for a group of up to six people. Prior to receiving these gifts, I remembered how easily I attract beauty treatments and my favorite cosmetics. Gifts are also one of the ways in which I attract money, as many times I end up being gifted what I would ordinarily buy for myself.

You would imagine I feel pretty light and confident about manifesting gifts such as these, right? Well, I have definitely felt just as light about manifesting “bigger” things – moving countries, travel, university acceptance, money, renting apartments and most of my former relationships.

If you feel your desired manifestation to be “a big deal,” you will face a draining manifestation period of convincing yourself it is possible to have. However, if you accept that everything in life is created based on the same principle, you can start to believe your ideal relationship can be created just as easily. Relationships and love are beautiful experiences so why pass up the opportunity to gift yourself and someone you love with one?

Whenever I felt “heavy” about anything I wanted to manifest, it would move slowly. In truth, these occasions were rare and always involved the things and people I didn’t truly want (anymore). I didn’t want them because I didn’t believe that these jobs, friends or men could truly make me happy. I felt happy manifesting short-term linkage to them but not permanent. I only truly wanted to experience them.

I find relationships to be one of the most emotionally consuming, fear-inducing yet wonderful desires one could manifest. However, what if you could feel as light about manifesting relationships as you would manifesting beauty products I mentioned?

Your history with relationships or the specific person you are manifesting might decide your initial excitement or fears related to your current relationship desire. However, if your thoughts related to your desire are dissatisfying, you can work through them!

Is your potential desired relationship manifestation exhausting you? If so, you either don’t believe it could manifest or don’t like your specific person enough to feel good about them – this part depends on your personality and belief system, as well as your knowledge of yourself.

If you feel that the only potential partners who ever fall for you are those you don’t like that much, you don’t believe you could manifest the specific person and relationship you truly desire. If you keep thinking about the negative aspects of your past with them instead of the positive, you hold many negative feelings not just for the relationship but the person in question as well. Even when you briefly think about possibly being happy with this specific person, you don’t believe it could last. You don’t believe that this relationship is right but you want it to be.

It’s OK to feel whatever it is you’re feeling. It’s OK to be tired and frustrated. Once we reach the answers we need, we can calm down.

Now, you might be used to believing only after seeing external proof in life.

I believe this particular issue plagues many relationship manifestations – when not entirely believing yourself to be capable of manifesting your desired relationship, your energy can be practically lethargic, tiring and slow. You are drained and exhausted from trying to feel good. You keep changing your “manifestation technique,” hoping it’ll bring you what you want. However, it isn’t hope but profound knowing that manifests your desire.

An increase in motivation is all you need to achieve – it’ll make you feel great, raise your vibration and allow you to believe that your relationship is yours! An unconditional focus on your goal combined with motivation will make you see that your desire is in the bag!

Now, I am not saying you will be exhilarated every time you think about your desire but suddenly, you will be focused on it and be happy that it’s yours. Your determination, once truly achieved, will have let you know that your desire is yours already. Every time you think of your desire, you’ll be happy it’s yours!

Motivation equals positive energy. Motivation comes effortlessly once you clearly decide what you want your desire to be. What is it that makes you happy? In what way would living your desire make you happy?

When creating a love relationship, I only need my own belief that it’s mine. Even if I shared my belief with anyone else and they disagreed, I wouldn’t care because I know what I can create.

Motivation increases positive emotion. Allowing you to move towards your goal without the need to do any work, without impatience, letting you focus on life in the meantime while valuing your happiness and nothing less, motivation allows you to orchestrate your reality without the need for anyone’s approval.