LoA in Your Living Situation – Do You Create a Positive Home Dynamics?

Throughout my life, I have lived alone, with my parents, with roommates and with a boyfriend. This great variety in dynamics allowed me to learn some appreciation factors as well as coping mechanisms.

Looking back, I think that a part of me wanted to spend a significant amount of time in all these living situations, just like I ultimately did. I wanted to learn and experience them all in my twenties. Twice, I lived with a close friend and we are still close today. One of them has a birthday today and I just sent her my greetings. We lived together in a beautiful apartment she owns and I still remember her first birthday after I moved in. I bought her a black dress as a gift. Another time, I lived with two roommates but we are no longer in touch. Living alone proved to be a beneficial setup to me because it had provided me all the time to myself I need to recharge my batteries.

Over the past ten years, I have studied the differences among all these living situations. Seeing the ways in which one manifests them was most interesting. To be fair, the constant boredom in my twenties caused me to change my living situation as I pleased yet it enriched my knowledge of life which was my ultimate goal.

Just like anything else, LoA can cause one’s living situation to change instantly if they so choose. You want to live alone, with amazing roommates or a partner? I have helped my friends manifest all these circumstances and did so in my own life.

Do you want to own a home or rent one? I never wanted to own until deciding where I wanted to settle down.

I still don’t want to own. I know how to manifest my desires but haven’t decided what all of them are. If you have, there is no reason why you shouldn’t manifest them now!


Roommates or a partner involved, the most valuable lesson I learned was that those who gave me the freedom I needed were those I liked living with. Throughout my living situations, I took my study of relationships among people even further.

Roommates and partners sharing a home love to spend time together but when one wants their freedom, the other will achieve best results in granting that freedom to them.

What does it mean to give freedom when the other needs it?

If one states their plans, the other knows how to respect them. For example, if one’s partner wants to go meet an old friend, the other should simply let them do so..and they know it. However, trying to guilt one’s partner into bringing them along to an appointment they don’t need to be a part of means denying the other’s freedom.

The biggest problem needy partners or roommates have is that we are all attuned to each other’s energy. When completely relaxed and content all on our own, we sense the neediness of others projected onto us. A constructive move and positive suggestions are completely different from the words of someone who has the need to spend all their time with us.

This is why it is difficult for many to intuitively connect with their potential romantic partners – many are nervous and tense around those they wish to start a relationship with, making it impossible to truly observe the other’s thoughts, awareness, energy and reasons for specific behaviors. Distress of this kind causes neediness projected onto a potential partner in various ways, as well as one’s own train wreck of a thought process.

Relax! Life doesn’t happen without it.


In short, is it your goal to live alone, with a significant other or a roommate you absolutely adore? Or, do you have your eyes on a specific (type of) house or apartment, basing your new living situation on that factor? Is there a specific city you want to live in? Whatever the answer, you can manifest what you want.

Some have already found a setup that works for the time being but might want to manifest a different type of home or move to a different location. Either way, the goal is to appreciate everything you have in your current home in order to manifest a new one.

Appreciating your current living situation will lead you to your desired one. Once you are capable of being grateful for your current living situation, you will be able to imagine yourself living the way you want.

I have had a variety of life situation goals throughout my life. Whatever yours may be, appreciate what you can about your current living situation and you will attract an even better one. Also remember that creation principles apply regardless of the specific desire you may have.

Your visualization is supposed to make you feel good! If you think about living the life that makes you happy, you will feel good. If you are trying to push your dream life into manifesting (finally!), you probably feel awful.

Never allow your current circumstances to make you feel that life will never get better. Life will only get as good as you allow it.

Clearing Space = Clearing Energy (In Short)

When agreeing to help my parents clean up prior to repainting their guest bedroom (they enjoy doing this kind of thing themselves, especially my artistic mother), I dug up my memories from the time merely prior to my life becoming what I always dreamed of.

I reevaluated all my major life manifestations, from those which turned out to be what I truly wanted for myself to the ones that weren’t.

I ultimately kept everything that makes me feel like an individual who lives her dream life and who has only ever wanted her dream life; the rest, I tossed out or gave away. As soon as I eliminated the trash and happily gave away a beautiful, custom-made closet I’d gotten at age fifteen to someone who absolutely adored it, I felt like an entirely new person.

Desired change is amazing.

To some, clearing space is the easiest way towards clearing their momentary energy while this practice could actually offer lasting results with a little focus. Perceiving oneself differently results in attracting different things while changing one’s surroundings can cause a change in one’s awareness; if you should decorate your living or working space to reflect the feeling of your wish fulfilled, you would add considerable energy to your manifestation.

I’ve recently taken to creating an office for myself – another perfect way of changing (or improving) one’s awareness. After clearing out the designated desk, I am now choosing its potential accessories – flowers, low-key figurines and candles, as I already own all the necessary office supplies. I want this office to be the perfect working space for/of my dream career.

I found something offering a clear insight into the person I was and therefore, everything I was attracting.

I attended three high schools in three different countries, on two continents. In my second, we were once asked to write out adjectives describing our classmates. The next day, each of us received the paper with our name on it and the adjectives describing us, all written anonymously by our classmates. Mine read serious, positive, uplifting personality, great smile, confident, overly independent, too serious, unreasonable, unique, great singing voice, exhausting, kind personality, well-read and intelligent.

That was me at seventeen years old through the perspective of more than thirty peers.

I decided to help out with my parents’ project and chose a bleached almond shade for the walls (actually, I had merely suggested it and my mother loved it). This room is truly going to look amazing.