My Brand of Living Life

I wanted to share my entire brand of living life. I believe the way I practice the Law of Attraction and live my life is adaptable to anyone. There is not a person in the world that couldn't allow the thoughts of what they desire to flow just as easily as the thoughts of everything … Continue reading My Brand of Living Life

Thought of the Day

If you don't know what you want, you are always presented with two options. 1. Discover what you want in the most enjoyable way. Depending on the kind of lifestyle that you enjoy, either have fun in life by doing everything that makes you happy, trusting that the answer to everything will come and you … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Do You Tend to Do What Truly Makes You Happy or The Opposite?

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We watch the movies that make us depressed. We engage in social media stalking. We start arguments. And for what? To end up feeling like we just never, ever get what we want?

Anyone Can Be Fearless By Turning Every Circumstance to Their Benefit

As a person who used to live for new experiences, I had devised this affirmation to prevent myself from being derailed in life.

Showing Interest in Someone Makes Them Interested in You

Men and women are often being told that showing interest in a prospective partner makes them look needy, desperate or pushy, and that those who don't care are the ones who get the girl/guy instead. Those giving and taking or worrying about such advice take an important ingredient out of it - the Law of … Continue reading Showing Interest in Someone Makes Them Interested in You

Idea of the Day

Don't act on your feelings of anger, frustration or any kind of upset. It produces a result you don't want. Act on the feelings of appreciation, gratitude, love and patience... ...and receive even more than you have asked for. When I express frustration, I feel alone; when I am patient, loving and appreciative, I end … Continue reading Idea of the Day

When You “Fail” to Manifest – A Guide to Starting Over!

What happens when you think your manifestation might arrive at a specific moment yet it doesn't? You might have gotten signs or feedback that lead you to believe it was happening only to discover that it wasn't what you hoped for, at least not just yet.  We have all been there and if you look … Continue reading When You “Fail” to Manifest – A Guide to Starting Over!