Without Self-Confidence, We Cannot See Our Partner Clearly

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Imagine this scenario. You are attracting a relationship. You have positive expectations for a few days. Then, something happens - contact, a date or a conversation - and it's not as much as you would like to receive. It's not a proclamation of love. It could be an expression of personal frustration by your partner. … Continue reading Without Self-Confidence, We Cannot See Our Partner Clearly

Post-Holiday Coaching Sessions Are Officially Open!

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Hi everyone! After spending the holidays in Europe and celebrating my 36th birthday two days ago, I just wanted to remind you that my coaching sessions are fully open and, for those who took a holiday with me, ready to resume. See you soon and happy 2021! Nina

How to Manifest When You Miss Them

You know you want to be with him/her. You know that you aren't together yet. You want to manifest a relationship but it upsets you to be apart, and potentially see or think of them with someone else. You may or may not already know that accepting the current reality is essential to manifest the … Continue reading How to Manifest When You Miss Them

Feel Positive About Your Person – The Practical Steps Leading to Manifestation

As you can tell, so much of this is about changing your perspective and clearing your thoughts so that your relationship could change as a result.

How to Regain Positivity When It’s Complicated

Many have been there - a relationship they desire to revive, improve or make happen while wrestling an interfering past or present with their (intended) partner is having trouble manifesting. The Law of Attraction believer in this pair knows that the Universe responds to us (this is LoA in a nutshell) so they try to … Continue reading How to Regain Positivity When It’s Complicated

Inner Peace vs. Inner Turmoil and How to Choose Between Them

"Dream come true lives only" used to be the tagline of this blog. A client recently told me this tagline was inspirational, exactly the way life should be. I agreed. Here's a testimonial from another client. I was so worried about everything I didn’t like about the current reality, about the things in the past … Continue reading Inner Peace vs. Inner Turmoil and How to Choose Between Them

My Brand of Living Life

I wanted to share my entire brand of living life. I believe the way I practice the Law of Attraction and live my life is adaptable to anyone. There is not a person in the world that couldn't allow the thoughts of what they desire to flow just as easily as the thoughts of everything … Continue reading My Brand of Living Life

Thought of the Day

If you don't know what you want, you are always presented with two options. 1. Discover what you want in the most enjoyable way. Depending on the kind of lifestyle that you enjoy, either have fun in life by doing everything that makes you happy, trusting that the answer to everything will come and you … Continue reading Thought of the Day