How to Manifest When You Miss Them

You know you want to be with him/her. You know that you aren't together yet. You want to manifest a relationship but it upsets you to be apart, and potentially see or think of them with someone else. You may or may not already know that accepting the current reality is essential to manifest the … Continue reading How to Manifest When You Miss Them

How to Regain Positivity When It’s Complicated

Many have been there - a relationship they desire to revive, improve or make happen while wrestling an interfering past or present with their (intended) partner is having trouble manifesting. The Law of Attraction believer in this pair knows that the Universe responds to us (this is LoA in a nutshell) so they try to … Continue reading How to Regain Positivity When It’s Complicated

My Brand of Living Life

I wanted to share my entire brand of living life. I believe the way I practice the Law of Attraction and live my life is adaptable to anyone. There is not a person in the world that couldn't allow the thoughts of what they desire to flow just as easily as the thoughts of everything … Continue reading My Brand of Living Life

How to See Your Relationship or its Manifestation as Abundant

If we think of what our specific person "should" be doing to show love instead of allowing them to just get there, we will never feel like we're receiving enough.