Ask Me A Question, Answered!

Hope you’re having a great Sunday, everyone! It’s time to start our question-answering portion of the blog, and here’s an interesting inquiry to start with.

I’m writing this letter in order to get some advice from you. I’m relatively new in this Law of Attraction thing, and I would like to share with you my story. I want to know if it is really working and if I’m doing the things well.
All this little adventure began at the end of the last year. In the middle of this pandemic. I am living abroad, so I am not with my family at this moment. I wasn’t really interested in spirituality and I even knew nothing about Law of Attraction, beyond The Secret documentary. 
I saw a public figure doing his job. At the very beginning, I wasn’t really interested but I wanted something to entertain myself while I was dealing with this struggle. I found him very attractive, but nothing more than that. Like, you know. This person is objectively handsome, but I need something more than a pretty face to be *interested* in.
But then I was surfing in YouTube when I found by chance an interview of him. Thanks to that, I was able to see how funny and energetic he is. I felt very comfortable just watching him. And it was even contagious! Like, just watching at him I thought I would be able to run over the whole city hahaha It was very weird because that never happened to me with anyone. Not even with ex partners. It was weird, but I felt *good*. In the middle of this pandemic situation, that was like if I had found a treasure.
Nothing more weird happened after that. But then (again by chance), I found out a very good YouTube channel where the girl approaches the Law of Attraction in a very deep way. Almost intelectual. I’m curious by nature, so I kept watching and everything sounds very interesting to me. This YouTube channel was teaching *how* you can feel better living in your time present and using the Law of Attraction. So I suddenly asked myself: why if I try all of this methods and tools to be able to talk with that celebrity? You know. Get to contact him from any social media, and just meet him? You know, to try to be friends and then see what happens? Well, if I didn’t try, I won’t know it! Sounded pretty good for me, like a funny test game. And if it didn’t work it, at least I was developing myself in a healthy way. In fact, I feel much better and I’m more conscious of myself than never.
So this little game started, and I was wondering: How can I catch the eye of a person with millions of followers? That was the first step! Make him to know that I exist in the world. I was trying to solve this issue WHEN completely BY CHANCE (again) a friend of me sent to me a “fake video” of this person. It was pretty funny, and I was like: what if I upload this video and see what happens? I was shocked because I didn’t tell to no one that I want to make contact with this person, so it was a completely surprised that my friend suddenly sent me that funny video. I must say I didn’t make any LOA method, just visualisations. 
Well, when I upload the video the results where AMAZING. This person saw the video: he posted a comment, he shared it on his Stories and I was just feeling like if I was in a dream. Sounds pretty clich√© but it’s the truth. To be fair, he is very kind and he always tries to pay attention to all of his fans. But still, it was amazing because to be honest I felt it very special.
So, I kept uploading these fake videos and editing funny pictures for him. And he keeps sharing them and sometimes he posts me some replies. One time he even replied to me sharing one of his likes, because we have the same favorite movie.
I know this is one of these big manifestations and it requires time until he sent to me a message or follow me. I just wanted to share my story just to know if I’m working in the “right direction” or if I’m doing something wrong. And to get any advice. I must say that I always talk to him in my posts like if he were a friend. Because I think that is better to show that we are equal, just two people.
Thank you for reading this whole letter. Cranberrie

Dear Cranberrie,

You are certainly moving in the right direction. Your positive feelings – the feelings of curiosity which deeply correspond to who you are – urged you to create videos, which made you feel good! You followed your natural instincts, such as engaging in the said curiosity, and manifested these things just by being yourself! You already possess a level of self-comfort and growing self-confidence necessary to manifest, and follow your natural instincts with complete confidence for this exact reason.

I often talk about self-confidence and comfort in my LoA teachings. They often come down to very simple actions, such as these natural behaviors you described in your letter. (Especially posting the first video just because you wanted to, and because it made you happy to; you kept a light energy of being okay with whatever the momentary result while knowing that you would make contact with this person soon enough anyway, even if it wasn’t through that first post, and yet it happened through it, instantly, as a result.)

We should do the things that make us happy in our current reality and only focus on our end goal, the big picture, but not micromanage our manifestation day to day. You didn’t do that. You knew he made you happy and that you would make contact eventually but tried something in the current reality out of pure joy. You did that entirely correctly. You are also correct in seeing yourself as his equal, which is another testament to your confidence as well as a mindset that makes it easier to believe that this can all happen easily – if you saw him as someone you put on a pedestal, it would be hard to imagine him in your life.

This is a piece of advice I want everyone currently reading or coaching with me to be reminded of all over again – putting the person you want in your life on a pedestal impairs your ability to visualize your togetherness.

You said you used visualization, and that is enough. You can affirm or visualize, or do nothing – LoA has no rules, as long as positive feelings about your desire are there. Feeling good is the only rule, and you felt good just watching him. Those feelings allowed your mind to come up with positive actions, such as sharing the first video which brought results.

We have to follow our natural expression and visualize our special person loving us for it. This makes LoA even easier! You seem to feel good seeing yourself as an easygoing person who shares many things in common with the man in question, and this is my assumption from you casually sharing that video because it was funny. I, on the other hand, feel good seeing myself as someone admired by the man I choose, which pushes me to habitually do my best. I visualize the man I want to attract seeing me in the way I always want to see and feel about myself! The way in which it matters to me to live and be seen. What are your defining traits and lifestyle? You should visualize him loving the things that you value in your character and lifestyle.

Your friend sending you that video without you ever mentioning him to anyone is proof that with positive thought, current reality starts changing seemingly out of thin air. You just enjoyed thinking about him, putting the current reality out of your mind at first, and then turning those thoughts of the current reality into a positive thing – sort of a “I don’t know him now but I want to meet him and I will” kind of mindset. In both of those scenarios you felt positive about the current reality, consciously or not. It is when we feel negativity about our past or the current reality that we prevent manifestation, and you didn’t do that.

Even your fun game test was thinking and feeling positive about the current reality! You approached it lightly, and that’s what visualization does. Visualization produces belief and lightness. Visualization only leads to good things! You expressed many positive manifestation-inducing energies in several ways so I am sure you will agree with that.

I would advise that you continue in this direction, minus assuming that it will neccesarily take a long time to manifest. Imagine that it’s yours already and visualize what you want to be doing together. Don’t even think about the time but imagine the two of you in situations that could suggest either friendship or dating – enjoying dinner, a table for two in a wine bar, a movie night. Only visualize when you feel like it, just like so far. Remember that this relationship, romantic or friendly, is yours already. In your life, simply do what makes you happy. Intentionally choose to do what you would enjoy doing every day, without guilt and with courage, like you do so far; whatever makes you happy, whether it’s related to him or completely unrelated and not even entailing any thoughts of him. Just go with those happy feelings.

In addition, nurture your confidence by knowing that your natural expression shows what a unique individual you are with every word you say. When you exchange social media messages, tell yourself that he’s coming into your life even sooner than you thought – that intention will go out into the Universe. Tell yourself that he wants to be in your life and sees how special and great you are, because we will set that intention in such a way as well. Tell yourself that he thinks you’re amazing just the way you are. And then, know that you are amazing, being exactly that! When you visualize, always think about you two being physically together and seeing how much he enjoys your company in his facial expressions, gestures etc.. You deserve to first feel about yourself the way you want any man to feel about you because then, it’ll be easy to imagine receiving the same from anyone. This will boost your confidence even more.

Right now, it seems like this might take a long time because of life’s circumstances and the lifelong social conditioning of certain people being out of reach. But if you continue to believe and have appreciation for him as well as yourself, you will be able to picture and feel natural about being with him sooner than you think!

Why Does Positive Thinking Go With Every Personality Type?

Because we all have thoughts.

So, why not choose the ones that reflect what we want?

No matter which personality type we are, we can either choose to entertain having what we want or not. These options are universal, and they are represented in our thoughts.

Moreover, they are represented in our self-perception.

This is what I wanted to focus on today – what do you feel should tip the scale and make you as positive about your area of insecurity as you are about other things in life?

Let’s say you struggle with manifesting money but are good at manifesting many other aspects of life. What would have to happen to make you believe that from now on, you are just as good with money as you are with everything else?

Some say, a miracle. Others, a life event. And others say, weight loss, a better job and a general array of things that actually have nothing to do with our relationships. Without realizing, we want to use those things to gain some confidence and feel worthy of manifesting our desire.

But we don’t need to achieve those things to gain confidence. That’s not where confidence is.

Is it possible that this factor lies not with a life event but within you?

If we achieved a miracle, weight loss or a better job but still lacked confidence, we wouldn’t have that confidence even after receiving our desires. Instead, we would just be wondering if we truly deserved them, just like now. And then, we would lose them all over again.

Confidence equals positive thinking in this scenario. Appreciating what you want to have as if you received it already will manifest the said desire into your life. Engaging in frustration about what we don’t have – not just having occasional fears but spending time in frustration instead appreciation and building your belief in miracles – will manifest more of that desire’s absence.

Everyone wants to believe their dreams are possible; many don’t know their belief is a choice, and don’t notice that they’re focusing on the missing of their desire instead of thinking about what life would be like with it.

That miracle? You can attract it! Just believe that no matter what you see in front of you, what you want is yours already.

And soon, as you consistently live in such belief, what you see in front of you will change.

The Spiritual Roadblocks to Manifesting Your Desire – Are You a Good Person?

cafe Bedford Pennsylvania PA USA

There will be no results from practicing the Law of Attraction unless one is completely dedicated to transformation.

This means being ready to think differently and will their desire into being, now!

This means consciously thinking differently about your life, every day. It means being so taken by the inevitability of your desire that the current reality seems like the most meaningless blip in time. Or one you don’t mind at all – maybe even one you love anyway, because you know it’s on its way out.

Plenty of factors could be blocking you from thinking like a person who lives your dream life. Yet they all come down to self-confidence.

A large part of self-confidence lies in whether or not we consider ourselves a good person.


I don’t like to say, “Consider ourselves to be a good person.” To me, that just screams, “I’m acting like a good person, whether or not I actually am one,” and such thinking eventually leads to self-loathing. You must truly feel good about yourself, not fake it – if you fake it, you will constantly fear failure and with it, having to face your genuine lack of confidence the first time things don’t go your way.

A person who considers themselves a good one, however, will notice if they aren’t acting as such as times instead of thinking they have to prove something. They know themselves to care about others, immediately eliminating most traps of uncharacteristic behaviors in life. They approach life and everyone in it with respect, appreciation or genuine positivity, be that a person they deeply care about or an acquaintance.

A good person is also aware of how much they deserve. They know it due to their willingness to make others happy. A good person wants to give as much as they take, knowing that true value demands both.

This knowingly good person who is aware of their value will not accept bending over backwards for others to the point of inferior treatment or self- neglect.

But you know who might? A person who thinks they should. This person is also a valuable one but they don’t see it yet – if they did, accepting inferior treatment would not be an option. This is a trap for a person who isn’t sure about their true value. They might think that inadequate treatment is all they could possibly get.

This is why a person who knows how good they are, one that is aware of their value, will practice Law of Attraction successfully. Such individual will assume their worthiness, allowing themselves to receive their desired reality. He or she won’t question their qualities but deem them automatically, almost subconsciously, appropriate to suit their desire.

A person aware of their value and quality will never worry about the current reality – they will simply manifest all their desired changes in it. They will automatically assume to be receiving as much as they deserve and create such a reality instead of dwelling on what is today.


Are you aware of your value?

It’s all in the way we are used to seeing ourselves. You can start changing the way you see yourself anytime.

You are a good person. You just don’t allow yourself to see it. You are focused on everything you aren’t doing instead of acknowledging how much you actually do. When you begin to see how much you do already, you will feel better about yourself. Your self-confidence and worthiness will grow from there.

Don’t let yourself believe you can have some things but not everything. You will never be happy with such an assumption.

Embracing New Beginnings Boosts Your Manifestation Powers!

Eiffel Tower Paris France 2018 travel photography

If every new manifestation we bring into our lives equals starting over in one way or another, even if it’s just in that one area of life, why be afraid of new beginnings?


Every new relationship means starting over, in the relationship area. Every new job means starting over – even every new gig, for the self-employed. Every new colleague at work marks a new beginning for the company. Every new outfit bought adds something your wardrobe has never had.

Every trip you take will include something you have never done before, even as small as getting a cup of coffee someplace you’ve never been.

So why be afraid of change, starting over or new beginnings?

Change or starting over is widely regarded as rare or uncommon; however, it’s actually a normal part of life. Visible from examples above, new beginnings are actually everywhere and we should stop seeing them as something unsettling or scary.

When it comes to Law of Attraction, welcoming new beginnings makes manifestation much easier. Those who welcome new beginnings also welcome change and are not intimidated by a new manifestation’s influence on their current life. Embracing new beginnings equals excitement over a new manifestation and its impact on one’s life, boosting the overall level of happiness for one’s desire and accelerating manifestation as a result.

Excitement speeds up manifestation as one’s love for change and new beginnings boosts that same excitement.


Here’s something you might not have considered – change is exciting! Welcoming novelty is a thrill! You are giving yourself the opportunity to experience something you never have before which will enrich your life in every way. That new relationship you want to be in is going to be exciting so go ahead and allow yourself to have it! Don’t be afraid. That new job will be filled with new people and new knowledge, showing you things you’ve never seen before…and what could possibly be wrong with that?

Instead of being afraid, why not say, “I can’t wait!”?

You can’t only know what you desire but you must also have a desire to experience it. You must desire to live it! This is what invites excitement for change in your life.