Thought of the Day

As long as you choose to believe, the "how" part will suggest itself.

Work with the Universe!

This is something you simply must do. Working with the Universe means allowing yourself to feel good so that your desires manifest. Believing that what you want is yours already, a done deal or about to happen is all that it takes once you get out of your own way. Getting out of your way is all about … Continue reading Work with the Universe!

Manifestation Epidemic – The “How”

One of the manifestation epidemics I see is a simple way in which many end up feeling negatively about their desire and with that, sometimes give up on it. That way is having expectations of how your desire should manifest, partially or entirely.  Let's say you're manifesting a relationship with a specific person. You think the … Continue reading Manifestation Epidemic – The “How”

Keeping Focus on Your Ultimate Goal

Since I mentioned this in my last few blog comments, I will elaborate on it now. Some find themselves to be capable of keeping a limited amount of focus on their end goal while overthinking its potential development or painful past experiences in the meantime. Several times, I've manifested using the following set of personally devised steps. Capture the feeling … Continue reading Keeping Focus on Your Ultimate Goal


Those who only say they wish to change ask "How?" and after failing to receive an answer, give up because it's easier that way. Those who truly desire to change start looking for ways to do so, trying out various options until reaching the right one which they always knew they would find. Those who … Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY

Paradigm Shifting Made Personal

I taught the first Law of Attraction seminar of my life on Friday. This experience felt as if the next chapter in my career had started yet I needed a nudge when I pitched the idea. My Mom was convinced it was time, was certain that I would succeed and I realized that I agreed with … Continue reading Paradigm Shifting Made Personal

Confusions in a Paradigm Shift

On one occasion, I read about the meaning of one's entire life seemingly becoming a mess when they're manifesting something new into it. Life can cause confusion when making room for new manifestations; while manifesting something new and amazing, I sometimes have too much on my plate, experience disagreements with others and get sick in the meantime. … Continue reading Confusions in a Paradigm Shift

When We Think We Know How…

You probably have a specific idea of how a relationship is supposed to happen and what one should do when pursuing their love interest. Texting, calling and asking to see you on a daily basis, asking you to meet their friends, declaring the things those in love tend to declare, asking you to be exclusive, expressing … Continue reading When We Think We Know How…