When Positivity Faces Annoyance

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When you transform the core of your personality to positive, to being a positive individual, your periods of succumbing to annoyance naturally last briefly.

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The Effects of Travel on Awareness and Manifesting

I have manifested three separate “vacations” recently – one visiting a close friend in her place of residence, another of her coming to visit me in the city I’m currently staying and a trip to the coast. Not only was I reminded of the value of travel to one’s well being but I was also reminded of how much I enjoy change.

I had stayed put for months, working. It was worth it mainly because I yearned to know what it would be like. I am used to moving around but am proud to say I had made the best of those steady circumstances and now, I am back to enjoying the life I have always loved. (That in mind, I have been thinking about my second book – Law of Attraction for women, breaking down all of the issues faced in the world and relationships and building self love as a woman based on her true qualities instead of age, appearance and social status).

All these instances provided LoA lessons and reminders.

Travel is irreplaceable to one’s growth, social intelligence, an open-minded attitude and mental well being. 

You don’t have to go far – chances are a trip to a different part of the country you reside in will already offer you new insights. You will encounter different customs, perspectives and open your mind to ways of thinking different than your own. You will understand people even better as a result.

In addition, you will focus on what matters – your heart, self-worth and giving love to the world. Especially after encountering different customs and frames of mind!

Let’s also remember that travel offers many opportunities for excitement and fun! These simply put ideas can mean everything when it comes to changing your awareness, even if you don’t realize it. Happiness is all you need in order to feel better and with that, change yourself to better. You can easily become an even happier you.

When focusing on fun, entertainment and fascination travel can offer, you forget your negative thoughts.

Keeping busy and happy allows for manifestation while boredom calls for negative thoughts. Happiness changes your awareness faster than anything else because the energy of positive feelings coming from the heart is much stronger than energy of the mind alone and travel allows you to feel.

Whether you feel love for the place you’ve traveled to, your hometown or both, travel allows you to feel love. Look back on your life and think about how many times you’ve encountered something that moved you deeply after finding yourself in a place other than that of your residence.

And remember…

Traveling allows you to open your heart when encountering all kinds of novelty.

Positive energy translates across cultures, customs and individuals – it is a language everyone speaks. Positive energy makes you attractive, spreads love across the world and our collective awareness and draws people to you. If you feel good, you let go of and manifest your desires; if you feel poorly, you hold onto your desires hoping their manifestation would make you feel good which only translates into feeling even worse and not manifesting since you are missing what you want.

Open your heart! If you live with an open heart, you will be the person you have always dreamed of being.

Traveling allows you to open your heart without effort. Full of exciting stimuli, spending time somewhere new will contribute to your well being.