What do you think?

It’s good to offer more and more examples of how the Law of Attraction translates into real life.

This is an essential part.

Unless we dare to believe, we stop ourselves from receiving.



Adapt the manifestation process to yourself. If you’re a go-getter, say to yourself that it’s yours and once you’ve convinced yourself of it, make the moves to make it happen.

If you prefer the things you love to just come to you, be sure that what you want is coming, then sit back and relax. Visualize it coming in the way that makes you feel so grateful and more love for life and the world than you can imagine.

If you’re a combination of both, mix and match.

You don’t have to be anyone other than yourself to make your dreams come true.

You deserve to have what you want.

Thought of the Day

Letting anybody get to you is a waste of time.

Plenty of people will love and admire you if you believe it to be possible.

Thought of the Day

There was an interesting period in my life when I wanted to change but didn’t know who the new me wanted to be.

Equally, I didn’t know who I wanted the new me to be.

That’s what makes us lonely – not knowing who we are. And when we attach an idea of who we are to another person, a lover or a specific person we want to manifest a relationship with, we feel lonely without them.

We need them.

We falsely worry that our life would be empty without them.

Thought of the Day

Not thinking about the current reality is so liberating and pleasant that I never want to think about it again.

I only want to think about my dream scenarios and let them come to life without my even noticing.

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Thought of the Day

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