Seeing Others Manifest What We Want

Seeing Others Manifest What We Want

Whenever I was manifesting a love relationship, I got excited at the sight of happy couples because each and every one of them reminded me of my relationship in one way or another. Famous couples, couples that looked nothing like my then boyfriend and I but their PDA reminded me of ours, couples who talked about each other while their words described how I felt about my relationship… All of them made me recognize some kind of similarity with my own relationship, causing positive emotion in me and manifesting my own relationship circumstances easily.

When in this state of ultimate happiness, the amount of time from deciding I would manifest a relationship with someone to the exact manifestation happening was practically non existent. I knew that every relationship I ever wished to experience was mine from the beginning and both of us would almost immediately start expressing the fondness we had for each other. Before I knew it, we were both bragging about becoming a couple.

Why is it important to be happy when seeing others have what we want?

When seeing a happy couple, your first thought might be jealousy but you must overcome it. When we do, we are filled with love towards others, ourselves and our lives… And this is when we manifest. Seeing another couple makes us see that manifesting love is possible and this should give us comfort in knowing we can do the same.

If you are truly manifesting a relationship from the heart, you will naturally be happy when seeing happy couples. If happiness is not the feeling you are experiencing, your heart is not in your relationship fully which is an inner circumstance you can change. More importantly, this is a circumstance you must change because if you choose to be in a happy relationship, you are meant to receive it and when having something, we are just as happy for others experiencing the same thing.