Start Every Day With an Affirmation!

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Whether it’s a gratitude affirmation (“Thank you for my amazing life/job/beauty/relationship!”) or an affirmation of having what you want (“I am in an amazing relationship with my person!”), an affirmation starting your day will lead to its greatness.

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Can You Let Go to Manifest?

Good evening, everyone!

I’m excited to give you my first video post and tell you about something that I am working on!

Now, what is letting go? We hear about it a lot in manifesting but the way it’s explained usually gives us anxiety instead of confidence.

I hope this video will change that. I am also working on a new coaching program specifically aimed at letting go. This program will cover everything you need to stop listening to inner doubts and manifest successfully!

I’m excited for you to see this.

Happy manifesting!

If you don’t believe in your desire, how can it manifest? You can only let go if you trust.

I Wanted to See a Friend and Manifested an Invite in Four Hours

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting and reading this post. I wanted to share this story with you, since I’ve been working on letting go to manifest as quickly as possible. The quicker we let go, the faster we attract what we want, and I’ve managed to manifest in four hours simply by using several great Law of Attraction tips.

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Without Self-Confidence, We Cannot See Our Partner Clearly

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Imagine this scenario. You are attracting a relationship. You have positive expectations for a few days. Then, something happens – contact, a date or a conversation – and it’s not as much as you would like to receive. It’s not a proclamation of love. It could be an expression of personal frustration by your partner. Whatever it is, it sets you off into a downward spiral; suddenly, you become frustrated with your person (and their frustration).

Suddenly, you don’t see a person you desire anymore. You see a person who is standing in the way of you and your desire, a desire of a happy relationship with that person.

It’s like you’re fully engaging with two entirely contradicting realities. One features a person you know they could be, a person you want them to be, with the feelings you want them to have. The other displays a person that isn’t anything you want, except in certain moments, who doesn’t engage with you in any desired ways.

You might wonder where it comes from. You might already know it comes from fully engaging with two contradicting realities, as mentioned, which isn’t the way to attract your desired one alone. However, this jumble of energy and emotions also comes from another factor, the one of



The current reality can only upset us if we already feel unsure of ourselves, unsure of our ability to manifest or keep our desire or unsure whether or not we’re good enough and deserving of our desire just as we are. It always comes down to those three factors, and you can see how all of them relate to self-confidence.

When we don’t love ourselves enough, any imperfect statement from our specific person is going to hurt us. Our lack of self-love will make us think it’s about us and not them.

When we don’t love ourselves enough, we will allow the words of others to impact us, especially when they aren’t flattering. We will feel belittled instead of dismissing these statements as untrue, coming from an individual hurt with their life or considering them objectively from a place of self-improvement and growth.

People struggle. Life has been difficult for many, and even in happy relationships, they must face their insecurities. However, if your specific person’s thoughts about you are positive, they will seek out your company because it makes them feel good.

In order to accomplish this, you must ignite your specific person’s positive thoughts towards you, and can do so in the following ways.

  1. Think positive things about them. To yourself or out loud, celebrate their attributes. Give them compliments in your mind and visualizations, and feel those compliments for them. Think about how beautiful they are and why they are a good person. Because when you do this, even though you can’t see it, your specific person will start to think about you. They will begin to think positive thoughts of you, and reach out to you. Enjoying those positive thoughts will also make your affirmations of having a wonderful relationship together believable, and your confidence will grow. You will be able to trust the Universe. This is how energy works!
  2. Send them heart energy. You will already be doing so unintentionally every time you think positive thoughts about them. Your heart energy can also be sent intentionally, by focusing on the warm feeling around your heart and sending it to the person you want to be with. Your questions about the current reality will settle, and you will be able to increasingly enjoy your visualizations of the desired. You will start to feel that this desired scenario is truly possible.

If this post strongly resonated with you, you are probably not wondering how to visualize and believe but rather how to feel good about a person towards whom you are harboring strong resentment. Whether their behavior made you feel bad about yourself or ruined their image in your mind, you have to take these ideas seriously.

  1. If they were brave enough to express the feelings they carry around inside, it would probably make you cry. When insecure, hurt or hopeless, a person lacking self-confidence lashes out, ignores you or fears what life may bring, they are carrying around unimaginable pain and anxiety. They probably struggle with being themselves every day. They’re afraid. If you are dealing with an individual whose reactions ruin your confidence, this is the truth 99% of the time – you are in love with a person who lacks confidence themselves.
  2. Feeling compassion for your specific person will increase your understanding of them – and compassion is rapidly felt when you love yourself! Loving yourself will ensure that you see the things to love about your specific person instead of the traits to disdain – see how it all begins and ends with our self-perception?
  3. You must reiterate your self-love every day. Give yourself compliments and it will be easier to think them of your specific person. Know who you are and know that everyone’s actions are a result of their own problems, and you will be able to feel compassion about your specific person. Love yourself, and you will be able to visualize the two of you together, trusting that this relationship is yours already and the Universe is bringing it to life.
  4. Even if you only have insecurities in one area of life, they should be resolved and your self-confidence rounded out. This will help your happiness, life and manifestation.

The Spiritual Roadblocks to Manifesting Your Desire – Are You a Good Person?

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There will be no results from practicing the Law of Attraction unless one is completely dedicated to transformation.

This means being ready to think differently and will their desire into being, now!

This means consciously thinking differently about your life, every day. It means being so taken by the inevitability of your desire that the current reality seems like the most meaningless blip in time. Or one you don’t mind at all – maybe even one you love anyway, because you know it’s on its way out.

Plenty of factors could be blocking you from thinking like a person who lives your dream life. Yet they all come down to self-confidence.

A large part of self-confidence lies in whether or not we consider ourselves a good person.


I don’t like to say, “Consider ourselves to be a good person.” To me, that just screams, “I’m acting like a good person, whether or not I actually am one,” and such thinking eventually leads to self-loathing. You must truly feel good about yourself, not fake it – if you fake it, you will constantly fear failure and with it, having to face your genuine lack of confidence the first time things don’t go your way.

A person who considers themselves a good one, however, will notice if they aren’t acting as such as times instead of thinking they have to prove something. They know themselves to care about others, immediately eliminating most traps of uncharacteristic behaviors in life. They approach life and everyone in it with respect, appreciation or genuine positivity, be that a person they deeply care about or an acquaintance.

A good person is also aware of how much they deserve. They know it due to their willingness to make others happy. A good person wants to give as much as they take, knowing that true value demands both.

This knowingly good person who is aware of their value will not accept bending over backwards for others to the point of inferior treatment or self- neglect.

But you know who might? A person who thinks they should. This person is also a valuable one but they don’t see it yet – if they did, accepting inferior treatment would not be an option. This is a trap for a person who isn’t sure about their true value. They might think that inadequate treatment is all they could possibly get.

This is why a person who knows how good they are, one that is aware of their value, will practice Law of Attraction successfully. Such individual will assume their worthiness, allowing themselves to receive their desired reality. He or she won’t question their qualities but deem them automatically, almost subconsciously, appropriate to suit their desire.

A person aware of their value and quality will never worry about the current reality – they will simply manifest all their desired changes in it. They will automatically assume to be receiving as much as they deserve and create such a reality instead of dwelling on what is today.


Are you aware of your value?

It’s all in the way we are used to seeing ourselves. You can start changing the way you see yourself anytime.

You are a good person. You just don’t allow yourself to see it. You are focused on everything you aren’t doing instead of acknowledging how much you actually do. When you begin to see how much you do already, you will feel better about yourself. Your self-confidence and worthiness will grow from there.

Don’t let yourself believe you can have some things but not everything. You will never be happy with such an assumption.

Why It’s Hard to Power Through the Current Pain to Eventually Manifest

I see this example frequently in my coaching – a wonderful individual is hurt by the lack of evidence in their desire manifesting, yet the frustration in the lack of evidence perpetuates the lack of manifestation.

Why? Because Law of Attraction corresponds with our feelings about a specific desire. When we feel like it isn’t ours and are upset about it, we must receive more of it.

When we affirm that our desire is ours (because we’d decided so), believe that the Universe is making it happen and imagine living our most desired scenarios while relying on that decision and our belief instead of the current reality, we will begin to feel good about our desire. And then, we will manifest.


There is no perfect answer – we just have to choose to believe. Searching for the perfect solution only delays the manifestation, losing days of thinking positive (which would be much more productive).

Becoming the person you want to be requires thinking like that person now. If you had your desired job/relationship/home/bank account balance now, how would you look at things? Which values would you nurture? How would you feel about things around you – same as you do now, or differently? When you see things this way, positive thinking is easy and enjoyable, fulfilling its purpose of uplifting feelings and changes in your life.


Relationships are one of our favorite topics on this blog, and I believe the world needs better relationships in every way. Every relationship still begins with deciding the way you want to feel in it.

You might think this is egotistical. You might subscribe to the idea that it’s all about the other person. You might think you’d be selfish to think like this but let me ask you – what would your relationship look like if you were only fulfilling the needs of your partner and neglecting your own?

You might still be accepting that in a relationship, your needs must be fulfilled, too. You might be thinking about just making your person happy and how it would be enough. The truth is, it would only be enough for now.

As you affirm that you make your specific person the happiest they’ve ever been, and are willing to honor their needs and life, you must also think about them fulfilling your relationship requirements, guilt free. Because, why wouldn’t you deserve everything you are willing to give? You do. And you must receive it. Relationships cannot be one-sided and that’s why you must visualize having what you want from a person you respect enough to give them them the same.


Not putting enough feeling into the idea/concept/imagining/visualization of having your needs met will make you see roadblocks and cause you even more pain.

You are currently experiencing a lack of manifestation because you are neglecting your side and allowing the current reality with your person to dictate the course of your manifestation. You are giving them all the power – why do they deserve to decide on the course of the relationship and you don’t?

They say they don’t want the relationship. You however know how happy you would be together. Why do you feel guilty believing while making a conscious effort to be the best person you can be every day? Why is he/she right to decide you aren’t a match? If you believe in your desire, you are right, too. Let your positive feelings prevail. But don’t let them go just because your person doesn’t see it right now – if you happiness, positivity and confidence grow, your energy will manifest a change.

This is where confidence matters most. You are as amazing as you decide, not only as good as someone else does.


No matter how impossible it seems, give it a shot and one step at a time, visualize your person being the kind of partner you desire.

Do you remember the secret ingredient to make it easier?

Strongly deciding that you are in the kind of relationship you desire, with the person you chose.

When you decide your relationship is coming to life unstoppably, it’s easy to relish in positive feelings about its inevitable delivery. We need to reconnect with visualizing our lives while believing in magic as well as compatibility, miracles as well as desire, and creation as well as determination to achieve.


Are You Leading Your Life or Allowing It to Lead You?

When you decide that you are an individual whom everything works out for, you will begin to view life’s events as being created by you and subjected to you, and not as if the world creates your fate.

Is everything meant to come to us or the other way around? We are to decide what we want and allow it to come to us, allow ourselves to move towards it. We are meant to decide, not life.

I have spoken to people who told me that life served them the undesired. They said they waited for things to happen and were upset when they didn’t. More often than not, they were taught that life just gives to some and not others, which left them in fear of becoming the “others.” However, this fear didn’t tell them to start thinking positive and believe in a positive result. They didn’t even know this was an option.

Life doesn’t want to decide for you. The Universe doesn’t want you to assume that life will be hard and you will get what you can. The Universe wants more for us, otherwise the ability to attract what we want wouldn’t exist.


Step one in altering this awareness and giving the power to ourselves would be to disconnect from the perception of life as divided from us. We need to start looking at life as something we are, not something that handles us.

And if the creation of our life is something we are and we decide on, then life isn’t supposed to be directing us while we have no say. We are not at the mercy of some entity of life we have no connection to. How could something we wouldn’t feel connected to even manage to decide the course of our lives?

Law of Attraction doesn’t respond by granting our desires if we feel that we have no say in the direction of our lives. You know why? Because when we feel life will take us where it wants, more often than not do we assume it’ll take us to the undesired.

Let’s not assume that. Let’s simply assume that what we want is ours because we believe in it. That we decide what’s coming. Life is always better when we do that.

All this shows that life is in you. You are the one who decides where to take it.