International Women’s Day Sale – Coaching Call Value Package is Back!

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Happy International Women’s Day! I would like to thank you all for not only being amazing readers and clients but also for being supporters of a positive lifestyle filled to the brim with self-love!


As a thank you, I am having a little Women’s Day sale!

My Coaching Call Value Package, four hour-long coaching sessions for the price of three, is back!

For a package purchase of three coaching calls, you will receive the fourth entirely free of charge! That’s four hours for the price of three, and they will be life-changing.

A Women’s Day sale for every gender, because this day is a reminder that we all deserve to be empowered.


This offer is only active for one week so make sure to sign up while it lasts! It contains no emergency session fees and no cancellation fees!


Each of the four, one hour long coaching calls in this package will be scheduled individually. If you haven’t worked with me in the past or aren’t sure how to spread out the sessions, I suggest we aim for once a week. Once every ten days or every other week are productive options as well. More or less frequently works, too, and the frequency is entirely up to you! But don’t worry – there is no time limit to use these sessions! The four-for-three sessions package will not expire until we have had four coaching calls together, no matter how much time passes in between.

This package also waives any last minute sessions fees, meaning that these can be scheduled from the same day to as long as you wish in advance (depending on availability). There will also be no cancellation fees or waived session time in case you wish or need to reschedule.

If you are interested in this offer, please read the user-friendly coaching session package agreement below! And if these terms and conditions sound good to you, email me at for purchase, scheduling or any other questions you may have.

Let’s talk soon!



The purpose of this agreement is to exercise a coaching relationship between the parties in order to ultimately cultivate the client’s goals using the Law of Attraction. This will be accomplished using the methods of carrying out those goals discussed through stimulating and creative interactions with the ultimate result of maximizing the client’s potential.

The four-for-three coaching calls package (otherwise referred to as “four-for-three sessions package”) is a limited offer active for purchase from March 8, 2021 until March 15, 2021. The use of the four, one-hour coaching calls does not have a time limit attached – these sessions can be conducted at any time during or after the designated purchase dates. No cancellation fees for rescheduling the sessions will apply.

Each coaching session of the four-for-three sessions package consists of four, one-hour phone/voice call/video call coaching sessions for the price of three. Each session will be scheduled in advance, at the first available time for both parties. Last minute session fees will not apply in this discount package so in the case of availability, a coaching session may even be scheduled on the same day.

Duties and responsibilities: A Law of Attraction/life coaching relationship is a partnership between two or more individuals or entities. This relationship is not a legal partnership, instead more like a teacher-student relationship. Each party must uphold their obligations for the coaching relationship to be successful.

Client agrees to communicate honestly, be open to feedback and suggestions, engage and devote himself/herself to the coaching process. Client acknowledges and agrees that coaching is a comprehensive process that may explore different areas of his/her life, including work, finances, health and relationships, but it is ultimately the client’s decision to incorporate coaching into each aspect of life.

This coaching relationship, as well as all information that the client shares, is bound by confidentiality. The coach agrees not to disclose any information pertaining to the client without the client’s consent. Client decides how much he/she is willing to share. The coach-client relationship is not a relationship protected by legal confidentiality (like doctor-patient or attorney-client).

In the event of a dispute arising out of this agreement that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the parties agree to engage in mediation. If the matter cannot be resolved through mediation, and legal action ensues, the successful party will be entitled to its legal fees, including, but not limited to its attorneys’ fees.

Booking the four-for-three sessions package comes with your agreement to these terms and conditions. The coach is required to complete four, individually scheduled, one-hour coaching calls with the client following the purchase of this package. Client is solely responsible for implementing the techniques discovered through coaching.

Acceptable payment methods include debit and credit cards, Venmo and PayPal. This offer is non-refundable.

Fill out the contact form below or email me at!

Happy manifesting and talk to you soon!

The Spiritual Roadblocks to Manifesting Your Desire – Are You a Good Person?

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There will be no results from practicing the Law of Attraction unless one is completely dedicated to transformation.

This means being ready to think differently and will their desire into being, now!

This means consciously thinking differently about your life, every day. It means being so taken by the inevitability of your desire that the current reality seems like the most meaningless blip in time. Or one you don’t mind at all – maybe even one you love anyway, because you know it’s on its way out.

Plenty of factors could be blocking you from thinking like a person who lives your dream life. Yet they all come down to self-confidence.

A large part of self-confidence lies in whether or not we consider ourselves a good person.


I don’t like to say, “Consider ourselves to be a good person.” To me, that just screams, “I’m acting like a good person, whether or not I actually am one,” and such thinking eventually leads to self-loathing. You must truly feel good about yourself, not fake it – if you fake it, you will constantly fear failure and with it, having to face your genuine lack of confidence the first time things don’t go your way.

A person who considers themselves a good one, however, will notice if they aren’t acting as such as times instead of thinking they have to prove something. They know themselves to care about others, immediately eliminating most traps of uncharacteristic behaviors in life. They approach life and everyone in it with respect, appreciation or genuine positivity, be that a person they deeply care about or an acquaintance.

A good person is also aware of how much they deserve. They know it due to their willingness to make others happy. A good person wants to give as much as they take, knowing that true value demands both.

This knowingly good person who is aware of their value will not accept bending over backwards for others to the point of inferior treatment or self- neglect.

But you know who might? A person who thinks they should. This person is also a valuable one but they don’t see it yet – if they did, accepting inferior treatment would not be an option. This is a trap for a person who isn’t sure about their true value. They might think that inadequate treatment is all they could possibly get.

This is why a person who knows how good they are, one that is aware of their value, will practice Law of Attraction successfully. Such individual will assume their worthiness, allowing themselves to receive their desired reality. He or she won’t question their qualities but deem them automatically, almost subconsciously, appropriate to suit their desire.

A person aware of their value and quality will never worry about the current reality – they will simply manifest all their desired changes in it. They will automatically assume to be receiving as much as they deserve and create such a reality instead of dwelling on what is today.


Are you aware of your value?

It’s all in the way we are used to seeing ourselves. You can start changing the way you see yourself anytime.

You are a good person. You just don’t allow yourself to see it. You are focused on everything you aren’t doing instead of acknowledging how much you actually do. When you begin to see how much you do already, you will feel better about yourself. Your self-confidence and worthiness will grow from there.

Don’t let yourself believe you can have some things but not everything. You will never be happy with such an assumption.

Holiday Announcement – To My Current and New Readers and Clients

My dearest people,

Over the holidays, my email, blogging and all coaching and messaging services will be suspended from December 19, 2018 until January 11, 2019.

All texts, inquiries, emails, comments and other remarks received during this time will be answered starting January 12.

Until December 19, I am still taking appointments for all single coaching sessions and look forward to hearing from anyone interested.

Lots of love and thank you for your understanding!




If You Think Law of Attraction is Fiction…

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I used to write poetry and fiction, became a published author in my preteens and eventually, decided that I preferred writing about real life. Fiction can never be as powerful as real life, no matter how much it is based on it.

Some people have asked me whether Law of Attraction was fiction or not. Some perceive visualization and the concept of living as if to be fiction for as long as it is different from “real life.” However, current reality and visualization of an ideal one are equally real, as one’s ideal reality must be seen as real in order to manifest into the current.

If you perceive visualization and living as if as fiction, how can you ever allow it to become your current reality?

You can’t. You have to believe in the possibility of your ideal reality becoming your life in order to allow it to happen.

Believing in living your ideal reality is not as scary as you think. I know it’s easy to hesitate to imagine living your ideal life for several reasons – fear of loss, fear of success, breaking out of your comfort zone… Yes, these things sound scary but as soon as you try, fear begins to fade. If you did it just a few times, it would go away completely.

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