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Should You Be a Perfect Person?

“Can you work with the Law of Attraction and still be a person? Can you like some aspects of life, dislike others and not feel bad about it? Can you still like some people and dislike others or do you have to like everyone and everything?”

I was asked these questions today.

Many fear that unless they are perfect, manifestation will never happen for them. Instead of enjoying themselves, they continuously judge both themselves and others.

Have you ever done that? If you did, it probably slowed down your manifestation process.

Law of Attraction says that giving love to ourselves means sending out love into the world and with that, receiving love back. If you focus on everything you like about yourself and your life, your perceived flaws will soon feel small. They will feel like nothing.

At the same time, you will start to see the good in others instead of the flaws you usually perceived in them.

You do not have to be a perfect person but those who are confident in themselves are good to others and make the world a better place. They spread love just by feeling good.

Many deal with their dislike for certain people most difficultly.

I like many people but also dislike some. Personally, I do everything I can to not react to the negative thoughts of my dislikes but imagine the causes of those dislikes to be changed and improved someday. Some individuals act negatively simply because their eyes and minds have not been opened or because they believe that no one ever loved them.  Others might believe that acting the way they do is the only choice they have. Maybe they never knew that they could create their desired realities and live happier lives.

All of those reasons can be causes for forgiveness. If we never forgave anyone, the world would be an even more difficult place than many already consider it to be.

Seeing flaws in the world reflects back to your awareness – you perceive yourself as flawed so you focus on the flaws in others. Change that to noticing the good about yourself and you will believe that the world could become a much more beautiful place to live.

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Do YOU Want to Like You?

A great deal of your personal appeal rests in keeping your personal attitude unaffected by all the negativity in the world.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t care about the world but believing in it instead of faithlessly criticising it not only contributes to your happiness but to your personal appeal as well. In addition, a positive attitude allows you to emit positive energy, making the world a better place almost without realizing.

An attitude of belief in improvement is appealing. A positive game plan is appealing. Passion is appealing!

Honesty is appealing and when it comes to positive individuals, honesty will reveal their personal appeal.


Whenever you meet someone whose truly positive personality shines through, don’t you find yourself wanting to communicate with this person? Do you not find yourself wanting to be near them, feeling that their happiness somehow makes you happier?

Those who are genuinely happy attract even more happiness to them – this is the Law of Attraction. Who you are and what you believe in attracts more of the same into your life.

LoA is life and those who claim that life is just not that simple are doing nothing but making excuses for not having what they want and being who they want to be. Choosing not to be who you want to be also translates into awareness, as you know that you are simply not as happy as you could be. Accepting this particular awareness/self-perception will probably reflect on your life and manifestations in a negative way, as you will most likely believe that you can have some things you want but not others. However, that is up to you. Your life is your choice, entirely.


Many were raised and taught to focus on the external world first and internal second. Throughout their lives, many have come to realize their attitudes shape their realities yet some fail to work on changing their attitudes. If you truly want to make yourself happier, you will do what it takes and not see it as hard work, if this is your true heart’s desire. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you fear.

Whether or not you actually like yourself matters. You deserve to feel good about yourself and can only do so if you nurture genuinely positive feelings. No anger, no engaging in negativity, no hate – just love.

Face your fears – you’ll be happy you did. Take it one step at a time because skipping self work will result in life staying exactly the same instead improving.

Have You Been Trying and Failing?

I have been thinking about possible ways of resolving resistance around the desires of those who have been trying to manifest something specific for a long time. These individuals have gone through stages of love, grief, happiness, frustration and anything else you could think of.

If you’ve been trying for a while and felt hopeless at times, I’d like to contribute the following methods because I know that the thought of feeling good about your specific desire might seem impossible at times.

I suggest you first take a few days, a week at most (even though I am sure four days will already make a difference), to get used to feeling like your desire is yours already with the help of these methods/techniques. You can practice them all continuously or in any kind of order you wish – do what makes you feel good. Some, you might only have to practice once (if not all). Even if it takes continuous work to achieve results, the faster you believe and decide to persist, the faster you will start to feel different. Just embrace your belief and insist on it within yourself, no matter what.

Today, you must decide to manifest what you desire and stick to it. You must believe that you can! If you believe, you will stick to that belief and be able to let go in order to manifest.

1. List (or simply admit) your worries.

If an attempted manifestation or simply the thought of your desire causes you any kind of upset, followed by a lack of detachment or a highly negative state of mind, figure out why. Since everything translates back to us and the way we feel about ourselves, think about what a specific fear you may have says about you.

You might worry about your specific person seeing someone else yet this is probably a disguised personal fear of not being enough to make your specific person happy, in addition to being aware of your desire remaining far away from you or impossible instead of being yours.

Why You Have to Ignore External Opinions

I feel that this particular topic makes its way through many of my posts; however, I never fail to understand its colossal importance.

There will be those around you who will ignore your preferences but you must understand it is a reflection of their own lives, practices, points of view and beliefs. At the same time, you have to wonder if anything in your behavior shows that you are also rejecting them or simply, if you are living a reality of wanting this person to accepts you which shows you already feel rejected by them.

Do you ever feel like this? Either of those two?

Such situation(s) can happen with absolutely anyone you consider close to you – your mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, another family member… However, it doesn’t matter. None of it does.

You are the only one who has to approve of you. Even if everyone else did and you didn’t, you wouldn’t feel better. At the same time, as soon as you start to fully accept yourself, you will be able to accept everyone else just the way they are…and, whether or not they return the favor.

Today, someone who has known me my entire life served me food I’ve hated my entire life. They knew that but did it anyway because this food fits their idea of what I should eat.

That was how I saw it, anyway.

Later on, they apologized, saying they never would have served it had they thought I might dislike it.

I suddenly saw the situation differently.

A story like this is applicable to any situation. The very meta of conflict and rejection leads back to some version of rendering one’s needs unfulfilled. Any conflict or rejection can happen for that simple reason.

I had two choices – I could have felt rejected and gotten upset or I could have eaten something else, without putting a single thought into being served food I disliked.

Had I gotten upset, I would have had to remember the following.

  • Not all who upset me had intended on doing so. Sometimes, one has good intentions but their mixed feelings about taking the action in question (i.e. being tired of preparing this food while unsure that I would like it) will lead to receiving mixed feelings in return.
  • I attracted this event in my life, just like any other. The event in question describes at least a part of my everyday relationship with this person – in some ways, we get along perfectly while clashing in others. I probably continuously expect this person to reject my preferences, causing situations like this one.

Had I chosen to not be affected by the situation, I would remember that…

  • The person in question probably meant well. They probably didn’t mean to offend me and had I observed them with love instead of assuming they were being suffocating, I would have seen that. Approaching something or someone out of love ensures one receives love in return. Approaching something or someone out of any negative source of emotion ensures unhappy communication.
  • I could simply eat something else. Nothing was lost and no one would starve. No one even has to end up offended in a situation like this. Creation dictates you get what you give therefore giving energy to the positive, i.e. knowing there are other types of food out there, would have ensured smooth sailing.
  • Even if they thought I should eat it, only my desires about what I want to eat matter. We all get to choose for ourselves. You can say, “Thank you but I don’t like it. I will have something else instead.” Same can be done when anyone disagrees with anything in your life. You decide. If you should choose to compromise your preferences just to make someone else feel good while allowing yourself to feel bad about it, you have made a choice that will draw even more discomfort to you. However, if you genuinely decide you want to eat the food and feel good about it because it makes someone else happy, go for it. Just make the choice that makes you happy!

I know some of you will wonder and here it is – the food in question was kale. Even as a vegetarian, I strongly dislike it.


Do you want to observe the world from the awareness of living your desire?

When you think about living your desire, your reality having transformed to match it, how do you observe everything you’ve had before the said desire came along? How are your friends seeing you now? What do your parents think and does it matter? What has changed about your job? Do you meet more people now? What do you look like and what are others saying about it?

Do you like it?

These simple questions provide clues on the feelings you’ve been nurturing and attaching to your desire.

Most importantly, are you so happy living your desire that you love external reactions unconditionally, no matter what they are? After all, those reactions confirm the manifestation of your desire.

Or, do you care about what others might think?