The Next Chapter

In my books, blogging and personal coaching, I have always emphasized two options for using affirmations to attract the desired - being grateful for your desire being yours already or expressing gratitude for your desire being on its way. Either way works but your choice depends on what makes you comfortable, allowing you to either … Continue reading The Next Chapter

Manifestation Epidemic – How Can I Ignore the Current Reality?

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Fully ignoring your current reality and just thinking about your desired one is a technique in itself, if you ask me. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I fully advocate ignoring the current reality (or if you seem to be unable to, turning every negative in it into a positive, … Continue reading Manifestation Epidemic – How Can I Ignore the Current Reality?

Remember, There Are No Big and Small Dreams!

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I manifest easily because to me, there are no big and small things. There is only what I want. If I want anything, I just imagine what I want my life with it to look like. The entire time, I know that this is possible to manifest. I believe everyone knows on some level that Law … Continue reading Remember, There Are No Big and Small Dreams!

The Meaning of Forgiveness

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Some could say I don’t have much experience when it comes to forgiveness. After all, I have forgiven but often refused second chances to others, a choice that can be misinterpreted as a lack of forgiveness. However, I find the practice of forgiving someone I don't want in my life but keeping them away at the same … Continue reading The Meaning of Forgiveness

Thought of the Day

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You receive what you feel deserving of. You attract what you believe to be possible for you. Since you can attract anything you choose, use self love to eventually feel that anything you want is possible for you.

Thought of the Day

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As you practice self love, living the life of your dreams starts to feel like the most natural thing in the world. Then, you see yourself living your desire without resistance.

Manifestation Epidemic – What is Law of Attraction, Anyway? 

Law of Attraction is about you and everything you believe in. Law of Attraction responds to your feelings, beliefs, happiness and imagination, creating your life according to those aspects of you. Everything you have in your life right now is what you believed was possible for you on some level. If you can see something … Continue reading Manifestation Epidemic – What is Law of Attraction, Anyway? 

My Take on the Fear of Success

This idea might still read odd to some but hear me out. Many are uncomfortable with success. Many feel undeserving of it, thinking they should stay in their comfort zone of settling for less. Many feel that once manifested, their desire would slip away once again, leaving them disappointed and in pain - this is … Continue reading My Take on the Fear of Success

Thought of the Day

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One of the parts of allowing your desire to manifest is living in the awareness of living your desire so strongly that the present circumstances become irrelevant. Yes, "state of the wish fulfilled" might sound better than what I wrote. Don't assume or project onto your desire! Just because you fear that the person you want … Continue reading Thought of the Day