Thought of the Day

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If you know that anything can be manifested, what is there to be sad about? What is there to worry about? Nothing.

A Natural Way of Letting Go

Feeling badly about your desire usually comes down to not seeing yourself having it in your life; on the other hand, you may nurture the thoughts of having your desire in your life all you want. When you think thoughts of having your desire, those thoughts naturally go away after a while. You can only think about something … Continue reading A Natural Way of Letting Go

The Effects of Travel on Awareness and Manifesting

I have manifested three separate "vacations" recently - one visiting a close friend in her place of residence, another of her coming to visit me in the city I'm currently staying and a trip to the coast. Not only was I reminded of the value of travel to one's well being but I was also … Continue reading The Effects of Travel on Awareness and Manifesting


There is only the "having" or the "missing" of your desire in/from your life. When aware of having your desire, you feel secure, happy and are able to let go (to manifest). When you feel your desire missing from your life, your brain keeps elaborating on that idea, producing more of the "not having." Fear, … Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY


You don't have to put your desire out of your mind completely in order to manifest. However, if you do, you will manifest effortlessly. At the same time, this is not the only way to let go. I have manifested in various momentary moods - during the sending of heart energy to my desire, after forgetting all about it, … Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY

Motivation, Determination and Knowing

When it comes to manifesting, your focus and confidence have to override all of the current circumstances, "reality" as you perceive it and all your negative thoughts. In other words, your determination and belief that you can create what you want, that your desire is yours already, have to be stronger than anything else. You just … Continue reading Motivation, Determination and Knowing

What To Do With Fear…

When consciously manifesting, many start to fear the negative. They fear losing their desire instead of bringing it to life. Some continuously battle their negative thoughts which can be deeply upsetting. These thoughts lower one’s vibration by saddening and exhausting them, creating massive fear. Fear tends to be the most draining negative emotion of all. … Continue reading What To Do With Fear…


Feeling that you have it already, with visualization or state of the wish fulfilled, makes you happy, light and fulfilled. Thinking you don't have it yet, unsure of when you might, is unhappy, empty and frightening. The only difference between the two is your own decision.

The Garage Door Metaphor

While closing my garage door today, I once again thought of an idea I’d recently had. Since LoA works on the exact same principle regardless of one’s desire, I advise (you) conscious manifestation practitioners to look back on anything you have successfully manifested and apply the same principle to your current desires. I manifest any … Continue reading The Garage Door Metaphor