Reminder of the Day

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When you believe your desires will manifest, you don't feel the need for them. You don't feel them missing. You are happy exactly where you are, knowing that what you want is coming. Just believe.

Thought of the Day

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If you want something because you believe it will solve all your problems, that is not heartfelt motivation for the manifestation of your desire. Same goes for needing to manifest what you decided - you manifest when you love and trust instead of need because you can't be happy without it. You must be happy without … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Silence the Thoughts of Missing Your Desire and End the Waiting Period!

The question of how long it takes for a specific desire to manifest is something I have been asked a lot recently. Some wondered, Why do certain desires take time? Do some desires necessarily need to take long to manifest? Why do some take long and others don’t? What can be done to speed up … Continue reading Silence the Thoughts of Missing Your Desire and End the Waiting Period!

How to Break Free From “Not Having” Your Desire

The feeling of your desire missing from your life can be annoying, upsetting and can drive you into frantically working to change it in order to attract your desire instead. I won't even try to describe that feeling beautifully or eloquently because it isn't; instead, this feeling is unpleasant and can lower your mood. However, I am going … Continue reading How to Break Free From “Not Having” Your Desire


There is only the "having" or the "missing" of your desire in/from your life. When aware of having your desire, you feel secure, happy and are able to let go (to manifest). When you feel your desire missing from your life, your brain keeps elaborating on that idea, producing more of the "not having." Fear, … Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY

Need or Have It?

Feeling that you need any desire you may have will lower your vibration. Remember that as a rule, warning you of what to avoid. Obviously, you want to avoid lowering your own vibration yet it happens, usually as a result of falling into negative thoughts, missing something or someone. Wanting something you are currently missing … Continue reading Need or Have It?

Love Your Manifestation!

When you love the manifestation period preceding your desire, you receive it fast; you're probably aware of this already. Let me explain. Every single time you manifested something without the need to rush it, it came to you fast. Sometimes, this desire appeared in your life instantly. This can happen with desires one perceives as "small" or "likely … Continue reading Love Your Manifestation!