Do You Have Trust Issues? With LoA, You Don’t Have To.

By looking at the past, we feel that we are protecting ourselves. Our true goal is to live in the moment, having completely put the past behind us and expecting only what we desire in the present and nothing less. 

How to Think Positive When You’re Exhausted

You might have found yourself in it as a result of temporarily feeling too tired to try new things. So what do you do, in that case?

Attention From Others Comes After the Attention From You

We have to be the ones to validate ourselves - there's no other way around it. We like to think that the attention from another person would bring the validation we would otherwise have to provide to and for ourselves but the validation simply always comes first and attention from others second. If life was … Continue reading Attention From Others Comes After the Attention From You

The “How” – A Distraction from Your Perfection

If we keep thinking about how often we talk to our romantic interest, how fast we should be hearing back from that job interview or even how we should be speaking or thinking, we're focusing too much on how our manifestation is developing. And we know that's not our job. But have you ever wondered … Continue reading The “How” – A Distraction from Your Perfection

Embracing New Beginnings Boosts Your Manifestation Powers!

Eiffel Tower Paris France 2018 travel photography

If every new manifestation we bring into our lives equals starting over in one way or another, even if it's just in that one area of life, why be afraid of new beginnings?

Thought of the Day

Plenty of people will love and admire you if you believe it to be possible.