If You Think Law of Attraction is Fiction…

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I used to write poetry and fiction, became a published author in my preteens and eventually, decided that I preferred writing about real life. Fiction can never be as powerful as real life, no matter how much it is based on it. Some people have asked me whether Law of Attraction was fiction or not. … Continue reading If You Think Law of Attraction is Fiction…

Thought of the Day

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Wanna talk about signs? Just as I had begun browsing new laptops over the weekend, my current one suddenly became the only device I own refusing to connect to Wi-Fi. What do you think that means?

The Truth Behind Changing Your Mind in Specific Manifestations

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Being specific has its ups and downs. Then again, anything does. In life, my actions always reflected a core belief of “I want this so I am going to have it – nothing else, nothing less!” which led me to certain manifestations that looked nothing like I had imagined. Once upon a time in college, … Continue reading The Truth Behind Changing Your Mind in Specific Manifestations

Do You Still Remember This Little Manifestation Method?

Stepping into an entirely new life can be scary if you don't look forward to it. This is why positive thinking, positive attitude and positive awareness help you and why LoA responds quickly when you feel happiness and love for your desired life. If you look forward to manifesting your desires instead of being afraid, … Continue reading Do You Still Remember This Little Manifestation Method?

How to Stop Being Afraid of Change

Have you ever experienced the feeling of living your desired reality stronger than you felt living in your current one? If you have, you know it can either be completely amazing or overwhelming as much as amazing because a new life brings profound change. Your attitude towards that change will determine your comfort level and … Continue reading How to Stop Being Afraid of Change

When Energy Rearranges Fast…

Just like every time I manifest a life change, my current reality seemingly starts to fall apart; there's beauty in that because that makes it easier to leave. In order to manifest a new reality, you must be prepared to give up the current, even in a single aspect. If you want a relationship, you must … Continue reading When Energy Rearranges Fast…

Happy Connections in Your Life

I believe I have successfully taught people to focus on happiness many times. Focusing on what matters - personal happiness, gratitude and enjoying life - lead us all to cut out every irrelevant part of life which many mistakenly make too relevant and at the same time, be an impressive individual. Some of my friends … Continue reading Happy Connections in Your Life

Sudden Manifestations and Making Contact

Over the weekend, I manifested a new writing job. It was something I wanted to do last year but somehow didn't want quite enough and forgot about before it manifested. Then, on Saturday, I remembered it, receiving an offer for it hours later. I think many can relate to this type of manifestation. In the … Continue reading Sudden Manifestations and Making Contact

Are You Afraid to Let Go?

The fear of letting go only means you are not vibrating at a high enough frequency to live your desire just yet. This is why we can only see ourselves having our desires when we're happy. Makes sense, right? It's amazing what we can see ourselves having when we're happy. In 2011, I manifested an … Continue reading Are You Afraid to Let Go?