You Must Focus on Your Ultimate Goal…Now!

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Have you ever, for any reason, forgotten this very simple idea? You must not obsess about the "how" or any other details of your manifestation but only keep your eye on your ultimate goal! If we worry about the how or any other details, we ensure our own distraction from the ultimate goals. Think about … Continue reading You Must Focus on Your Ultimate Goal…Now!

Thought of the Day

You don't have any unmet "goals" to achieve - all your desires are already fulfilled and you are living in abundance. Visualize your life this way and it will transform.  

An Introduction to My Visualization Methods

My visualizations go beyond mere visualizing - they're my reality. I see them everywhere, every day, regardless of what I do. I am able to follow anything in front of me and visualize with my eyes open at the same time if I choose to do so.