No Pain From the Past Should Make the Present Difficult

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The Law of Attraction is not about making your life seem perfect or pretending that it is. It is about knowing that your positivity, happiness, choices and desires make you who you are, not a difficult day or circumstance that simply comes and goes. Nearly every time anyone asked me if I had faced a … Continue reading No Pain From the Past Should Make the Present Difficult

Showing Interest in Someone Makes Them Interested in You

Men and women are often being told that showing interest in a prospective partner makes them look needy, desperate or pushy, and that those who don't care are the ones who get the girl/guy instead. Those giving and taking or worrying about such advice take an important ingredient out of it - the Law of … Continue reading Showing Interest in Someone Makes Them Interested in You

Thought of the Day

If you can't seem to forgive something that happened to you in the past, you must admit to yourself that you're struggling to forgive yourself for allowing it to happen. You are struggling to forgive yourself for not doing better, afraid of having delayed your desired manifestation as a result. You haven't. You can get … Continue reading Thought of the Day

The Meaning of Forgiveness

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Some could say I don’t have much experience when it comes to forgiveness. After all, I have forgiven but often refused second chances to others, a choice that can be misinterpreted as a lack of forgiveness. However, I find the practice of forgiving someone I don't want in my life but keeping them away at the same … Continue reading The Meaning of Forgiveness

Do You Trust Your Specific Person and/or Yourself?

When manifesting a relationship, it is always with a specific man I chose. When there is one I want to be with, I see us together and I easily visualize the situations in which we are together, as I want our relationship to be. If I imagine something I want to live, it makes me feel good. … Continue reading Do You Trust Your Specific Person and/or Yourself?

From Fear to Freedom

Reacting to one's negative thoughts indicates one's lack of focus on their desired manifestation. This means there is resistance present around the said manifestation. Deciding that your desire belongs to you already is a choice. This choice means a change is going to be made in your life when your desire manifests. You will have a new … Continue reading From Fear to Freedom

Are You Burdened by Your Past?

Many find themselves incapable of manifesting their future due to being burdened by their present or their past. I have long been trying to figure out why, for so many, fear is easier than letting go. Many hold the fear of getting hurt instead of believing they can be loved, feeling uncomfortable enough to prevent letting anyone in. … Continue reading Are You Burdened by Your Past?

The Big Deal Factor

I had been entertaining thoughts of a specific manifestation recently which failed to feel like a true decision until I discussed it with one of my closest friends (the same one who met one of her personal heroes last week). At some point this year, I realized that I held negative views about something I wanted … Continue reading The Big Deal Factor