Thought of the Day

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You must stop thinking that other people have better lives.

Thought of the Day

Be grateful to your negative thoughts because even they can bring you closer to your end goal. If you allow them, they can and they will; this is nothing short of a miracle and the events we perceive as miracles happen every day. Whatever you believe, you attract, and if you believe your negative thoughts … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Are You Ashamed of Your Past/Present?

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If you are, it might be the reason you keep getting stuck, manifesting the same situations over and over again, without knowing how to break free and manifest what you want for a change. Is shame the manifesting block you have been trying to pinpoint and overcome? If so, you are now on your way … Continue reading Are You Ashamed of Your Past/Present?

The Time Spent Focusing on My Desire

Many spend much time focused on the negative thoughts connected to their desire instead of the positive thoughts about it; these individuals sometimes wonder how exactly to feel good about their desire if they start from the place of not believing in it. What I find is, When one spends consistently positive thoughts on your desire, … Continue reading The Time Spent Focusing on My Desire


Do you want to observe the world from the awareness of living your desire? When you think about living your desire, your reality having transformed to match it, how do you observe everything you've had before the said desire came along? How are your friends seeing you now? What do your parents think and does it matter? … Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY

Crossing Between Parallel Realities – Can You Feel the Shift?

With the Law of Attraction, we are able to shift between realities, manifest our desires and even change our memories of the past. We are able to choose and step inside the realities we wish to experience but if we pay close attention, we can feel ourselves to be on an actual way to a … Continue reading Crossing Between Parallel Realities – Can You Feel the Shift?