Are You Leading Your Life or Allowing It to Lead You?

When you decide that you are an individual whom everything works out for, you will begin to view life's events as being created by you and subjected to you, and not as if the world creates your fate. Is everything meant to come to us or the other way around? We are to decide what … Continue reading Are You Leading Your Life or Allowing It to Lead You?

Who We Want to Be in Order to Manifest Easily

Let me start by saying this - this post is not about you changing your personality. It is not about saying that who you are is insufficient to you manifesting your dream life. It is not about saying you aren't good enough. We needed to be clear on that first.  I believe there is a … Continue reading Who We Want to Be in Order to Manifest Easily

Reaching Personality Goals Doesn’t Have to Be Long, Painful or Difficult

Not knowing what we want makes is too easy to invite undesirable situations but this is not an ultimate problem - nothing is - as anything can be reversed with Law of Attraction.

Manifesting the Person You Are!

Can you see a clear manifestation path, an obvious course of events from now until your desire comes true? If you can't, create one! Today, I want to talk about knowing and loving who you are. A change of priorities can be stressful to a conscious manifestation practitioner. And if you have ever felt that … Continue reading Manifesting the Person You Are!

Thought of the Day

I imagine myself abundant because it makes me feel good. I see myself abundant in quality of life, luck, money, intelligence, beauty, charisma, finesse, respect, positive experiences, friendships and love. I see myself abundant by living in a world I appreciate simply because it makes me happy. Seeing yourself abundant should make you feel great … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Life Coaching, Professional and Personal

I love sharing personal examples in my coaching. I think that a good life coach should be an authentically positive person who is good at living life because someone like that will have stories, understand them in terms of the Law of Attraction and never suggest unrealistic visualization or other methods they can't even connect … Continue reading Life Coaching, Professional and Personal