You Must Focus on Your Ultimate Goal…Now!

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Have you ever, for any reason, forgotten this very simple idea? You must not obsess about the "how" or any other details of your manifestation but only keep your eye on your ultimate goal! If we worry about the how or any other details, we ensure our own distraction from the ultimate goals. Think about … Continue reading You Must Focus on Your Ultimate Goal…Now!

Thought of the Day

We are only afraid to let go of what we are afraid to receive. Maybe we feel inadequate or undeserving. Maybe we fear loss even before experiencing the gain. Or maybe we are afraid of facing our own feelings. Either way, if you fear it, you will learn from it. Let it happen - it … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Reminder of the Day

Any relationship can improve once you drop the negativity towards it for good. For someone to feel good about you, you must feel good about them. You can decide to stop being angry at anyone and genuinely want to get along with them.

Thought of the Day

With conscious repetition of the desired, you can change your core beliefs to match your desired reality. Choose what you change them into. Choose love and abundance.

Do You Still Remember This Little Manifestation Method?

Stepping into an entirely new life can be scary if you don't look forward to it. This is why positive thinking, positive attitude and positive awareness help you and why LoA responds quickly when you feel happiness and love for your desired life. If you look forward to manifesting your desires instead of being afraid, … Continue reading Do You Still Remember This Little Manifestation Method?