Without Self-Confidence, We Cannot See Our Partner Clearly

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Imagine this scenario. You are attracting a relationship. You have positive expectations for a few days. Then, something happens – contact, a date or a conversation – and it’s not as much as you would like to receive. It’s not a proclamation of love. It could be an expression of personal frustration by your partner. Whatever it is, it sets you off into a downward spiral; suddenly, you become frustrated with your person (and their frustration).

Suddenly, you don’t see a person you desire anymore. You see a person who is standing in the way of you and your desire, a desire of a happy relationship with that person.

It’s like you’re fully engaging with two entirely contradicting realities. One features a person you know they could be, a person you want them to be, with the feelings you want them to have. The other displays a person that isn’t anything you want, except in certain moments, who doesn’t engage with you in any desired ways.

You might wonder where it comes from. You might already know it comes from fully engaging with two contradicting realities, as mentioned, which isn’t the way to attract your desired one alone. However, this jumble of energy and emotions also comes from another factor, the one of



The current reality can only upset us if we already feel unsure of ourselves, unsure of our ability to manifest or keep our desire or unsure whether or not we’re good enough and deserving of our desire just as we are. It always comes down to those three factors, and you can see how all of them relate to self-confidence.

When we don’t love ourselves enough, any imperfect statement from our specific person is going to hurt us. Our lack of self-love will make us think it’s about us and not them.

When we don’t love ourselves enough, we will allow the words of others to impact us, especially when they aren’t flattering. We will feel belittled instead of dismissing these statements as untrue, coming from an individual hurt with their life or considering them objectively from a place of self-improvement and growth.

People struggle. Life has been difficult for many, and even in happy relationships, they must face their insecurities. However, if your specific person’s thoughts about you are positive, they will seek out your company because it makes them feel good.

In order to accomplish this, you must ignite your specific person’s positive thoughts towards you, and can do so in the following ways.

  1. Think positive things about them. To yourself or out loud, celebrate their attributes. Give them compliments in your mind and visualizations, and feel those compliments for them. Think about how beautiful they are and why they are a good person. Because when you do this, even though you can’t see it, your specific person will start to think about you. They will begin to think positive thoughts of you, and reach out to you. Enjoying those positive thoughts will also make your affirmations of having a wonderful relationship together believable, and your confidence will grow. You will be able to trust the Universe. This is how energy works!
  2. Send them heart energy. You will already be doing so unintentionally every time you think positive thoughts about them. Your heart energy can also be sent intentionally, by focusing on the warm feeling around your heart and sending it to the person you want to be with. Your questions about the current reality will settle, and you will be able to increasingly enjoy your visualizations of the desired. You will start to feel that this desired scenario is truly possible.

If this post strongly resonated with you, you are probably not wondering how to visualize and believe but rather how to feel good about a person towards whom you are harboring strong resentment. Whether their behavior made you feel bad about yourself or ruined their image in your mind, you have to take these ideas seriously.

  1. If they were brave enough to express the feelings they carry around inside, it would probably make you cry. When insecure, hurt or hopeless, a person lacking self-confidence lashes out, ignores you or fears what life may bring, they are carrying around unimaginable pain and anxiety. They probably struggle with being themselves every day. They’re afraid. If you are dealing with an individual whose reactions ruin your confidence, this is the truth 99% of the time – you are in love with a person who lacks confidence themselves.
  2. Feeling compassion for your specific person will increase your understanding of them – and compassion is rapidly felt when you love yourself! Loving yourself will ensure that you see the things to love about your specific person instead of the traits to disdain – see how it all begins and ends with our self-perception?
  3. You must reiterate your self-love every day. Give yourself compliments and it will be easier to think them of your specific person. Know who you are and know that everyone’s actions are a result of their own problems, and you will be able to feel compassion about your specific person. Love yourself, and you will be able to visualize the two of you together, trusting that this relationship is yours already and the Universe is bringing it to life.
  4. Even if you only have insecurities in one area of life, they should be resolved and your self-confidence rounded out. This will help your happiness, life and manifestation.

Dealing With Another Person’s Criticism of Your Appearance

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I recently changed my hair color. Many of my close ones liked it, loved it or commented of how striking it was…except one person.

One of the closest people to me told me my new hair color was “too dark” for me several times. Their opinion didn’t change my perception but I didn’t like hearing it either.

Then, I realized that it wasn’t the words I heard that lowered my vibration – every time this person commented on my hair, I was already on a moderately lower vibration than usual. I’d been tired or momentarily annoyed about something and right then, this person commented on my hair without me having asked.

So I got back on a high vibration. I pampered myself, chose positive thoughts, had nothing but positive expectations and nurtured my appearance. I started manifesting many things every day again and soon enough, I began receiving compliments for my hair from most individuals I would come across.


I already loved my hair when looking in the mirror and then, everyone else told me how much they loved it, too. And the best thing was that I had partially raised my own vibration by looking in the mirror and loving what I saw, regardless of the disapproval from a person close to me.

I hadn’t questioned my love for my dark hair but this person commented on it being “too dark” in the moments my vibration was low due to other, unrelated momentary irritations.

It only matters what you truly like – not anybody else.

I wish I could tell you I had come to some new revelations as a result of this but I am simply going to continue to preach what I always do. It only matters that you always keep yourself on a high vibration for yourself, do what you like and expect to receive what you like/expect that everything you want is yours already. No one else’s opinion matters and it won’t make you happy unless you like yourself. You have to think about who you want to be and what will make you happy to have.

Criticism from others doesn’t come from them even when you feel like it does – it comes from you already feeling not so great about yourself. It comes from perceiving your own lack of value while being on a low vibration. When you engage in annoying thoughts about anything, you don’t believe the best of yourself and then, others don’t either.

When you’re annoyed about anything, you acknowledge that life isn’t what you want and your vibration continues to lower; however, when negative thoughts come and you pick yourself up by remembering how valuable you are and that what you want is yours already, you remember that you deserve and already possess everything you’ve set your heart on.

Confidence and self-love are even more important than you think, even when you perceive them as the most important aspects of life. There is no limit to their importance to our happiness.

You must put in the necessary work and discover what you truly desire. If someone’s words or behavior upsets you, this is a sign of being unhappy with yourself and until this part of you is resolved – not by receiving approval from others but by you – you will be preventing yourself from manifesting your dreams.

Switch to being a positive person from now on and watch everything you want come together soon.

Manifestation Epidemic – Wanting to “Do” When You Should Be Letting Go

Knowing your desire is yours but not seeing it in your current reality just yet can be frustrating. At this stage of manifestation, you might be wondering what you’re supposed to be doing or simply how to distract yourself when the thought of having your desire makes you so excited that it is all you can possibly think about.

At this stage, you might be tempted to start “doing” something to make your desire manifest faster but please refrain – in this exact moment, you should simply distract yourself by doing other things, especially enjoying the things you have time for now but won’t as much once you have manifested your desire.

Every change of circumstances changes a life. With every new chapter, we have a little less time for some aspects of the previous. There are things you could be enjoying right now that you won’t have as much time or energy for once your desire is manifested so focus on them instead. In turn, they will allow you to let go of your desire entirely only to see it appear in your current reality faster than you think!

This change of focus is more beneficial than you might currently realize.

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