Thought of the Day

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When it comes to manifestation, you might be closer to your goal than you realize. You might think you have no money only to discover that your bank account balance increased while you weren't looking. You might deem it impossible to imagine living the life you want only to find yourself indulging in related visualizations … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Remember, There Are No Big and Small Dreams!

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I manifest easily because to me, there are no big and small things. There is only what I want. If I want anything, I just imagine what I want my life with it to look like. The entire time, I know that this is possible to manifest. I believe everyone knows on some level that Law … Continue reading Remember, There Are No Big and Small Dreams!

Manifestation Epidemic – Big and Small Desires

You might be looking at everything you have in one way and everything you don't in another. Many still fail to realize that LoA is life and not some out-of-this-world concept that you're supposed to go through the motions of. You manifest what you believe you can have and with that, what you expect is possible … Continue reading Manifestation Epidemic – Big and Small Desires

The Likelihood of Manifesting Your Desires

One of my favorite movies is Gone with the Wind and I wonder if others were as fascinated with Scarlett O'Hara's motherly yet cool mom Ellen. After young Scarlett has been left a widow, Ellen suggests she end her mourning period, get out of the house and travel to Atlanta to party because there is always lots going on. Ellen had given Scarlett … Continue reading The Likelihood of Manifesting Your Desires

My Creation Boost

Today, I thought about my personal boosts of positive creation energy. In order to boost positive creation and the  manifestation of our desires, we are advised to find the manifestation helpers we enjoy. These methods can be visualization, sending out heart energy, repeating affirmations, perceiving our desires as if they have manifested already or anything similar. One of … Continue reading My Creation Boost

Have You Been Trying and Failing?

"It's mine already."

Why Only This Moment Matters

Planning your energy makes you tense. Thinking about what you “should” do all the time in order to manifest your desire shows that you don’t have it – you are “manifesting” instead of living it. Instead, do what makes you happy and do it all the time. Find happiness even in your chores – enjoy … Continue reading Why Only This Moment Matters


Do you truly believe in anything being possible for you? We create what we believe ourselves to be capable of creating and likely of having. When creating something new, some resistance will come up. When fears appear, say "Thank you," as they are a nudge from the Universe to overcome your false thoughts and become … Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY