Why Being Complete Within Ourselves Translates to Relationship Happiness

Why Being Complete Within Ourselves Translates to Relationship Happiness

Every relationship conflict starts with an internal conflict of not knowing what one wants, doubting one’s self-worth or the fear of being alone.

No one has ever entered a relationship feeling amazing about themselves and ending up in a miserable situation out of nowhere – this just doesn’t happen. One brings one’s own issues into a relationship which can only be an expression of one’s inner world, not an uncontrollable external force that has suddenly shattered one’s confidence. We can only work with what we bring in, whether or not this specific awareness changes throughout the course of a relationship. Even if one changes during a relationship, it was one’s choice to change.

My coaching clients who are reading this blog could tell you that every relationship problem goes back to self-perception and that is why we work on their self-love and personal confidence while creating a positive perception of relationship simultaneously. Looking back on your relationship history, it would soon become apparent to you that you held onto the same inner feelings every time (or at least most of the time). Our relationships can’t change until we start to feel better about ourselves, with or without them.

One must become aware of the fact that no relationship can fix their insecurities, mood or awareness.

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The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter

In my books, blogging and personal coaching, I have always emphasized two options for using affirmations to attract the desired – being grateful for your desire being yours already or expressing gratitude for your desire being on its way. Either way works but your choice depends on what makes you comfortable, allowing you to either feel good about everything being yours already or accept its upcoming arrival without experiencing resistance from being too aware it isn’t here yet. (The latter requires being okay in your current reality as it is, until your desire arrives).

Some can easily imagine their desires being a done deal in the sense of belonging to them already – these individuals have the easiest time imagining reality as they want it to be. Others can imagine themselves having their desires but have an easier time thinking those desires are still coming to life which allows them to let go.

I still switch between the two depending on the goal in question but today, I prefer the method of expressing gratitude for living my desired reality right now. It’s my life already; it’s mine right now. Technique one.  Continue reading “The Next Chapter”

Relationship Advice – How to Attract a Relationship Despite Discomfort around a Specific Person

Relationship Advice – How to Attract a Relationship Despite Discomfort around a Specific Person

What do you do if the person you are not yourself around is the person you want to attract a relationship with?

We have all known someone like that, usually in a romantic sense. We have all been involved with a person who has upset or hurt us, resulting in our future interactions being filled with reactions from confusion and a damaged sense of pride when all we wanted to do was relax and be our best selves. We have all been involved with the people who had this effect on us but whether or not we chose to stay in those involvements was entirely up to us.

Choosing to stick around someone who makes you feel this way or use all your strength to walk away from them is a reflection of your personality, awareness, and, most importantly, your level of self-confidence. You might think you don’t deserve better or that the other person does so you feel the need to stick around until you figure out how to give them what you believe they deserve. You think that giving them what you feel they should have would make you happy but the flaw to this plan rests in the idea of putting them ahead of yourself.

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Are You Comfortable With Relationships and Your Specific Person?

Are You Comfortable With Relationships and Your Specific Person?

Do you feel comfortable interacting with the person you have feelings for? With those you are generally interested in? Or, do you feel tense, nervous or just plain scared about talking to the person of your choice? Are you afraid you might get hurt or do you welcome any interaction with those you are interested in, wanting to get to know them even better?

When you think about your specific person coming for you, wanting to be in a relationship with you, do you feel excited or scared? Do you feel ready for it or not?

The answers to these questions will decide whether an interaction with the person you are interested in presents a happy or an exhausting event for you.

If an interaction with the person you are interested in or have feelings for presents conflicting feelings for you, you are not alone. Many have had questions about removing the fear of interacting with someone with enjoyment instead of fearing what could go wrong (which they do due to a lack of comfort).

How can good courtship advice translate into good LoA advice?

Firstly you must know that comfort in receiving a relationship you have asked for makes manifestation happen. Feeling comfortable about living your desire removes resistance.

On the other hand…

If you feel uneasy at the thought of receiving and living your desire now, a part of you is preventing manifestation and thinking of paranoid scenarios instead of letting go to receive. This is a problem when manifesting relationships with the people you feel at least partially negatively about –  exes usually fall into this category. This might also happen with new people you don’t know that much about but you should assume the best about them.

If you feel good about the person you want, you can see yourself with them; if you feel uneasy about them for any reason, tendency to fall into negative thoughts with little to no basis in reality might take over. If you aren’t entirely comfortable around the person you want to manifest a relationship with, you might become slightly negative and entertain paranoid thoughts. 

Once you become comfortable with yourself, your qualities and everything you have to offer, you will be comfortable at the thought of being with your specific person. You will be excited instead of nervous!


Good relationship tips are based on good self confidence tips, just like anything else. Self confidence leads to self comfort which makes you comfortable with manifesting and living your desires. Comfort means no resistance, right?

Self love plays into all of that perfectly as it increases self confidence as well as self comfort.

When becoming interested in a man, I want to get to know him even better. However, others have told me they fear getting to know the people they’re interested in, in fear of learning something they might dislike; this mindset probably comes from loneliness and wanting to finally manifest something with someone instead of “having to give up” yet again.

Beware – feeling lonely while wanting to manifest a relationship throws off your intention so give into the feeling of living your relationship 100%! Don’t be afraid. Loneliness makes focusing on your desired reality difficult and puts pressure on your interactions with the people you are interested in while you fear that you might ruin everything and continue to go through life alone.

To some, relationship happiness and safety are foreign. Occasionally, they visualize and actually feel happiness in the relationship they want to manifest but are not used to feeling satisfaction from a happy relationship. To some, this makes it difficult to visualize a happy relationship; to those who are determined and ready to use their imagination as well as connect to their natural manifesting abilities, nothing is a problem. The latter group is ready to do whatever it takes to manifest their desires.

I have observed that both men and women are largely uncomfortable with the prospect of relationships. More than ever, many assume that the person they are interested in would fail to reciprocate, at least fully. Some others struggle with other issues, such as not being excited about relationships in general.

In truth, a lack of relationship excitement has to do with one’s inner self, not relationships. We produce the circumstances we feel so if one isn’t excited about relationships, one has to resolve their own limiting beliefs and inner obstacles.