The Art of Letting Go – Beauty, Lightness and the Magnitude of Life

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Letting go entails accepting life until your desire manifests into it; letting go can also be made easier when you realize that your desire is not perfect. This is how the acceptance of your desire's current imperfections can actually help you let go while you allow it to transform into everything you want it to … Continue reading The Art of Letting Go – Beauty, Lightness and the Magnitude of Life

Thought of the Day

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I suggest you take a few minutes to yourself every day - even if for just a few minutes, it replenishes your mind, body, sense of calm and spirit for living. Tonight, I made vegan chicken nuggets with cream, vegetables, seeds and spices, and am relaxing while watching Wall Street. It's the easiest thing in … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

Approach what you dislike calmly. Face, admit and express your dislike of something or someone without anger.  You don't have to feel positive about everything you know but simply face it, express it without emotion - just stating facts - and then ignore it. If you allow yourself to engage in the negative emotion about … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Negative Thoughts the Teacher and You Awareness the Student – Choice of the Lessons Learned

I woke up the other day and decided that I was going to go back to being an entirely positive person. Even if this is who you are most of the time, some things cause temporary stress which makes it hard but I put my all into pulling myself out of it. I suppose in … Continue reading Negative Thoughts the Teacher and You Awareness the Student – Choice of the Lessons Learned

Manifestation Epidemic – Tension

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I find that many struggle with staying relaxed about their desired manifestation. Staying relaxed leads to positive thinking and expectations yet worrying often takes over, leading to negative thoughts and fears. Staying relaxed allows you to manifest miracles. Even with nothing in sight, you can attract miracles out of nowhere. Relaxation helps you believe and … Continue reading Manifestation Epidemic – Tension

Remember, There Are No Big and Small Dreams!

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I manifest easily because to me, there are no big and small things. There is only what I want. If I want anything, I just imagine what I want my life with it to look like. The entire time, I know that this is possible to manifest. I believe everyone knows on some level that Law … Continue reading Remember, There Are No Big and Small Dreams!

Thought of the Day

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If you want something because you believe it will solve all your problems, that is not heartfelt motivation for the manifestation of your desire. Same goes for needing to manifest what you decided - you manifest when you love and trust instead of need because you can't be happy without it. You must be happy without … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Where Does Intuition Come In?

Lately, I received many questions about intuition (and after recognizing this pattern, even more questions by default – LoA, right?) so I decided to think about how and when I recognize it in my own life or observe it in the lives of others. Those who talk about and attempt to recognize intuition do so to … Continue reading Where Does Intuition Come In?

Do You Admire YOU?

At various times, I mentioned being the person you admire. This concept entails self love, confidence, appreciation and possessing specific character traits you admire. For others, this concept means being perfectly satisfied with yourself, considering yourself perfectly fine, if not great, just the way you are already. Some want to improve upon their self image … Continue reading Do You Admire YOU?