The Garage Door Metaphor

The Garage Door Metaphor

While closing my garage door today, I once again thought of an idea I’d recently had. Since LoA works on the exact same principle regardless of one’s desire, I advise (you) conscious manifestation practitioners to look back on anything you have successfully manifested and apply the same principle to your current desires.

I manifest any desire the same way I manifest successfully closing my garage door.

When pressing the button, I know that my garage door is closed. I know that since I asked and decided so, it is so. When suddenly in fear of accidentally pressing my remote (located on my key chain) and opening the door, I remember that I already decided the door was closed and let go instantly.

Even when experiencing fear, I switch to a positive, secure mindset and I let it go.

Every time I experience any (false, as they always are) fear connected to my desire, I remember that the garage door is closed.

When the thought of my car resting safely in my garage enters my mind, I feel gratitude and express it.

Now, how can this specific creation method be applied to other desires you may have?

When thoughts of living your dreams enter your mind, entertain them. Love them! Love them even if just for a few seconds. When spontaneously envisioning how something might happen makes you happy and light, go with it.

Unfortunately, most tend to see the worst, the feared or the undesirable when it comes to manifesting love.

Love is an illusion. Love hurts. Love is scary. Love will break your heart. These are the phrases one tends to hear in life, making it difficult to entertain a belief that love can indeed be everything it’s cracked up to be. In truth, is there a real reason it couldn’t?

There isn’t. Every assumption or fear you may have related to the concept of love can be replaced with a more positive one. After all, if love is so horrible, why keep hoping for it despite all your negative thoughts? And, we all do.

Negative thoughts connected to the idea of one’s desired relationship might be a normal idea to many… But you deserve better than that. If your relationship history was undesirable, remember that now, you are living a different life. Decide that now, you are living the life of your dreams while the past stays in the past. Now, you have created a new relationship and in truth, we create as soon as we ask for something. After all, if you want it enough, you will decide it’s yours because you deserve it (and nothing less).

When it comes to relationships, your fear is either your comfort zone or, you are determined to beat it. How do you beat it? By focusing on positive thoughts. Your goal is not to fight negative thoughts but to develop an effortless ability to focus on the positive ones.

I recommend all of this as a new manifesting tactic. Think of something you successfully manifested in the past regardless of your fear that something could go wrong. In a very short time, you will know that your desire is yours.

Once you’ve truly had it with your negative thoughts, you will make the most powerfully determined decision that you are creating your new life now. Then, you will live it.

Why Only This Moment Matters

Why Only This Moment Matters
  1. Planning your energy makes you tense.

Thinking about what you “should” do all the time in order to manifest your desire shows that you don’t have it – you are “manifesting” instead of living it.

Instead, do what makes you happy and do it all the time. Find happiness even in your chores – enjoy making your home beautiful. Law of Attraction is easy and when it is, it brings rapid results – we are the ones who make it difficult.

  1. Being happy now attracts more happiness.

Whenever you’re happy and grateful, you attract even more things to be happy and grateful for. Happiness always attracts even more happiness – we get what we give.

You already know you’re the happiest when any given activity completely occupies your mind and heart. You love it, are enjoying yourself and don’t need anything else. This is one of the meanings of doing what you love.

  1. You gain clarity.

When you are happy here, you can almost literally feel yourself moving over there. This doesn’t happen every time but when you do feel it, it’s a magical moment.

Suddenly, you’re capable of allowing your negativity to vaporize. You are naturally pulled to your positive thoughts.

Negative thoughts only appear once you begin to overthink your dream scenario instead of living it; this is the reason they are false, allowing you to redirect from them easily. Just give yourself a chance to!

  1. You own your integrity.

You no longer feel the need to justify your desires to anyone.

You own your feelings and beliefs.

  1. You turn every annoyance into a positive factor.

Every time your roommates say something to irritate you, you love and are grateful for your new living situation; in fact, you seem to love it even more. Then, you start to feel grateful for your present circumstances, which is essential for transitioning into the new ones.

  1. You feel free.

You stop feeling as if you need to change because suddenly, you simply are the person you wanted to be. You know that you are. You no longer fight your negative thoughts but simply understand them, knowing your desires are yours regardless of those empty minutes.

  1. Your desires begin to seem possible to you.

I have a friend who made a priority of loving herself, expressing love to those who meant a lot to her and enjoying life while knowing that everything she wants is coming her way.

Love amplifies security and simply is your manifestation power. Your self-confidence is formed. You are so calm and convinced that the feeling is almost impossible to put into words.

Love your life exactly as it is right now.