The Expression of You

Even when it involves others, everything one creates in life is an expression of themselves. Two people can harbor a friendship while seeing it with completely different (pairs of) eyes. One of these friends may feel they have a friend who will always be there while the other might feel they sacrifice much of their … Continue reading The Expression of You

Thought of the Day

It's important to exclude disapproving external opinions when it comes to your own life. Nobody really understands why you chose what you chose. Nobody knows why you chose who you chose. Excluding other people's opinions does not mean excluding other people - it simply means living your life on your own terms.

Thought of the Day

Why don't you believe that manifesting is easy? This usually boils down to your life experience, the values instilled in you throughout your upbringing and the limiting beliefs created in your life. After a certain point, the beliefs you picked up during childhood must be kept or discarded in accordance to who you are now because … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Have You Been Trying and Failing?

"It's mine already."

Why “Me” Time Matters

Enjoying "me" time removes need and excessive attachment to one's desire, allowing them to enjoy their life fully and rapidly manifest entirely new miracles. "Me" time is another positive concept which society has spun into negative, pegging it selfish and unnecessary. "Me" time allows you to reconnect with your essence and true desires, giving you … Continue reading Why “Me” Time Matters

If You Love You, Do So Unconditionally!

This is one of the most important posts I have ever written. I often stress the importance of directing feelings of love and appreciation towards oneself regardless of one's current life circumstances, physical appearance, social or financial status. Some may think they need specific external validation in order to achieve their desired self-confidence, a notion entirely … Continue reading If You Love You, Do So Unconditionally!

The Phases of Loving Your Life

Loving my life has always been a rich source of self-confidence and motivation; a passion for living and effortless feelings of value are produced easily in a life filled with love for itself. Feeling deserving, riches of the world yours to choose from, being happy for everything you have while knowing that even more is coming... … Continue reading The Phases of Loving Your Life