Manifestation Epidemic – Trying to Manifest while Attempting to Fix the Current Reality

Manifestation Epidemic – Trying to Manifest while Attempting to Fix the Current Reality

If the Law of Attraction confuses you at times, you probably find yourself bouncing from the thoughts of living your desire to the thoughts of not having it in your current reality just yet. This is one of the most common manifestation and LoA teaching problems; it is where attachment and the refusal to let go rule one’s awareness.

In short,

If you can’t take the focus off your current reality, your desired one isn’t making you happy enough…yet. You must make the visualizations and feelings of having your desire more vivid, creative and reflecting what you want instead of what you don’t or what you fear having to settle for.

If you pay equal attention to your positive and negative thoughts, you are stuck between the realities, so to speak. However, focusing on your desired reality is always the answer. The more you nurture positive feelings about your desired reality, the more your current one will fade.

Can you imagine what your life would look like if your entire visualization focus rested on having and living your desire already? It would be everything you see and it would lead to manifestation. You wouldn’t think twice about still living your current reality and you would start to enjoy it while knowing that your desired reality is coming.

When manifesting anything you can imagine, I consider it a done deal. All my happiness goes into the thoughts of living my desire which takes the focus off my current reality, allowing me to live it and stop paying attention to the insignificant details in it. As I enjoy these visualizations, my awareness soaks up the feeling of having what I want. With my desire in my life, I imagine it to be inspiring, positively challenging and full of enjoyment.

When you make your desired reality that happy, the current becomes something you don’t even think about. You don’t mind it and might start to enjoy it as a result. In addition, this approach is pure self love due to the giving of love to yourself and having your desire.

If you can’t take the focus off your current reality, you will as soon as you make your desired one more engaging in your mind. Then, you will also let go to manifest.

At the same time, impatience and a lack of self love prevent many from entirely letting go of the current reality and putting their faith into the desired; instead, many look for short-term solutions and “steps” to manifest their desire slowly, wanting to feel happy now without having to take the time to locate their limiting beliefs and personal manifesting blocks.

Some refuse to let go due to the fear of actually manifesting their desire, feeling undeserving of that manifestation and fearing its eventual loss instead of praising its gain and presence. If this is you, repeating the affirmation “I am good enough” whenever you feel the need is going to work for you.

How to Break Free From “Not Having” Your Desire

How to Break Free From “Not Having” Your Desire

The feeling of your desire missing from your life can be annoying, upsetting and can drive you into frantically working to change it in order to attract your desire instead.

I won’t even try to describe that feeling beautifully or eloquently because it isn’t; instead, this feeling is unpleasant and can lower your mood.

However, I am going to suggest several solutions for it.

Remain committed to staying in a good mood!

When your goal in life is to be in a good mood no matter what you do and where you are, knowing that bad mood is a waste of time, you will automatically want to go out and do something for yourself. Every time you fall into the bad mood, you will automatically want to change it.

When you get bored, think about what you would like to do to fix your mood. When you feel low, treat yourself (I hate that expression but it works). Go out and buy something for yourself, treat yourself to a meal you love, have a bubble bath, remember all the wonderful people in your life or, one of my favorites, donate money. In any way to anyone you want. Giving is something that will instantly raise your vibration.

Remember all those LoA sources telling you to get in a good mood first and then, think about having your desire in order to attract it even faster. To that, I want to add that when you remain in a good mood, when it becomes your goal, you will manifest your desires fast anyway.

Repeat affirmations!

When this dark feeling comes to you, you can change it by training your brain to automatically think opposite thoughts. You can repeat affirmations, self-devised or any you have read and liked, training your mind to automatically go to the positive when you think of the negative.

In addition…

You can always use the steps described here. You will notice the similarities.


Why don’t you think you’re amazing?

I preach confidence non-stop because it makes manifestation easy. It helps you stay in a good mood. It makes everything in life easier. Many readers have told me they struggle with maintaining their confidence especially when manifesting relationships.

Confidence is a positive feeling, awareness and attitude. Confident individuals never judge themselves or others – one of the most important lessons we could ever learn. Confident people love their lives because they arrange them in all kinds of positive ways.

Now, do you love or need?

Loving the person you are allows you to love another. Feeling incomplete while thinking that another could complete you will inevitably trick you into thinking that you need them to be the person you always wanted to be.

Truth is, you don’t need anyone – relationships are a choice. You are capable of being happy on your own, allowing love to manifest into your life. Being happy on your own is also very healthy, allowing you to be the best possible partner to the person of your choice.

The most amazing partners are those who can be happy on their own.

Are You Enough?

Are You Enough?

Do you find the person you desire brilliant, fascinating, inordinately interesting or exceptionally intelligent and therefore consider yourself unworthy of being in a relationship with them? Do you believe they could effortlessly love you just as you are or do you feel that you have to improve yourself in order to be with them?

If you were to find or do something that makes you feel brilliant therefore becoming perceived as such, would you feel worthy of being with the person you desire?

This particular issue occasionally appears with those who feel almost as much admiration as they do love for the person they desire.

Some resist manifesting the person they desire due to feeling unworthy of being in a relationship with them. Their specific person may be successful, self-confident, intelligent, fascinating or attractive to them on the level they deem themselves below, having possibly grown up differently, nurturing different personality traits or currently living a different lifestyle.

If you feel good about yourself, the one you desire will feel the same about you. Every problem you perceive as an obstacle to the relationship of your dreams is a reflection of you and you alone; the person you desire may not even agree with your limiting beliefs, hold those same beliefs or want what you think they want in another. Your limiting thoughts might be completely unrelated to the thoughts or desires of the one you want, only showing that you two are not aligned just yet and therefore, still apart instead of being together.

This is exactly why your negative thoughts are false – they come out of fear instead of a loving, relaxed place. When relaxed, we see things clearly.

In order to resolve the issue of self-degradation, one must feel worthy of their loved one already – you already know this. If you feel confused about specific steps to take, let’s go over a few ideas.

1. Every single individual on the planet is unique, irreplaceable and worthy of respect. 

You may feel that some are more special than others but it is their self-perception that makes them stand out. Those who believe they are simply not enough to be considered special fall into the background, thinking that others were just born lucky.

Until you make yourself believe you are special and worthy of all the happiness you deserve, your dream life will continue to wait for you but will not make its way to you. Loving and appreciating yourself for everything you are, knowing you can add anything you desire to your life, is going to lead you to your dream life effortlessly.

You must feel worthy in order to believe that you can provide something irreplaceable to the person of your dreams… And the good news is, you already are. Own that feeling!

2. Nobody’s perfect. 

Truth be told, I don’t exactly know what this phrase means – I either want someone or I don’t. If the one I have my eyes on happens to be lacking important qualities I look for in a man, I move on.

Does perfection consist of possessing all the qualities one wants in a partner or just the most important ones? Does it consist of possessing the character traits one needs as a man or a woman, whether they’re aware of it or not?

Does it mean possessing all of the qualities one is looking for, both important and less so? What happens if one’s taste changes?

As you can see, perfection is a relative term.

However, one can use the phrase of “Nobody’s perfect” to their advantage when it comes to clearing their energy.

If you feel that nobody’s perfect, not even the person you might be idealizing, you will be able to relax and stop looking at yourself as if you were below them. Everyone possesses likeable as well as unlikable traits, the impressive and the annoying.

It is the way one carries themselves in every context that is truly attractive. It is their energy, what they project and how they perceive themselves that makes them the one you desire.

Once you start feeling good about yourself (and your relationship with them), they will see you the same way.

Are you enough?

Yes. You are. Own that feeling! And, be grateful.