Negative Thoughts and Your Desire – How to Remove Negativity and Finally Manifest

Negative Thoughts and Your Desire – How to Remove Negativity and Finally Manifest

Is your past and your general focus on the negative (fears, doubts, the current reality etc.) instead of the positive preventing you from manifesting? Do you try hard to manifest only to end up getting hurt over and over again? No matter how much you want to believe in your desire, do you feel incapable of letting go and saddened by feeling stuck in your current circumstances?

Even if all of this is true, you might be lost around the idea of what exactly you should do in order to finally make peace with what has been, believe in yourself and your happiness. You might be desperate to believe but don’t know how to when everything around you points to your dream missing from your life.

This is my solution. These are the steps to take in order to deal with all that excessive negative energy around your desire so that you could manifest it into your life. Right now, you might feel that you want something in particular to manifest into your life yet you feel upset with it in some way, be that your past, your general negative beliefs around the subject or your own limitations which you want to move past but feel incapable of achieving for now. Whatever it is, follow these steps to change your beliefs.

You cannot move into the happier future with negative beliefs.  Continue reading “Negative Thoughts and Your Desire – How to Remove Negativity and Finally Manifest”

How to Break Free From “Not Having” Your Desire

How to Break Free From “Not Having” Your Desire

The feeling of your desire missing from your life can be annoying, upsetting and can drive you into frantically working to change it in order to attract your desire instead.

I won’t even try to describe that feeling beautifully or eloquently because it isn’t; instead, this feeling is unpleasant and can lower your mood.

However, I am going to suggest several solutions for it.

Remain committed to staying in a good mood!

When your goal in life is to be in a good mood no matter what you do and where you are, knowing that bad mood is a waste of time, you will automatically want to go out and do something for yourself. Every time you fall into the bad mood, you will automatically want to change it.

When you get bored, think about what you would like to do to fix your mood. When you feel low, treat yourself (I hate that expression but it works). Go out and buy something for yourself, treat yourself to a meal you love, have a bubble bath, remember all the wonderful people in your life or, one of my favorites, donate money. In any way to anyone you want. Giving is something that will instantly raise your vibration.

Remember all those LoA sources telling you to get in a good mood first and then, think about having your desire in order to attract it even faster. To that, I want to add that when you remain in a good mood, when it becomes your goal, you will manifest your desires fast anyway.

Repeat affirmations!

When this dark feeling comes to you, you can change it by training your brain to automatically think opposite thoughts. You can repeat affirmations, self-devised or any you have read and liked, training your mind to automatically go to the positive when you think of the negative.

In addition…

You can always use the steps described here. You will notice the similarities.


Why don’t you think you’re amazing?

I preach confidence non-stop because it makes manifestation easy. It helps you stay in a good mood. It makes everything in life easier. Many readers have told me they struggle with maintaining their confidence especially when manifesting relationships.

Confidence is a positive feeling, awareness and attitude. Confident individuals never judge themselves or others – one of the most important lessons we could ever learn. Confident people love their lives because they arrange them in all kinds of positive ways.

Now, do you love or need?

Loving the person you are allows you to love another. Feeling incomplete while thinking that another could complete you will inevitably trick you into thinking that you need them to be the person you always wanted to be.

Truth is, you don’t need anyone – relationships are a choice. You are capable of being happy on your own, allowing love to manifest into your life. Being happy on your own is also very healthy, allowing you to be the best possible partner to the person of your choice.

The most amazing partners are those who can be happy on their own.

Why You Have to Ignore External Opinions

Why You Have to Ignore External Opinions

I feel that this particular topic makes its way through many of my posts; however, I never fail to understand its colossal importance.

There will be those around you who will ignore your preferences but you must understand it is a reflection of their own lives, practices, points of view and beliefs. At the same time, you have to wonder if anything in your behavior shows that you are also rejecting them or simply, if you are living a reality of wanting this person to accepts you which shows you already feel rejected by them.

Do you ever feel like this? Either of those two?

Such situation(s) can happen with absolutely anyone you consider close to you – your mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, another family member… However, it doesn’t matter. None of it does.

You are the only one who has to approve of you. Even if everyone else did and you didn’t, you wouldn’t feel better. At the same time, as soon as you start to fully accept yourself, you will be able to accept everyone else just the way they are…and, whether or not they return the favor.

Today, someone who has known me my entire life served me food I’ve hated my entire life. They knew that but did it anyway because this food fits their idea of what I should eat.

That was how I saw it, anyway.

Later on, they apologized, saying they never would have served it had they thought I might dislike it.

I suddenly saw the situation differently.

A story like this is applicable to any situation. The very meta of conflict and rejection leads back to some version of rendering one’s needs unfulfilled. Any conflict or rejection can happen for that simple reason.

I had two choices – I could have felt rejected and gotten upset or I could have eaten something else, without putting a single thought into being served food I disliked.

Had I gotten upset, I would have had to remember the following.

  • Not all who upset me had intended on doing so. Sometimes, one has good intentions but their mixed feelings about taking the action in question (i.e. being tired of preparing this food while unsure that I would like it) will lead to receiving mixed feelings in return.
  • I attracted this event in my life, just like any other. The event in question describes at least a part of my everyday relationship with this person – in some ways, we get along perfectly while clashing in others. I probably continuously expect this person to reject my preferences, causing situations like this one.

Had I chosen to not be affected by the situation, I would remember that…

  • The person in question probably meant well. They probably didn’t mean to offend me and had I observed them with love instead of assuming they were being suffocating, I would have seen that. Approaching something or someone out of love ensures one receives love in return. Approaching something or someone out of any negative source of emotion ensures unhappy communication.
  • I could simply eat something else. Nothing was lost and no one would starve. No one even has to end up offended in a situation like this. Creation dictates you get what you give therefore giving energy to the positive, i.e. knowing there are other types of food out there, would have ensured smooth sailing.
  • Even if they thought I should eat it, only my desires about what I want to eat matter. We all get to choose for ourselves. You can say, “Thank you but I don’t like it. I will have something else instead.” Same can be done when anyone disagrees with anything in your life. You decide. If you should choose to compromise your preferences just to make someone else feel good while allowing yourself to feel bad about it, you have made a choice that will draw even more discomfort to you. However, if you genuinely decide you want to eat the food and feel good about it because it makes someone else happy, go for it. Just make the choice that makes you happy!

I know some of you will wonder and here it is – the food in question was kale. Even as a vegetarian, I strongly dislike it.

Don’t NEED Them to Go Away And… They Will

Don’t NEED Them to Go Away And… They Will

When it comes to manifesting, we often talk about removing the need for our desires. Don’t need your relationship and it will appear. Don’t need a job but feel employed instead and you will be. Don’t need money and feel rich and then, you will be.

Sound familiar?

Many battle their negative thoughts by trying to ignore them or openly resisting them, creating even more of the same instead of eliminating them. These negative thoughts never manifest in their original form but effectively lower one’s vibration regardless, slowing down one’s manifestation process.


What if, instead of feeling the need to get rid of your negative thoughts, you stopped needing to get rid of them? What if you could be happy and manifest regardless of them? It is not the negative thoughts themselves but paying attention to them that creates resistance; if you removed the need to get rid of them, you would not be bothered by them.

What do you think?

Personally, I believe negative thoughts to be useful. I’ve said it before but I truly believe them to be a great indicator of one’s specific areas of resistance. Negative thoughts say something about you, not your desire – they are an indicator of the negative, limiting views you hold of yourself. An empty fear that your desire might go wrong does NOT mean it will but you will lower your vibration and create even more empty fear for yourself… And that fear will make you exhausted and mentally distant from your desired reality.

Removing your negative thoughts but not replacing them with the positive ones doesn’t mean you’ve stepped into your desired awareness. This is why you can reach your desired state of awareness just by focusing on what you want to live, your positive thoughts, which would soon push out all the negative ones out of your awareness.

Occasionally, negative thoughts arrive because minds crave drama. Many are simply used to it. They try to add excitement to their desires yet drama creates safety in them at the same time. One may even try to use that drama, that excitement, to add any kind of emotion to one’s desire hoping for faster manifestation which leads to frustration. Love and excitement are two separate feelings, the former often being very permanent and the latter usually fading after a while, at least in several different ways.

Stop feeling guilty for not being intensely excited about your desire 24/7. You do need other things in life besides it.

Dissecting every single emotion and negative thought we might have would take a long time so instead, look at the general themes of your negative thoughts. What specific fears do they indicate? They show how you feel about yourself. They show what you fear. However, instead of continuing to fear, accept that you are now creating something new – the happiest reality you’ve ever lived. Decide it will be so.

If you start to feel exhausted from all your negative thoughts, remember that you have decided to have your dream come true reality and therefore, you must receive it. Just think about your ideal reality and enjoy the happiness it brings you. Feel gratitude for your desire, believe it is yours and in just a few days, you will know that it belongs to you unconditionally. 

Instead of focusing on your negative thoughts, you could only focus on what’s in your heart and manifest it.

What To Do With Fear…

What To Do With Fear…

When consciously manifesting, many start to fear the negative. They fear losing their desire instead of bringing it to life.

Some continuously battle their negative thoughts which can be deeply upsetting. These thoughts lower one’s vibration by saddening and exhausting them, creating massive fear.

Fear tends to be the most draining negative emotion of all. Sadness goes away when we focus on the generators of happiness in our lives; I truly believe that sadness can pass faster than one realizes, as one of the great human tendencies is to seek out happiness.

Fear is an empty, false emotion which enables us to scare ourselves to the point of mental paralysis based on the thoughts we’ve produced ourselves.

Fear tends to go away when one feels that external proof of their desire manifesting is present… But only short-term. Unless resolved, disabled and eliminated, fear will continue to return until removed.

The trick is to give your negative thoughts a positive meaning. Do you feel capable of doing this? That part has to do with your self-confidence.

When thinking about your relationship, you may be consumed by many fears connected to it instead of enjoying the happiness it brings. These fears did not appear to prevent your relationship from coming to you but for the purpose of resolving them. Don’t feel guilty for having these fears either – everyone has experienced them.

Often, there is a specific set of circumstances one tends to dread, causing the fear to keep coming back. The phrase of “nothing to fear but fear itself” applies perfectly, as being terrified of a “what if” scenario prevents the manifestation of your desires.

Not to mention that negative thoughts mean one doesn’t believe of having their desire yet; negative thoughts are just another way of expressing one’s disbelief in living their dream.

Let’s be clear – a literal scenario one may fear rarely manifests, if ever. However, one might become so paralyzed by the idea of this fear, lowering their vibration horribly and manifesting unrelated but also undesirable circumstances in life.

What is there to do when a scenario such as this one occurs?

Feel gratitude for your negative thoughts and consider why they appeared. The truth is, they are here to give you the chance for a permanent freedom from their prison.

When negative thoughts appear, say, “Thank you for these negative thoughts, as they point out my limiting beliefs. What do I believe about myself? Let’s resolve it. Why do I fear this-and-that? Because of my past? Because of how I feel about myself? Do I feel inadequate in this-or-that area of my life, my personality or because of my looks?”

The answers will keep coming to you. Face them without resentment or resistance. Be honest with yourself; don’t be embarrassed of your self-perception, as it can be changed to better. Nobody has to know you are thinking about these things; you can do it quietly.

Once you are capable of feeling gratitude for the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, the empowering and the weakening thoughts, you will be transforming all of them into positive thoughts. The negative will disappear after you’ve learned your lesson from them – you will realize why you attracted some positive and some negative things in the past. Once you start to focus on the positive sides of yourself and your life, you will be attracting positive things.

Most importantly, you must start seeing happiness as a natural thing!

It is natural that the person you want to be with should want to be with you. It is natural that the money you want to manifest should come to you. It is natural that you should live where you want to, wear the clothes that make you happy and work where you would love to. Fear is not real, therefore it should never stop you. However, facing it should set you free.

The Beauty of Negativity’s Weakness

The Beauty of Negativity’s Weakness

A point can be reached when any and every negative thought feels and therefore, is nothing but false and paranoid.

Once reaching this point, one realizes exactly why living in fear is not living at all.

After reaching this point, a myriad of signs come my way, perpetuating the feeling of having my desire already as well as increasing it.

The other night, I caught a meteor shower. I saw four falling stars. I hear significant songs everywhere I go. I see (or hear) my chosen sign. The rest of the time, I feel amazing.

Negative thoughts can be related to physical discomfort. I’ve been known to have them when severely sleep deprived and as rarely as that happens, I know their exact cause. Everyone experiences negative thoughts but the trick is to be stronger than them. Fighting these thoughts is the most effective way of giving them even more power – ignoring them while loving your positive thoughts and desires causes them to become inconspicuous shortly.

Many of you who have achieved a much more positive awareness already know what I mean.

Today, I read an article dealing with embracing one’s pain and negative feelings instead of fighting them (and thereby, amplifying them). This article reminded me of my own contention that resisting resistance is what resistance truly means; there is no need for one’s thoughts to be absolutely perfect in order to manifest one’s desires but instead, giving energy to one’s desirable thoughts is more than enough. This allows for one to be and effortlessly create with Law of Attraction instead of falling into the comfort zone of life staying exactly the same.

You must want and love your change. This year, I wanted mine slowly at first, which went against my core beliefs.

In the spring, I ended my last romantic involvement and shared the story with all of you. When I initially attracted him in January (only days after asking for him), I felt myself getting ready for love and (almost) literally asked for a transitional guy to enjoy beforehand. During our time, I was becoming ready for love but simply couldn’t love him. Then, I realized – how could I have loved him if he and our relationship weren’t created that way in my mind? I asked myself if I wanted to love him and the answer was no. I simply had no desire to create love with him.

He was only the second generic man I had manifested in my life. Six years ago, I wanted to fall in love and thought about the specific qualities I wanted this man to have. I met him soon but after the relationship had run its course in my mind which caused me to leave, I wanted only short-term relationships for a very long time. My preferred practice lies in choosing specific people and manifesting relationships with them; a much bigger rush and an increased ability to appreciate the person exactly for who they are come to me as a result of falling for the individuality of a specific man.

When it comes to negative thoughts in or about relationships, they can cause frustration easily. As upsetting as it can be to produce negative thoughts around someone you love, you must remember that if you produced them so easily, you can also eliminate them. Once you face them and stop “trying” to remove them, they’ll fade on their own. However, it is important to know that no matter what, your dream relationship is yours. This conviction will lead to improvement on its own, even if it takes a few days to achieve. (I’m saying “days” because I want all of you to achieve your dreams shortly.) You will make positive choices. You will realize why happiness for your desire is possible right now – moreover, why it is the only logical choice. You will have become courageous and endlessly loving towards yourself as well as dream relationship. You will love your specific person more than ever. Even more.

I truly believe that negative thoughts come as a result of fearing change. Depending on your place in life or your current beliefs, the feelings of inadequacy may plague your mind. However, today is the day to create yourself happy.

I know you can do this. I love you all.